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Joy killer.

Yes, lets call the only fiscally responsible person on the damn farm, the one trying to actually save it, the “joy killer” ..which by the way, the term is “Kill Joy”.

You’re just.. wow.. you see the business is about to collapse and all you can say is “Joy kill”?

Do you have ANYTHING you are responsible for what so ever? what are you? 11?

Just saying what Mora is thinking. Remember it’s a comic so chill.

And what is Mora thinking? I see no evidence of anything between those big dumb ears of hers.

And yeah, no, not gonna chill, This comic sucks.

Wait, I think suck isn’t right…no
I think the right word(s) is:
A promising furry comic that would focus more on the story and not the sex but would still use the sex appeal only at the right times that turned into a 13 year old just-finding-out-about-furries sex fantasy with no real life experience and characters doing almost a 180 degree flip on their personalities for the worst and STILL people overlook these flaws or (even worse) support the the way the plot is driven.

That’s my weekly rant everyone, see you next week on Bullshit Ex-Machina: Furry Edition!

Sooooo…why l are you still here if you hate it so much? I mean, don’t you have anything better to do than come here and spew your venom or is this your idea of a good time?

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that Mora is being irresponsible, but holy flaming bat balls batman. No need to bring that negativity here.

There are more reasons to do something other than enjoying it.

This was an honest critique of the story and the setting, nothing but honesty and nothing but a pure not fanboy approach to people who have refused to learn and continue to think their characters are amazing.

Las Lindas is looked at as not only one of the worst webcomics ever, but one of the worst examples of ‘furries’ to the rest of the world.

Is there any reason why shit like this should be safe from an actual opinion and not just teens fapping to poorly drawn porn?

I disagree with your statement a bit. While it may be “honest” on an emotional level, you offered no suggestions on how you think the story could be improved. You instead got aggressive and started berating the “fan boys”. You can offer constructive criticism without resorting to such language.There is a great difference between being an “honest” but firm critic and just coming off as a jerk.

Whether or not that is your intent, I do not know. Good critique usually comprises of pointing out the negatives while highlighting the strengths and offering suggestions for how to improve the product.

You offer nothing of the sort from what I’m seeing. You are entitled to your opinion, but when you offer nothing but fire and venom, expect to have others come and treat your comment the same as you do this comic.

TL;DR Please try to have a little more tact in the future. You’re more likely to attract bee’s with honey rather than manure. We can have an intelligent, civil discussion on why we like or dislike this comic, or we can end this here and go on our merry way if you want to continue on with the name calling and uncalled for spiteful remarks.

I have tried to offer ways to better the story, Believe me, I have. I have thought of many ways to save this comic and had put them up on the comments clear back when Geeku broke in and acted like a total fucking dumbass and caused thousands of thousands of dollars in damage to the heirloom house. I’m done being nice, I’m done with letting them get away with stupid inconsistances, Character assassinations, Mary Sue bullshit, no actual consequences, terrible “World building” and characters that we are suppose to adore that have no redeeming qualities.

You want a list of things that should of been done to make this comic better? Lets start relatively recently in events of the comic.

Geeku should of had her ass kicked 6 ways from sunday, After all, all Rachael did was kiss on Minos when Mora was being a Grade A cunt, and she got her ass handed to her. Geeku mindlessly wrecks the house even though she’s been in a fricken space ship and should know better, and gets off scott fricken free, I guess if Rach purred and liked Mora, she’d of been saved an ass beating too?

There should of been a damn follow up on Sarah going Dumbass Prime and seemingly being reduced to the intellect of a retarded 7 year old when she tried to MURDER DIGIT because of the two stupid Fairy that we are suppose to look at and just go “..Oh those playful scamps, never mind the attempted Murder.”

There SHOULD of been actual development for Sunny while she was learning to be a manager instead of a stupid 2 week time skip and “Op, you got the job somehow! Fuck fleshing out a new character! We’ll just have her ‘arf’ as an awkward tick, That’s good enough!”

Rach should of .. actually kept with what she said in the 6 or more pages where she said she and Miles can’t be together and that Miles needs to better himself, She should of then told Miles to eat the biggest dick when he then ignored all that and told her that they are boyfriend and girlfriend now instead of tenderly rubbing cheeks and getting kissy kissy like long time lovers or crushes.

That entire Bar Scene was pointless and should of been left out, and instead actually shown us something important to the story, like how many Mora became… maaaaybe a better person and got Digit upgraded through “love and compassion”?

There SHOULD off been a serious Patches, consistent with her character from previous times, rather than ‘Super Moe-moe worthless bitch’ That should of been able to cut Mora off AGAIN and tell her no fricken deal when she JUST gave Mora .. a really dumb.. 5th grade level explanation of how the business is failing and needs to not be.

Mora SHOULD of had some actual .. you know.. EMOTIONAL CONSISTENCY?!?! When she heard that her FARM IS FAILING and you saw FEAR IN HER EYES, when Doggo walked in the door! I mean, unless you have an IQ below the freezing temperature of water, and no emotional connection to stuff, you don’t just flip from “Shit, My moms farm, and my business is about to kill over in the year.” to “Sassy, flirty big sis,” to “Over joyed and forgetting that your FARM IS FUCKING FAILING AND SPENDING MORE MONEY!

So no, I don’t really say much about this comic, because it deserves nothing. The way hair is drawn is nice, sure. But..Boobs don’t work that way, Abs and muscles in general don’t work that way, The faces change off model every panel, and in general the art has gone down hill sense the Harvest Festival.

The one thing they DID do right recently was the “Show don’t tell” story they did where Rach and Miles had some good writing, but then they threw a bunch of shit on it like Monkeys at a BBC wildlife camera man when they completely IGNORED THE WRITING THEY JUST DID and forced the two together… befuckingcause.

tl;dr? Stop being a lazy bitch and go fucking read it.

There you go again, getting aggressive and resorting to name calling. While I agree with a lot of your points, you throw a lot of your argument right out the window and lose people as soon as you start slinging mud.

I press again, because you have not answered me. Then why do you continue to read it? You KNOW they’re not listening, you KNOW that it’s been inconsistent. You seem desperate to want this story to change, to have it become something that you love, yet it’s clear that you are upset at the lack of change to what YOU want it to be.

So why bother? Your suggestions clearly are falling on deaf ears. There are so many other great series out there, why do you continue to read something that will only cause you aggravation and disappointment?

If your efforts are not bearing any fruit, then I really don’t see ANY reason why you should continue?

To be clear, I am NOT saying you don’t have a right to express your opinion. I just cannot fathom why you continue to torment yourself by reading a “shit” comic. You don’t eat bad food over and over again, or go to a store with shit service when they ignore your feedback do you? You go elsewhere and find a place that offers what you are looking for.

Because at this point, I’m just seeing how dumb they can get, how bad they can make the story, and how many fans they can lose with their horse shit. It’s like watching a video of two terrorists on a dirt road in Iraq trying to dig up an IED that failed to go off so they can fix it, ..but they’re using the barrels of their AKs, and a wood board to do it. You know they’re gonna blow themselves up, you know its gonna happen, but at this point, you just keep watching, because at this point, you don’t even feel sorry for them and just want to watch their own stupidity be the reason their lives get snuffed out.

My words may not be heeded by the writers or the artist, but others see them, many agree, Many feel the same way, and frankly my insults to the ‘staff’ of this ‘web comic’ are in return for the absolutely insulting and pandering BS of a story they try and have us accept.

Make no mistake, I read plenty of other good quality stuff, I also read other stuff that was at one time good but is now bad or just fatally flawed, gotta have something to go with when I get good at video editing and launch my “web comic woes” series.

And Las Puntas, will be my Magnum-Fricken-opus to take on and dismantle.

Fair enough. It’s been an interesting conversation, and I appreciate you taking the time to explain your reasoning in that last post of yours, without resorting to name calling.

At any rate, good luck in your endeavors. We’ll see how this plays out I suppose.

mmmhmmmh. Mora, Mora, Mora. You are not the brightest candle in the bunch are you?

Also I feel that Patches could have been more assertive with her objections. She could have told Randal that “there is not enough money right now but maybe if you wait. Once we get this bankruptcy thing situated. You can have whatever you want.”

Or Mora can make the situation worse by giving him a temporary pay raise.. Why do you hate me Chalo?? Is this karma for calling the whole love thing between the Ice Queen and mister “I fell for the oldest trick in the book”?? Still if he’s asking for a bonus, that means he’s going for an overpriced diamond ring..

Yeah, but no, It’s fine, Randal saved ALL That money ahead of time to ask her, with all that money the farm paid her, Isn’t that what you said?

You said everything would be fine, you fought with me over it. Looks like your argument was nothing more than the bottom of your moms bunny farm cages.


Mora…. *inhale*… YOU DENSE FAQ!

Seriously and the fact that Randal didn’t even ask YET is just showing us the writing on the wall that it’s gonna go south and then deus ex machina’s gonna save the day.

You know Randal, MAYBE you should’ve just gone and ask Taffy if she wants to get married FIRST.

Things we have learned from this comic and the last ‘High Prime”

This comic:
Mora is indeed, a retarded, dumb, fuck up of a character who can’t even go a few seconds realizing that everything around her is going to fail unless they change.
Patches may as well just fuck off and be replaced with a holoscreen that gives cute ‘Moe’ expressions because She is a shell of her former character that would of told Mora ‘Hell to the no” and would of told the Doggo “Hold off on that, we’re about to go tits up.”
Mora has a friend? >.>

From Ask The Slut Prime:

Hamster bitches daughter has done nothing but bathe in a tub full of rose milk sense being the High Prime. Not ONLY is this a position that is abused constantly, invades other peoples privacy, outs it to other sources, breaks the rules “For the LoLs” And can be passed on to a family member with no voting, rules or regulations “When ever”. But does not serve any actual purpose any more and is just an excuse for some cunt to use the worlds GDP to lounge, pamper themselves and fuck about like a dictator that tries to hide their selfish fuck intentions with being ‘sexy and cute’ Gee.. could this world and its leadership get ANY more Dystopian?

Also fucken the child that was JUST BORN is now around a few months old? maybe 6 when they can look around? When it was just “painlessly” shat out of her moms Vagina like a greasy shit and midwifed by a not trained sister …befuckingcause..

Conclusion? Chalodildo and Idiotfox can’t handle time line events, actually writing anything other than bad porno scripts, and for fucks sake they are just shitting on EVERYTHING super hard.

Soulkat might of actually been the BEST writer of the three.. and that is a scary, sad prospect.

Eh, like we already discussed, I don’t think Geeku’s tree will be that important, because that would mean Mora accepting help from Geeku, that means Mora tolerating her, and although she’s CLEARLY forgiven her from wrecking up the whole house, we haven’t seen these two interact again, so we don’t know in which terms they current are.

Like I mentioned you, in a scenario like yours, I’m guessing that it would be some sort of family heirloom being found that’s worth a vagillion furry bucks, and maybe related to Mora’s slut mother (it would make more sense since she also cared a lot for Doggo).

Eh, but again, like I told you, my own bet is that Alej’s executive board comes back to her and begs her to come back because they can’t operate without her (completely overlooking her poor performance currently in Las Lindas farm), Alej will give them the condition of paying for Doggo’s and Bunny’s biggest wedding in the universe (then Alej’s former company will be SO broke that Las Lindas will be actually able to buy them xD).

But ANYTHING can happen knowing these writers’ M.O. cutting corners all over the place, I just feel that my theory has more ludicrous and outlandish shit going around that it could actually fit to the story as it is ATM.

Mora’s right. What’s money good for if you can’t enjoy life? Maybe all of them will have to find a new job in the next months, but that was totally worth it.

That’s all well and good, when you actually HAVE money to spend, here, Alej is basically telling Mora that a wedding will be such a big blow that it’ll sink the whole business a whole season earlier than expected, then what? Where are the newly weds gonna live? In the streets, begging? But it was sure worth having the best wedding in history since big, extravagant weddings are a clear sign of a guaranteed and successful future, right? No, big weddings are just a symptom of needing too much attention and they help you nothing in life except making a hole in your economy.
Instead of the writers showing us that a humble, private wedding can be memorable and just as significant, nope, instead, here we have Mora telling Ran to go for the top shelf, spending money they DON’T have, yup, story of the century.

But they have money to spend. And then, in case there isn’t any plot induced deus ex pecunia, each of them go find a new job. Why should they necessarily live in the street? Taffy can get another job as waitress quite easily. Her husband never worked in the farm and is a book writer (I think). No reason he can’t continue to live like that. Minos, being a marty stu with his past as space captain or whatever it was, is probably more than capable to find himself a job. And the stray cats know how to survive, like they did before the series started. You forgot they had a normal life before they came to the farm?

Anyway, I see that your point is that a wedding isn’t worth the loss of a guaranteed income, since man need money to live. But that’s exactly what I’m criticizing. If you focus more on work and on money rather than on moments of joy, what’s the point of accumulating all this money? It’s true that Mora is materialistic by giving the signal that more expensive ring/wedding means more love, which I totally disagree and which was your other point, but she does think that money has a worth only when it’s spend in something that actually bring joy. And not something trad-able that brings only an abstract potential moment of joy in the future. You might call that irresponsible, since the result with be the bankrupt of the farm, but you can’t bring your money and assets with you when you die. If you need another job, then go find one. No big deal. You can lose a job, but not your memories and moments of joy.

“story of the century”? Wait a second. Are you one of the chalo haters I blocked because I was fed up with their endless whining? That’s something uncalled for they would typically say.

Dude, Alej just told Mora they’ll have money to operate until winter until they go broke, now, thanks to Mora’s dumb-ass planning, this’ll happen by fall, meaning Alej already has a budget planned until then, and after that point, they won’t have ANY money for anything, and seriously? They should all just separate and get a job like nothing happened? You expect Mora just to give away her mother’s farm after she’s (supposedly) worked so hard to maintain it? A farm that she was so desperate to keep that he recurred to slavery and illegal child labor?? A frickin’ farm that even cost Alej a huge sum of cash when she decided to abort her operation to reconstruct it AND both her frickin’ job AND dignity? ALL of these sacrifices so puppy and bunny have the best wedding in the entire universe?? Yeah, why not, huh?
And dude, come on, I’ve already used this account with you, it’s your friendly neighborhood critic, Gio, I know I said I wouldn’t bother you anymore, and I didn’t for a while, but then there’s some posts where you’re really asking to get schooled, anyway, I’m trying to be polite to you and your intelligence, if I cuss it’s gonna be completely towards this shit story and its struggling writers, alright?

Maybe you’re too focused on money to understand. The goal is not to make the most expensive wedding ever. It’s to celebrate a moment of happiness. And Mora doesn’t want a poor looking wedding, for some reasons. In fact, she seems to not think about money at all, whether it’s costs or her actual situation. She simply want her brother and her best friend to have a great wedding, for the sake of love. Unlike Alej who is more concerned about the budget and the costs than the love life of her (new) friends. Also she comes from a world of finance, where she learned to care about money above almost everything else.
Anyway. It’s hard for me to tell how important is the farm to Mora since her personality seems to be still in development. You might think the opposite, that she’s just a cow with big tits, with a jerk’s hearth and valuing her farm more than her friends (because it’s family memento) but that alone won’t convince me at all. Especially after considering how you always criticize and never ever forever say something nice about this comic. If Mora values her friends more than her assets, such decision doesn’t surprise me a bit.

And you’re too focused on love to understand, you do realize this whole “going broke” is the main theme since this arc started, right? Also, Mora wouldn’t know love even if it crash-landed on her giant tits, she fucked Miles just to try and make Minos jealous, and she only felt attracted to Minos because of his looks, heck, she even ridiculed him about his shitty art, fuck’s sake, the only time she’s been close to show to grasp the meaning of love was when she Mary Sued Digit from being a mirror of herself to be “her daughter” or whatever, and that was only out of fear of losing her.
Also, really? Taffy and Ran have only been with each other (supposedly) for a few months, not even a year, and you really think a wedding is appropriate NOW? Even if it sinks them further into bankruptcy? Also, everyone KNOWS that Taffy will (initially) say “no” if there’s any canon to her horrible past with her family, so even she knows marrying is a bad idea.
Also, how do you know I “never ever forever” said something nice about this comic, if you’ve blocked us “ever forever”? Well, I’ve got news for you, bro, just like In pretty much everything, you’re wrong about this too, go check the page before Rachael and Miles kiss and see how me, and the rest of us “three haters”, as you refer to us all praised that moment when Miles just sits next to Rachael, that was a really good and powerful scene (sure, only to be ruined immediately later by forcing these characters in a relationship on the very next page), but yeah, just shows just how you don’t know what are you talking about at all.
I mean, seriously, even you should notice how more and more new people complain about this train wreck of a comic, even on this very page a lot of people are calling out Chalo and co.’s nonsense, or what? You still think it’s ONE guy with MULTIPLE accounts writing all this? Like I already told another guy who does nothing but praise this story, when you have a fanbase as divisive as this, it’s generally a huge symptom of you doing something wrong.

Maybe if you were not always so condescending, Mr. Know-it-all-better, your life could be better and you wouldn’t complain so much. And I wouldn’t block you. And maybe you wouldn’t digress on random unrelated stuff. And also maybe you would understand that money is not that important in life. They say “money is a good servant but a bad master”. Mora understood that. And you, will you understand this meaning one day?

Anyway, I don’t have more to say for the moment. We exchanged our points and I’m not interested to repeat myself nor to listen to you repeating yourself, especially if it’s decorated with random rants. So, do you have anything to add before we go back to our respective business?

Money is not that important in life? Can I make my bills or the repo man
go away if I say that? I agree that it never should be the most
important thing in anyone’s life, but you really just can’t toss it away
especially if you are in a dire financial situation and got people
depending on you, but I guess you can feed your family with love alone,

Anyway, just wanted to set that straight, also, could you answer a question of something I am genuinely curious about you, if you don’t mind, and I ask this respectfully, again, out of pure curiosity, but how old are you really? Anyway, if you don’t wanna answer that’s okay too, again, just a little curious about that detail.

Well, if you insist, I’m much obligated to answer. Thing is, people tend to forget what is really important to them. And they tend to cling on possessions or lifestyles they think it is eternal if they don’t change their way. But who knows what happens in the future? Maybe tomorrow Mora get killed in a car accident. Or maybe in 10 years the local government build a highway that goes right through Lindas farm. Or more realistically the nearest city grows so much that the farm’s land is slowly bought by real estates. What I am saying is, when you have to choose between ephemeral but guaranteed happiness, which you’ll never forget, and a life of privation just for the sake of the old time, which you might still lose anyway, the second solution seems more reassuring but it’s a false relief.

Now, why do you want to know my age? What difference does it makes if I’m 15 or 45?

Yes, but there’s people that balance their happiness cravings with responsibility, like, by your logic, you’re basically excusing all those people that drink themselves to death, I mean, if drinking makes them happy and they’re wasting their money on something that makes them happy, despite the health hazards, since you think they’re gonna die eventually, then why should they stop?
So, you’re basically fifteen or still on your teens from what I can tell, heck, I’d even put my bet on 14, right? Maybe 15 this year? Anyway, it does make a difference me knowing your age, because it helps me understand why you think the way you do, ergo, granting me a semblance of patience and tolerance, which would in turn, help us both out in future arguments, and it’s pretty normal, you know? When I was a teen, I thought I had everything figured out and that the world had nothing new to offer me, but well, I was wrong, but don’t believe me, you’ll find out by yourself someday, you’ll see how even your biggest fears shift from movie monsters, ghosts or aliens to having enough money to pay the bills or even taxes (my effing God, taxes are a real nightmare, especially if you own a business).
Anyway, my point is, Mora is not behaving like her age, she thinks that Taffy and Ran will be happier with their wedding if they make the bigger expense, which is a lie, they should be just as happy from a simple union since the end is the same, or they would be just as happy or even more, if they could just hold off their wedding a little more until they get off from the verge of bankruptcy and actually have money to pay for the wedding without compromising their whole business nor lifestyle.

Hah! So that’s what I thought. You’re pulling the argument of age and you act condescending (again). I’d love to play along and let you think I’m a teen, because it’s funny to see you make such conclusion from nothing but your feelings, but I prefer to let you know that I’m like Mora, not behaving like how you think I should behave at my age. Either way is fine. After all, you proved you belittle people who disagree with you. Like here, where you try to make me say people should be irresponsible and anarchist. But there’s a difference between throwing money away for the sake of a something important and drowning in selfish pleasure. Mora makes this sacrifice exactly because it’s for her friends. She find great joy in helping others, and that’s why she wants to help them whatever the cost is.You think that’s not behaving like an adult, but I think most adults are enslaved to money and they forgot what’s really important in life.

Dude, you’re the one who doubles down on their feelings, I’m using logic, as in, your attitude would be logic if you were a teen, because if you were an adult, and had to do some adult responsibilities, you’d at least know what being responsible to your duties is, if I’m so wrong and you’re not a teen, then why didn’t you just answer the question? Be honest with yourself, dude, again, there’s nothing wrong being like that at that age.
Also, wow, so you’re like Mora? You’d actually enslave people and minors to do YOUR work? No wonder you’d have time AND money for an extravagant wedding! Also, you would fuck some dude (or girl, whatever rocks your boat) just because the one you were aiming for ignored your slutty advances?
And also, lol, Mora? Helping people?? Like that time when she saved Digit when her core fell to the well? Oh, wait, no, that was Rachael, again, a person she forced into manual labor, along with her UNDERAGE sister, yup, that’s Mora, all heart, and again, how much is Mora gonna help Randal and Taffy even if she gives them the best wedding in the universe, they’re gonna end up being jobless and possibly homeless, and that’s not all, ALL the new workers in Las Lindas are gonna be left unemployed, but yep, Mora thinks people first, huh? But that ain’t a problem, because love is better sustain than food and sanitary living conditions, huh?
Again dude, no one is saying to call off the wedding, but the most sensible thing to do is just put it off a frickin’ while after they stop being in the red, that’s not gonna kill them, you think? Or make them love each other less, right?

I didn’t answer the age question because I don’t want you to judge me on my physical age but on what I really am. That’ll prevent you to make stupid assumptions like I never worked, never lived on my own or never had responsibilities. And that could maybe have kept your tendency to condescend at bay. Because you’re really acting as if you were the wise one talking to idiots.
Also, you said it was ok to not answer. And suddenly you judge me on that. You’re pretty immature yourself.

Now, let’s go to the next point. About being like Mora. Really? You pull the crap that since I said I was like Mora I do everything she does? Yeah, sure! And I’m a fucking female anthropomorphic cow living in a farm inherited from my mother! How low can you get to try to “win the debate”? That becomes ridiculous.

And then to the last point, I don’t expect you to be objective and to see the good sides of Mora. Alas, it’s not in my power to make you realize that. So, maybe in the future, you’ll see what I meant when I said that Mora likes helping people. I’m not interested in a flameware with you about that because I know it will go nowhere.

But that’s funny that you suddenly say that no one say to cancel the wedding after all this jerking about this decision. How about you be honest with yourself for once?
I hope you’re done now, because this discussion is really going nowhere except for personal attacks, and I’m not interested at all to prove you something wrong.

Dude, you literally asked me “Now, why do you want to know my age? What
difference does it makes if I’m 15 or 45?” and I explained it to you,
because if you’re a teen, I’d would make a lot more sense how you think,
and again, that’s completely normal and okay, also, you kinda gave
yourself away with that kinda answer, but okay dude, you’re just an
adult that thinks that all you need is love in life, and nothing more,
ever forever.

And what I wanna understand from you is how can
someone see Mora as a selfless, people-helping person, you’ve
conveniently neglected whenever I mention how she literally enslaved Miles by force,
Rachael and Sarah (who again, was a MINOR, at the time), how she hate-fucked Miles to get back at Minos rejecting her, how she’s
barely done ANY work at the farm except for that one time at the harvest
festival, when again, she worked everyone to the bone with overtime,
gets Mary Sued by Deus Ex Machina Ambar, shown little to no remorse for
her mistakes, and the only thing she wants to do is fuck all the time
and also get people into fucking each other (she literally tried to pimp
Sarah when they were shopping for new clothes) and I think I also
remember trying to convince Taffy to fuck Randal, but I could be wrong, anyway, are you ANY like this at all? I think you’re being idealistic on how Mora COULD be inside but aren’t paying attention to her horrible actions in the past and overall laziness and disinterest on her own mother’s farm.
And dude, about the wedding, I was never opposed to it happening, I actually asked when Miles and Rach’s arc finished to check on with Ran and Taffy, I don’t mind them getting married eventually, but right now, like Alej just frickin’ explained, it’s the WORST time for that, just think about all the new workers getting affected if the farm tanks, think about the blow Sunny would get since it’s her first big job and now, after she proved worthy of her position, would need to start over again and hopefully get the lucky chance of being interview by a complete retard like Miles to give her a high position?
But whatever dude, you wanna wrap this up, sure thing, no hard feelings, and I apologize for probing you so much, but I’m just genuinely curious when someone thinks the way you do, which again, there’s nothing wrong about it, peace out, dude.

This is what happens when you let your heart overtake your brain

What heart? What Brain? The dumb cow couldn’t understand the concept of “sell more stuff to not be broke” and couldn’t even carry the emotion of losing her moms farm through someone walking in the door.

Question, if you hate the story and the characters so much why do you keep reading this comic?

Because at this point, its like watching a Dumpster fire, a train wreck and a bunch of terrorists get smoked by Nato Gunships, Morbidly fascinating.

If you love this comic so much, why do you not have anything to actually defend it from the points I have against it?

I do not love it by any stretch, wouldn’t even put it in my top 10 fave webcomics, but (probably out of habit at this point) I just can’t seem to stop coming back even when I unbookmark it for a time.

If I had to boil it down to an analogy like yours I guess I would liken it to watching an eposide of Jackass, watching idiots doing stupid things for amusement but not getting any negeative feelings (persoanlly) from it.

The reason I asked was becasue I wanted to understand your point of view, but words have never been my strong point.

Still can’t decide if I like the art style. It’s different and slightly anime based but also strange most times.

To me, it’s just annoyingly inconsistent between panels.

Makes sense, plus they must’ve gotten a new artist recently (or just changed it) with the sudden change of style.
I liked old one better.

I feel an artist I like should take over the art for this comic, he goes by Cainesart (Yes he draws Las Lindas porn but his character models are consistent)

I can’t help but feel that, based on what has transpired in another comic here, that Taffy might not be ready for marriage…yet. I suspect that all this build up and anticipation will cause Taffy to snap. But for now, I will say this is quite the cute page, especially that last panel. Really, this was quite the hilarious page with Mora being all for it financially while Alej is like WTF are you doing!? XD

Woot! The way to financial success is to invest in something that is intrinsically worthless!

You may say that sarcasticly, but the Diamond market is the biggest racket ever devised by man.

And religion?

Yes yes yes, Religion has been abused and made to make people rich, But I would hardly call most religions ..aside from Islam, which has largely been spread by the sword or AK, and Scientology, worthless. Buddhism and others actually have very little to do with giving money to a church and focus on bettering yourself and others around you.

Something being abused from its old purpose, and something being created to be abused. ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend” are two different things.

I mean look at this. Chalo is abusing this to make easy money while putting in zero effort in writing or story telling, doenst’ mean all Patreon or all Webcomics do the same.

Hey now, art is hard and I wouldn’t say Chalo is abusing anything. His art is really the only reason I follow the comic.

But you are right. Religion and diamonds are not the same thing and I wasn’t thinking about Eastern religions when I made the come back. I was also focusing more on the word “racket” and less on the concept of being intrinsically worthless. My bad.

The counter argument could be made that Mora isn’t so much investing in the diamond, but in what it signifies, the wedding and bond between two valued employees. Because nothing says “stable and a well run business” like encouraging employee fraternization and budding relationships.

I mean, it’s not like that’s ever caused an issue or has been actively prohibited by employee contracts in real life jobs, right? (/sarcasm.)

His art has constantly gone down hill and gotten worse and worse in my opinion sense he started up that stupid comic breasts are the best. But thats also my and many others perceptions. …really it started when he started to do that dumb upward curved nose bullcrap.

But yeah, you’re right, this totally can’t go wrong what so ever, I mean this has to be the first law or business edict that she’s ever broken. (/Also Sarcasm)

I will agree that the art style has changed from ten years ago from when BatB started. It was a little more edgy and rough than it is now. Everyone was a lot slimmer and more fit back then too. The outfits were also a lot more revealing than they are now. However, the art was mostly flats and unshaded.

Nowadays the comics are shaded and have depth and volume to them. The anatomical proportions are also appropriate for this level. The SD reactions and expressions have been toned down to fit the mood of the comic. It doesn’t have that “candy pop” to it anymore because it’s not what the story requires and wouldn’t be appropriate. (I’m also not sorry to see the lines for noses go away either.)

There’s also better frame composition now and flow of motion.

I also agree with you on another comment you made further down the page. The one about how Alej should jump in and nix the deal. She used to run a very successful business that was growing and (again, ten years ago) was about to literally squash the farm if it wasn’t for Ambar’s intervention. If there was anyone they should be listening to and following, it’s her. This is why I say the writing needs a boost. It down plays the conflict that should be there while seeming to force things to stay the same. (In this case, always keeping the farm near failure). Sure, relationships are coming closer together, but what’s to stop them from having another break up?

As in business, in writing, there comes painful times when you have to do and write things that hurt, but in the end it make the story that much stronger and one people will want to find out what comes next. Instead of having it come across as another useless or forced setback.

ok mora i get why you said yes but come on why would you say that when you were in the middle of a conversation about how much money you’re going to lose i mean seriously at least if you have to just, i don’t know do the least expensive route. who knows though she may just want a small wedding for when she says yes (or the more pessimistic rout of her saying no and everything just working out better) but eh whatever it’s just going to deus ex machina it’self out of this situation

Jesus Christ, these comment sections are just a mess. I would’ve closed this ages ago if I were Chalo; the constructive criticism I could get isn’t worth the frequent fighting.

The comic is disgusting, let’s tackle that with honesty at least. And
taking into account that there are people who pay for this in the
Patreon de Chalo … Well, the only thing I can say is that it is not
worth it. Not even the spinoff of this comic “Knighthood”, which is even worse. The
reason I follow this comic is because I want to see how it ends, and
the fact is that although many will be relieved when that happens, most
likely many of what we follow will loathe forever and forever.

I agree that the comic has problems and they need to be addressed but with the way people keep fighting back and forth with no resolution, it doesn’t feel constructive at all. I think if we just relax a little and try not to focus our aggression on each other, we could have a less chaotic comment section.

So, I take it this is your first day on the internet?

And all we are asking these writers is to be a little consistent, but I guess it’s pointless if it’s beyond their grasp, just as it would be if I asked you to be “a little smarter” and realizing the gaping mess this webcomic has always been, but well, so far for asking for stuff out of people.


No seriously though, the only actual fights that happen are between the snobbish fans who can’t defend, or stand to see criticized, their precious comic, and the people who are honest, open and see the faults and address them. Emotion that is raw and unfettered means the person is being more honest. If you are talking about the ‘fights’ Al and I have on occasion, That’s just more .. verbal sparing,

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