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Stay Down

Stay Down published on 243 Comments on Stay Down

Two Las Lindas pages in one week? I must be crazy!

Sooo… Any of you that thought that Miles could fight, well… no, he doesn’t. But you can give him credit for trying! Stay tuned for next page as we aren’t done with these two just jet. Also, the next big arc will start soon. 🙂

See you around!

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  • mastergodai


  • mastergodai


  • Ow

    Well so much for all of our “Rachel is too mad right now and Miles will drop her in one punch” predictions….

  • Ow

    Well so much for all of our “Rachel is too mad right now and Miles will drop her in one punch” predictions….

  • io’aeba

    God damn it Rach, keep your eyes on your opponent.

  • io’aeba

    God damn it Rach, keep your eyes on your opponent.

  • And he gets up for round two.

    • Loser

      Dies in round three.

      • Dedpool54

        and Taffy has to use Raise Dead Ritual for Round 4

  • Trak The Cat

    Wow, I didn’t want o believe it but I guess Homer Simpsons was right. “Never help anyone.”

  • FerrousVulpes

    My money is on Miles coming out with a head-fake on her, especially since Rachel thinks she has him figured out. I think folks pidgeonhole Miles cause he’s a lech. Not saying he isn’t, mind you. But he’s more than that.

    She may have laid him out, but he’s not down.

    • Random

      I agree with this comment. Miles isn’t really as one track minded as he’s portrayed or assumed to be. See Sarah’s birthday shopping chapter. he’s not a complete scoundrel, just self-indulgent and a bit of a douchebag. He does have his good moments, like when he took Rachael to the colloseum. He, in a way is very much like Rachael, she wants to live her life in the present, without thinking of the past or looking to the future, the same way that miles wants to live.

  • Angel sanders

    Jeez she’s such a bitch……..cold

  • Dis

    I do not think Miles has given up yet, although he seems surprised. He is just going to keep at it getting beaten until he is able to get through her harsh demeaner.

    • whitedrake90

      Just like always

  • Steve Son

    Rach, you should not have said that…

  • Angel Sanders

    She’s gotta get over the fact that Sarah is finally happy and wants to be part of that family she should’ve left while she had the chance but no she was determined to stay and Is now taking her anger out on miles WTF!

  • TheOneBlueNinja

    Oh of bloody course he’s gonna get up. Chalo and SoulKat wouldn’t have set up this scenario in the first place if something wasn’t gonna come of it.

  • Starr

    Jeez, Rachael. You wonder why nobody likes you. MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE A BITCH. GET OVER YOURSELF. YOU’RE NOT PERFECT. There. I’ve said it. I used to like Rachael but the more I think about it, she’s very immature. She thinks she’s always right, and wants to get her way ALL the time, be it stealing Minos from Mora, or running away whenever things don’t work to her standards. I hope Miles or SOMEBODY can point out how much of a bitch she really is, and that the message finally gets through her thick head.

  • The Aussie Bloke

    Next page, he sits up, groans, and then asks her that all important question.

    “Feel better now?”

  • Fat

    Was that a tooth shooting out of his mouth in panel 3? o.O

  • Aya

    She’s just being necessarily cruel here o.O Yes, he is a lech but I think he was happy to help her vent her anger without sex at least THIS time

    • Gourry Gabrief

      necessarily? You mean he deserves it?

  • J

    At least she seems to have enjoyed herself so im still gunna consider this a Miles win. The battle is lost but the war is progressing.

  • Waffletaco

    I have a feeling Miles will use “The Butt Grab Of Doom”

    • Sanchez

      Or he might use the trick that Rei from Rascals (A different comic by Katbox) used on her sister the the time they met at her job.

      • vgmaster9

        Or Bengala from Crest Diaries.

  • J

    Oh and isn’t Miles only doing this because Sarah asked him to? It seems like there is a reason for him to be putting forth such effort. Maybe i’m just thinking too much, great page by the way. I hope to see more Miles.

    • Slivovitz

      Just wanted to say, thanks for reminding us of Sarah’s request, I nearly forgot about it. It certainly makes Miles’ predicament a little more sympathetic, even if his ulterior motives aren’t hard to find. Also makes you wonder how Rachael would react to learn Miles is hanging out (at least partly) for her little sister’s sake.

    • Saint Rhon

      Ya thats what I’ve thought all along. I mean all Miles has really done is acknowledge that rachael is attractive and making a couple of lewd jokes in her presence. As much as people go “Rachael wouldn’t date Miles cause she hates him” I think that kind of goes both ways. As in “Miles wouldn’t seriously make a pass at Rachael because he doesn’t like her that much”. He is well aware of her distaste for him and to be honest I doubt he’s much happier about being forced to work with her than she is. All these attempts at “courtship” that she’s gotten so worked up about could just be to make something good out of a bad situation. Then again maybe he’s suddenly become infatuated with her. We’ll find out next week I guess.

  • Greg Morrow

    I’m really hoping that miles gets up and kicks Rachel’s teeth in. Girl doesn’t want to listen to her boss, her sister or a would be suitor. Maybe she’ll listen to someone who can beat her into incapacity.

  • ScorpDK

    Ouch. That certainly didn’t go as expected. I’m not sure what’s worse. The beating or her comments while doing so. – Now to wait for next week to figure out if he’s gonna recover, if someone else walks in or…well, who knows? Where’s my time-machine when I need it?

  • Stresstothemax

    round 1 rachel 1 miles zip, she seems better though, ok the whole love in the air banner below a guy who just got turned down and beaten up?

  • Stresstothemax

    nice butt Rach

    • Agreed. She’s definitely got the nicer tush to make up for the lack of bust.

  • Craig

    Can’t say we didn’t warn him…. o_o

  • Slivovitz

    While I like Rachael, and am usually content to leave Miles to his fate as a chew toy (though I like him too)…

    …An elbow? To the mastoid? Easy there, Rach. I know he said he was “dead” serious, but be careful not to take it literally. Last thing you or Sarah need is another fiasco with your coworkers on your hands.

    Though, every time I see Rach put up a fight I’m curious if she’s practiced in any kind of martial arts, or is a hundred percent self taught. Granted, being homeless and penniless doesn’t give one many opportunities to learn a martial art formally, but she could have always watched others practice and train by herself from memory later, maybe from that Colosseum event or something. Could go either way, really; sadly the elbow strike isn’t much of an indicator–I’m pretty sure how she did it would be illegal no matter what. But some traditional martial arts do generally allow elbow strikes, IIRC – Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, etc. – so assuming she tried to play by some rules against Miles, that could narrow it down a little.

    Or maybe I’m just thinking about it too much. Miles has shown us he’s survived arguably worse, too, so I could also be taking it more seriously than needed. A soda-powered brain tends to do that; fitting that my first post on these threads is such a rambling. 😛

    • Random

      I agree with the mastoid business, if he doesn’t die he could still be rendered blind.

      • Slivovitz

        It’s doubly worrying because an elbow strike, when done properly, can generate more force a basic jab and has a good chance to cause lacerations. Which, considering the mastoid houses several muscles (mainly those responsible for keeping the neck upright), a couple arteries, and the brain stem, you’re right–all sorts of things could go wrong. I like Rachael – in fact, she’s one of my favorite chars on Las Lindas – but if she’s not careful, she could easily dig her own grave.

        Again, I’m probably over-analyzing this, being a semi-martial arts nut myself, and I don’t think Chalo will play it THAT realistically, but, you never know. Hopefully the worst that will come of this on Miles’ end is him needing to adapt to a temporary soft food diet. ^.^

        • Aaron

          >she could easily dig her own grave
          Hey, now, Miles is the one who got beat up here :V

          • Slivovitz

            Haha, yeah, aside from the elbow-mastoid issue, I’d say Miles brought this on himself. But I mean that, as far as Rachael’s other cast interactions go, things are pretty shaky, especially with Mora–with whom the grave-digging would commence if she were to find out about this, if this becomes a big deal. I know it’s weird to hear that Mora could possibly stick up for Miles, but she’s already laid down some very firm terms for Rachael after the Minos incident, that if she causes any more trouble, she’d better pack up and get the hell out of dodge, because Mora’s not having it anymore.

            In this case, if Mora approaches this situation as the boss of the farm, then Rachael would have seriously injured another employee over what could easily be seen as a tantrum. Even if Mora didn’t dislike her, she’d have to address what Rachael did. Normally, you address problematic workers who were already warned by firing them.

            In fact, the only person I could see trying to stand up for Rach if this got bad is Taffy, if only because she’s defended the sisters since the beginning, is a nice person in general, and has been a foil to Mora before. Sarah…maybe…hard to say, given the previous three strips and the request Sarah made to Miles (thanks for bringing it up, J!).

            This is all wild mass guessing on my part, of course. 😛 Chalo mentioned a big arc is coming soon, so it could either tie in to this, or be something else entirely. I’m excited either way. xD

          • Aaron

            >Mora beats up Rachael for giving Minos a small kiss: OK
            >Rachael beats up unlikable whiny pervert: Mora: Rachael, that wasn’t nice!


          • Slivovitz

            Not completely. In regards to the Minos incident, between the two girls, I would say Rachael is more the victim. I think Mora did go too far with her “disciplinary” action, but like my post to Retro explains, I think the real transgressor in that situation was Minos. When he proposed the hypothetical “I can’t be with you right now, but if X happens…” to Rachael, he set the girls up for an incident that could be seen a mile away, whether he meant to or not.

            As for Mora, well, you at least can’t blame her for being upset. Overall, her reaction was not unexpected, even if quite harsh. But considering the whole thing was a misunderstanding, it would be nice to at least see her apologize to Rach (fat chance, I know), even if for no other reason than to boost farm morale, even if only a little. When I brought up how Mora might react, I was trying to think in her shoes.

            That doesn’t necessarily mean how Mora might react to today’s strip is right, of course; just that this is what I feel could happen. But, again, I could just be taking this all more seriously than the situation warrants.

          • Albert Belle

            Full open mouth kiss after she said she didn’t deserve Minos at all. Oh yeah that was such a small event. I suppose if you saw your wife or girlfriend open mouth kissing someone you would just smile and say ‘It’s just a small kiss nothing to get excited about’ .I mean I have a feeling people here don’t live in reality.You wouldn’t want to beat whoever did it into the ground

  • Tiberiosity

    …I almost think that Chalo made that scene happen because lots of people assumed that she would get her ass kicked by Miles…

    • Dragonlrod354

      i figured miles would lose hardcore but that doesn’t mean i wont root for the underdog

    • Gourry Gabrief

      I do have also the feeling that Chalo did this page in reaction to our comments. Not about who kicks who, but about Miles’ supposed cunning plan to seduce her. And this annoys me a bit if Chalo him/herself did act like that. The show shouldn’t depend on us. It should follow its own story.

  • WingieBlue

    I actually think what may happen, is he’ll get up and instead of her thinking he’s gonna try to still hook up with her, he’ll say something along the lines of her not being worth it because she is too full of herself.

    Or he’ll literally knock some sense into her, which, oddly, she needs. She NEEDS to get her ass beaten down to a point that she needs to realize she isn’t invincible and if she continues to keep her walls up she will alienate everyone around her.

  • vgmaster9

    A guy getting a beatdown never looked so hot :3

  • Wow. He said he was up for sparring, Rachel. Cool your tits. XD

  • Aruswrath

    Come on Miles, get up you can…well… the view is awesome so… never mind just keep lying down there :3

  • Krocialblack

    Wow. First everyone is hating on Mora. Now you all turn to Racheal? What’s you guys problem? The girl’s going threw a rough time right now, and she obviously wasn’t in the mood to put up with Miles. Miles new what was coming to him, and he got it. And seriously? Miles? Beating up Racheal? Psssh. Yeah right. Just stop hating on the poor girl. And stop throwing your little temper tanturms, because the outcome didn’t out the way you all wanted. What a bunch of babies.

    • Jael

      Well Mora is quite the bitch so it’s not exactly a surprise everyone hates her.

    • Kanashe

      Ya know mate, both Mora and Racheal get hated for a reason. They both are a big bag of bitch, I’m sorry but that’s how it is. It hasn’t anything to do with her ‘rough times’, because she was acting like a massive bitch from the start. Seriously, she always wants for things to go her way, and when they don’t she starts to act like a cunt because she thinks the damn world owes her. An I’m sorry ‘rough times’ doesn’t excuse her attitude towards others, hell even an ahole like Miles. Mora is a whole different story, but I ain’t even gonna bother with her. Already wasted enough time on her.

    • León Manuel

      So Rachel is supposed to receive our pity just because she’s having it rough? It’s she’s having a hard time, it’s all because of her own fault. She’s unhappy because she wants to be!
      And MIles wasn’t trying to put the moves on Rachel, that was her paranoia. He honestly wanted to help Rachel get rid of some stress with a sparring session. But what does she do? She goes into overkill and beats the crap out of him!
      No, she is not deserving of any sympathy!!!

      • Wolf2125

        I agree. I suspect that Miles noticed that Rachael was stressed and wanted help her relieve that stress. I also believe that what she did 2 Miles and talking down 2 him was uncalled 4. I see no reason 4 Rachael 2 fly off the handle like that just because someone gave a damn to try and help her.

      • Krocialblack

        It just seems like you’re doing the samething everyone else is doing and jumping the “Lets all jump on the hate Racheal bandwagon” You guys are just as bad as youtubers. Seriously. She’s anti social. What’s the big deal. Oh! She doesn’t deserve any sympathy because she happened to be a little angry at the cute innocent Sarah. And Miles the pervert comes in to try and come to the rescue, and she gives him a licking. And now everyone’s like “ZOMG! SHEZ TEH DEVULZZZ!!!!!” Wow. You guys are just a bunch of hateful clowns, that’s willing to throw hate on a CARTOON CHARACTER!!!

        You guys are throwing a temper tantrum, because you’re so despret to see Miles and Racheal get into a relationship. But since that clearly isn’t going to happen. “BAW! RACHEAL IZ A BITCH!!! I HATEZ HUR!!!!” Well Racheal will always be my favorite character. Because unlike the others, she’s not so cliche’. She goes by her own life rules. But if you guys want to hate hate hate, and throw your little tantrums like a bunch of toddlers? Then be my guest. I will backing up Racheal. Because she’s the street. Not to mention she’s the most beautiful one out of the cast.

        • Kanashe

          Desperate for them to be a couple? Are you serious with this shit? I couldn’t give two shits if these two were together or not. Even without the whole couple thing Rachel is nothing but a massive bag of bitch, she is cliche as everyone else in this comic (big shocker), and her only ‘rules’ are getting things her way and fuck the rest of the world. An we’re supposed to sympathize with her for that, and back her up? Seriously, I’m surprised how innept you are, this is nothing about Rachel and Miles getting together. This chick from point numero uno has been nothing but one massive pain in a rectum, all she does is act like the fucking world owes her a big cup of cocoa. Well ya know? Like fucking sucks, so get a fucking helmet.

          Oh, and may I point out that your the sad clown who is going out of his way to DEFEND said CARTOON CHARACTER. Hello Mr.Pot, please say “hi” to mrs.Kettle from me.

          • DarkGuyver2020

            Way to own the Rachel fanboy.

          • Krocialblack

            I’m not even going to worry about you.

          • Krocialblack

            I’m not going to get into it with a bunch of hateful dorks. Racheal is still my favorite. And you guys still cry. She’s tough, and holds her own. I’m sorry Racheal isn’t the sweet heart everyone knows and love. I’m sorry she doesn’t go all giddy and prance around like a Disney princess.

          • Kanashe

            Sweet tap dancing Christ. How do morons like you even exist. Did you listen to ANYTHING anyone say’s, or do you find yourself drift in and out of existence? Nobody jumped on the hate bandwagon, everyone hated her from the start. Because she’s just a fuckin’ a bitch. An you actually support this? You support a character who gives others the middle finger, and thinks the damn world owes her? How damn pathetic do you have to be for that. Hell, even if Rachel was this ‘Disney’ princess you keep blaberring about. It still wouldn’t make me like her, because she would still be a goddamn bitch. Here’s a very good quote that fits Rachel: “If you spit on the community, it will wipe itself. But if the community spits on you, you will drown.”

          • Krocialblack

            Blah blah “bitch” this. Blah blah “bitch” that. Is that all ammo you have. You’re starting to sound like a broken record. Keep dancing monkey. I’m still on Racheals side.

          • Kanashe

            Ofcourse you are, because morons stick by morons. But I do hope that at some point Racheal gets what she deserved a long time ago, and that’s a life time supply of someones foot up her damn ass.

          • Thanh-the-Mousegirl

            I read that, and started picturing the LL girls as Disney Princesses, Rachel would have to be Belle, and Alej would be Tiana.
            Wich now leaves me trying to figure out Mora, Taffy, Tootsie, Sarah, and Didjit’s roles. Thanks, Kanashe, this will probably keep my mind busy all night. Taffy maybe Snow White or Cinderella, and Mora Rose/Aroura(Sleeping Beauty).

          • Thanh-the-Mousegirl

            Yep, I actually did sit up and think this over, lol. Changed my mind on Mora, though.

            This still leaves me saying Taffy would work as either Snow White or Cinderella, and uncertain where to put Tootsie, Idward’s two fairy friends, or Alejandra’s guardian spirit.
            And if I were to branch into the other tie-in comics, then Kate would probably fit as Aroura.
            Too bad I suck at drawing, would make an awesome pic.

          • Puniceus-Rose

            I would totally draw this if people wanted to see it! Lol Hell, I’d draw it just because I would want to see it.

          • Artemiy

            I want to see Sarah as Rapunzel. I haven’t seen the cartoon but Sarah with such long beautiful hair has to be hilarious.

          • Puniceus-Rose

            As much as that movie comes on tv, I still have yet to sit down and actually watch it ><. I think Sarah would make a great Rapunzel with her personality.

          • Thanh-the-Mousegirl

            If anyone does draw this, I at LEAST want a link to go see it. 🙂

        • León Manuel

          First of all, I didn’t just jump on the band wagon; I’ve always disliked Rachel.
          In a word, she’s selfish. She took Sarah away from her family, just because she didn’t want to lose her “little sister”. Now, I can forgive that coming from a child, but she kept up the lie into adulthood!
          It’s not about the things she did just now, it’s about how she’s been acting her entire life!

      • Artemiy

        Yes, she clearly needs to learn the difference between sparring and beating the living crap outta somebody. I mean, I have issues too but if I begin to break people’s necks because of ’em…

        • Beatdown

          Yeah she crossed the line with that reverse elbow strike that could have cribbled or even killed him

          • Artemiy

            C’mon, he’s a cartoon cat… He’ll be fine.

    • Kaskari

      Agreed. There are similarities in those comments concluding to a flock of sheep.

      Rachael is the sort of character called ‘loose cannon’ who makes a story more interesting and less predictable. It brings a lot of emotions into the scenes (see the eager comments).
      I hope that didn’t sound too high up. ^^

      I still like Rach. Following the storyline she got more reasons to be
      pissed than most of the other characters. In my opinion one of the most likeable
      attitudes of hers is that she tells everyone straight from the shoulder
      what she’s thinking (and that she doesn’t even hesitate to show her hatred).


      • Krocialblack

        It’s just a stupid bandwagon. Who’s next? Alej? It’s something new every week. Matter of fact, I’m starting to think the only reason people hoped off the “Hate Mora” bandwagon is because her breast happen to grow a few inches. Don’t believe me? Check out the comments on “Afterglow” the comments went from “I HATEZ MORA!! SHES A MARY SUE!!!” to “Wow! Mora’s looking HAWTZ!” Now all the venom is going towards Racheal, and she all of a sudden becomes the furry female reincarnate of Adolf Hitler!? Just a bunch of stupid little teenaged boys with nothing else better to do. And just waiting for the next page of “Breast Are The Best” to be posted, so they can masturbate some more.

        I will always love Racheal, Sarah, Digit and the little mouse chick that works with Alej.

        • Kanashe

          Sadly Alej isn’t gonna get any hate because she is actually a character you can like and sympathize with. Mora on the other hand is a damn Mary Sue, and it’s amazing how people are actually blindly loving her. Infact, my hate for her hasn’t died and won’t. So I’d say your ‘view’ is SO wrong that it just becomes hilarious.

        • Thanh-the-Mousegirl

          Actually, I think at this point, Alejandra’s gone past her point of “the one to hate on”, until she was pretty much at that point from day one until right when she clocked Mora over the head with the butt of a shot-gun. The problem isn’t hating on the characters, it’s that they’re each slowly maturing and Sarah, Taffy, and Tootsie are the only girls who show any kind of characteristic other than “bat $#!% crazy” from a bad past that they have to work through (excluding the Residential Ghosts who are technically too young for back-stories).
          Just like any continuous story ark, every character has issues they need to work through and it’s either going to show just what monsters they can become or just how a simple moment of “deal with it” can change them for the better, but either way, it’s going to make most of them unlikeable for a while until the issue is resolved. It’s just Rachel’s time to grow up, then maybe we can get Miles and Idward straightened out, lol.

    • Kobra

      I was still on Rachel’s side, hell the girl stood her own in a actual arena fight no way Miles would win.

    • Greg Morrow

      I dislike rachel because aside from failing to grasp how good she has it, she refuses to try and addapt to the social dynamics of the farm and thinks theirs some sort of grand conspiracy to make her feel unwelcome.

      On top of that, she lashed out at miles both physically and mentally when he was just coming to talk to her, and at least one of those blows could have crippled him permanently.

      TL;DR: Dumb bitch is dumb.

  • Some Anonymous

    Honestly? Even though I don’t like Miles, I want him to get up and say something to the effect of “Ok, I was gonna go easy cause you’re beautiful, but feck that..” and then he proceeds to dish out some pain. Rach would STILL “win” by a lot, but she’d take a few blows to her body.. and her pride.

    • swan

      My thoughts exactly. I’d like to see some fight from Miles. It’s starting to seem like he’s just a “easy win” for anyone to fight.

  • rayban47 Rach. Bit overboard i think

  • Aaron

    This is the greatest strip in the history of Las Lindas

  • RandomRedneck

    Well…that could have gone better.

  • Zook

    he’s gonna get back up! I know he is!

  • Retro

    While Miles lost a physical fight, I think he wins more of a moral victory. While he may come across as a lech on the outside, he proves to be the deepest character on the farm as he has goals and isn’t content with how his life turned out and wants to fix it. And while he comes off as selfish, he just feels that life owes him for constantly giving him lemons with no way to make lemonade. To me, Miles comes off as the everyman, a character that everyone can relate to.

    Rachel on the other hand is completely selfish, she only cares about herself, she kidnapped Sara because she didn’t want Sara adopted so she wouldn’t be alone. She tried to steal Minos because she decided that Mora didn’t deserve him. And now she thought about running away with Sara again because she isn’t happy, but does she care about Sara being happy? Nope. All of Rachel’s problems come from her being selfish and only thinking about herself. She’s extremely ungrateful, Mora took her in even though she didn’t have to, didn’t throw her out on the street after Sara tried to steal Mora’s clothes or when Sara nearly killed Digit or when Rachel tried to steal Minos. The more the others characters are nice to her, the more she pushes them away, she wants confrontation for no actual reason.

    That’s why I believe Miles won a moral victory, Miles was genuinely trying to be nice to her, and after her beating the snot out of him, will show her that she isn’t always right and that her selfish attitude needs to change. Or maybe Miles will be back up and lecture her on her attitude as he not only beats her to a pulp, but puts her in her place as well.

    I don’t think that Miles comes off as wanting to be with her, but more seems to see her as a kindred spirit. But there is no romance at all on his side, we’ve seen Miles have romantic interest in other characters, he’s not an asshole (at least, not that much of one) when he’s around a love interest. He may see Rachel as an ally, but that’s it.

    But it’s possible that Rachel has the crush on Miles and is trying to prove to herself that she doesn’t like him. When they spent the day together, Rachel came off as liking Miles’ rogue attitude towards the farm work, while Miles couldn’t care less if Rachel was with him or not, he just wanted to go to the movies.

    • Slivovitz

      (Sorry for this long post. Brevity was never my strong suit. >.>)

      I think you’ve managed to summarize why I like Miles as well. When his perversion isn’t getting the better of him (although it often does when he wants a genuine relationship, it seems), the lovable character he was in Learning Curves starts to shine. Bah, I wish I had the money to give to that comic, it’s awesome. And being an everyman and (IMO) something of an audience surrogate, either way, he’ll make the best of the lemons life gives him. Of course, this is why I think Miles should be a scientist. Why make lemonade when he can make combustible lemons to burn the house down?!

      Ahem. As for Rach, I think you’re partly right, if a bit harsh. Is she selfish? Eeeyup. Overbearing? Indeed. Doesn’t care about others being happy? Eh…that’s a stretch. She’s kind of similar to Miles, really; life hasn’t been kind to her, and it shows in her “grumpy pants” attitude.

      Rachael’s relationship with Sarah probably started off because, as a child, she acted rashly. I’m no psychologist, but I don’t think a child of her age, upon hearing her sister is going to be adopted (i.e. taken away) would be weighing the circumstances (“would she be happier with this new family, or here?”), and her experience with her original family, coupled with them generally being happy despite homeless and penniless, hasn’t given her a reason to rethink that decision. In other words, she doesn’t see anything wrong with continuing to act the same way as she did as a child.

      (Why the orphanage didn’t request both children be adopted at the time, despite probably knowing they were close, is a mystery, but obviously isn’t important right now. Could be later, though, assuming Sarah is still being searched for. /random)

      Now that Sarah is happier in a settled, family environment, a situation that contradicts her old decision—something that makes a cornerstone of Rachael’s personality as Sarah’s
      sister and parent start to shake—is appearing. This is especially true now that Sarah is beginning to move away from her, and towards people Rachael either doesn’t know or doesn’t like. And when someone’s purpose for being, perceived or otherwise, starts to crumble – their behavior starts to take a similar downfall.

      Rachael’s big mistake here is that she seems to view Sarah’s interests as her own; or at the very least, that they should find a path in life they are both comfortable with. It’s not completely selfish, but it’s not unlike an overbearing parent who, in their attempt to make sure their beloved child is safe, wants to monitor everything to ensure this, adopting the mindset that their loved ones will be happier shielded from the evils of the world than if they weren’t. Given one wants to go back to living on their (still in reference to Rachael and Sarah) own terms, even if that means isolation from others, while the other wants to settle down and make friends, even if some of those people just wrote them off as petty thieves, this is obviously difficult.

      The incident with Minos shouldn’t completely fall on her, even if she did something all parties involved may regret; Minos himself did something he really shouldn’t have done, and that was to give Rachael a glimmer of hope that he might run away with her if things with Mora didn’t work out. In other words, he appealed to both of her fantasies, all the while knowing she had them and probably knew her well enough to know she might act on them if given the right push. Minos should have instead shot the prospect of him and Rachael being together down when it became clear to him; even he admits this, I believe.

      Mind, I’m not writing this to defend Rachael’s flaws. She’s still one of my favorite characters, but even I will admit she has her faults. I just feel that, for now, it’s not completely fair to demonize her as a selfish and envious harpy, until she’s been given the chance to acknowledge, confront, and learn from her vices, as other characters in the strip have done before her. At the pace events are going, it may not be long before Rachael finds herself standing at the precipice—where, if she cannot be made to realize her beloved sister is becoming her own person, then she must decide which is more important: living on her own terms whether Sarah wants her to stay or not, or to give in to her sister’s wishes to finally settle down. Sarah’s made her decision; how Rachael acts from there will give a clearer outlook on her true character.

      But yeah, as per Miles winning a moral victory, I can agree. Especially when in this case, he’s most likely acting on Sarah’s behalf; again, it’ll be interesting to see if Rach finds out about their little chat in the mall. That – or even just Miles getting up now and giving Rach a lecture – might be what she needs to start improving.

      • The_Codfish

        Linkies on Sarah and Miles’ chat in the mall?

        Nevermind, found it!

        • Slivovitz

          Hey Codfish, just want you to know I’ve got the links to where the chat between them starts, as well as when Sarah asks Miles to look after Rachael. Main issue is my post gets placed in moderation when I put links in it (not that I’m complaining), so I’ll leave this post here in acknowledgement, and post the links right after.

          If all else fails, their chat starts in “I Have A Coupon!” (#214?), and Sarah’s request is “Kids, Shut Your Eyes” (#217, I think). All of them come up in the archives’ page, 22. I love LL’s archives. ^.^

          EDIT: Oops, just now noticed you found it. Still, I’ll leave this post up in case anyone else is curious. xD

      • Marcus Hall

        Her relationship with Sarah did start off as a child go to the Gallery and click Chalo then you will see comics then click lost kittens it will explain everything

      • Z

        On the orphanage not requesting they both be adopted-

        They aren’t ACTUALLY siblings, though. It’s difficult to get siblings adopted out at the same time, you have to find a family that is willing to take both of them, sometimes actual siblings end up being separated because the adoption agency can’t find anyone willing to take both of them. And that’s for flesh-and-blood relations!
        Most adoptive parents want young children, every year that goes by makes it less likely that the child will ever be adopted, and I really doubt that trying to keep friends together is anything of a priority for adoption agencies.The adoption agency probably didn’t see any benefit in denying Sarah a loving family just because she got along well with Rachel.

        It would have been far less believable for the adoption agency to put any effort into getting people to adopt Sarah and Rachel together. I’m sure most people in orphanages end up with close friends, Sarah and Rachel weren’t that special.

      • Thanh-the-Mousegirl

        There was at least one instance that lead me to think Sarah was still being looked for by the family that wished to adopt her, or perhaps it was Rachel’s old family still looking for her, but either way, both girls are now over 18, so legally, there may not be any chance to drag either of them back to these families without their consent. Or, it’s possible I was way off base and they were looking for Mora, now that more of her past has been revieled, but the panel seemed to focus on Sarah. (Though, Chalo could be pulling a Project A-KO on us there, where it seemed like they should have thought A-KO was the princess they were looking for, only for it to end up being C-KO.)

        • Marcus Hall

          Yes there was in instance that Sarah was being looked for by someone and i believe that it was her actual parents it was shown in a panel of a comic when they went to the mall for her birthday to get her clothes and stuff a camera zoomed in on Sarah and it whoever was operating said “it’s her we finally found her after all these years” so yes it might not be her parents I don’t want to assume anything and rush in but it’s a safe bet who else could it be.

    • Kobra

      You obviously didn’t see him checking himself out in the mirror did you? Trying to make shore he looked good while he chased some tail. He wasn’t trying to be nice, he was trying to get a hook in Rachel and picked the wrong freaking day to do it. Miles lost completely and got more than his ego bruised in this failed pick up situation.

      • León Manuel

        And it obviously doesn’t occur to you that someone like Miles would have a vain side and simply check himself out, regardless of whether there’s a girl nearby or not.
        Miles isn’t a character I like much, but he’s smarter than that. He wasn’t rying to hit on Rachel, that was her paranoia.

        • Gourry Gabrief

          Indeed. Let’s not forget the main cast is still young, youth meaning doing also stupid stuffs. And Miles could have been in a so very good day that he felt like making a Johnny Bravo joke.

    • Gourry Gabrief

      Exactly. I do also think she did a Narusegawa atomic punch due to her tsundere side. Or something like that.
      Anyway, I agree with your analysis.

    • CJ

      …welll..yes and no…true Rachael is being selfish and quite bitchy but being an orphan most of your life and feeling alone can do that to you…and Miles…well yea he was handed some sour lemons but many people are and Rachael and Sara have been handed worse…shoot Mora has been handed worse…find out that her dad was basically from a sub-race of evil beings and when she gets back her mom dead and left to run a failing farm by herself all while your former best friend is basically doing everything in her power to make sure you fail…but i digress…Miles hasnt had it that hard…bad things have happened but none extremely bad…he had a hard time in college but so have many others before him and came out just fine…he feels the way he feels not because he has had horrible things happen to him (bad things just not horrible things) but because things havent gone his way in life so in comparison Rachael has been through a lot worse…they both are wrong in the things theyve done and they both have redeeming qualities…they are the characters who need the most help and improvement in their life which is probably why they are together in the story right now

      • z

        Rachel isn’t an orphan- she had very strict parents and ran away from them, ending up in an orphanage because she refused to identify herself or give anyone any way of linking her with her parents. She did have a rough life, but she also did choose to have that life and, at least when she was a kid, potentially could have gone back to her parents at any time if she realized her life was harder than what she left- it’s not like she had it forced on her.

    • meh

      …I agree with everything, except the part about Miles getting back up. I counted three direct hits; one of which was to the back of head. And i seriously doubt Rachel was holding back. If Miles is going to say anything, he’ll probably be saying it from the floor lol.

    • KingofDudes

      Here I have to agree with you. How is Miles sleazy compared to Davin, who acts the same as him but still gets all the action?

      If I were surrounded by a bunch of sluts and bimbos (don’t pretend they’re innocent, every character save for the digital fairy things and Hikari has had a skank moment) and I was constantly blue balled when they were approached by the only guy who did not have a six pack or four foot wide chest, I would be pissed off, too.

      Also, Rachel is just as much a selfish bitch as Mora is.

      • whitedrake90

        I’ll disagree. She is more selfish than Mora (by a slim margin). While reading the comic I have felt that she (Rachel) was the little kid hiding from the monster (real life) in her closet. Sure her life wasn’t peaches and cream, but other characters were in similar situations (or worse in Taffy’s case) and are better now or are getting better than before.

  • Chocothunda

    KNEW that he was going to be taken down, but he’s still twitching.

    Maybe the man is made of stronger stuff…we’ll see if he gets up for ROUND 2!

  • Takamaru

    Does the next “Big Arc” have anything to do with Mora’s father?

  • Annony

    Two Las Lindas pages in one week?
    I really wouldn’t mind if this became the regular update schedule, so long as it wouldn’t stress Chalo out too much.

  • Miko101

    Shes needs to learn people skills and she needs to get over herself. Shes only going to destroy everything in her path going the way she is now. Plus she thinks shes able to take anyone in a fight. Shes in over her head should she go after Mora and would only sour things with Minos in the process.

  • Miko101

    Rach might have petty jealousy which is one thing but if she did cross Mora and tried to take Minos. A womans scorn easily destroys a girls petty fit with deadly force. A woman scorned is just something Rach isn’t going to be able to comprehend and could put her survival at extreme risk. Especially since we’ve already seen Mora scorned before.

  • Legate

    lol, so much for coming to a peaceful understanding.
    What a brute. It’d be easy to mistaken her for a man, if it wasn’t for her rather large rear-end.

  • Ethan Qix

    Mmmh. SOMEone here obviously doesn’t get the meaning of “friendly spar”. I wonder if Miles is man enough to call her out on that one…

  • Trombley

    Now before I begin; this fight just started, Miles asked for it and I’m pretty sure Miles is going to get up and continue the fight or something. However I just have to ask:

    Just how much more abuse is the Las Lindas community going to give Miles before it’s over?

    I mean really, you have to look hard at the character/cast page to count the few that haven’t physically assaulted Miles. I’ve got to hand it to Chalo – that last panel really pisses me off.

  • Cherub

    Rachael wins, Flawless victory.

  • Anonamis

    My guess is where there positioned and by the way miles hand is twitching I think miles might get up and grope her butt just to her flustered

  • Cameron Harrison

    Called it. Miles got his ass beat by Rachel.

  • SoulDRosen

    Rachel you bitch, someone actually gives a fuck about your stupid ass. And you spit at them in the face. Tell you what, why don’t you go and do suicide already?

    • SFF

      Jeez, calm the hell down. Miles had this coming to him for a LONG time now.

      • Trombley

        While I don’t agree with the bitch part, can you please explain how Miles (the most assaulted person in LL) has had this coming to him for a LONG time now?

        • SFF

          Karma, mostly.

          • Trombley

            Really? Karma? He’s been attacked by the majority of everyone in LL – like he’s Wile E Coyote, he’s had stuff go on in college we don’t even know about, he has no friends here las lindas (makes me ask over and over why he even bothers working there) and everybody treats him like he’s some scumbag no matter what he does. How on earth does karma come into play? Exactly WHAT did he do to deserve this? Please explain this to me, because the way I see it whatever he has done in the past has more than evened out – through karma – by every single person punching him, kicking him, throwing him and even firing him out of a god damn cannon.

          • Greg Morrow

            Using this logic He should hulk out and beat Rachel into a monomolecluar stain.

            Karma being “what goes around comes around”.

    • GES280

      perhaps a bit too far man.

  • colozuz grave

    was more than obvious that she won, has more street fighting experience. x3

  • Kobra

    I can’t believe people thought that hair brain Miles would actually win! Looks like he lost the battle and the war.

  • Wow, just holy freaking wow. I mean, I had thought that Rachel had issues before, but I’m wondering if maybe she is really going to leave the farm. I still think that would be a bad idea emotionally, but I guess it would make for a telling story arc. But still…. owch!

  • She is such a bitch! I feel so bad for poor Miles! :'(

  • swan

    please tell me he gets on his feet and puts up some kind of fight. i don’t care if he wins or losses in the end, i just hate to think that he is this weak.

  • Kobra

    I knew Sarah turning turn coat would be bad. Still didn’t expect Miles to pay the price.

  • Aaron

    >gets shot out of cannon, creates mushroom cloud; everyone laughs because it’s ‘anime physics’ and ‘for laughs’

    >gets punched and elbowed a few times by a jimmy-rustled catgirl: OMFG IS HE OKAY RACHAEL IS A HUGE BITCH

    Worry not people; (un)fortunately, Miles is ok; I think he’ll live, hopefully he’ll learn to give Rachael some space.

    • Guest

      Well, the elbow is the only thing about his beat-down that bothers me, but it does so because it was directed at an area you do not want being hit. The main difference between the cannon and this is that the cannon WAS played for laughs; this is clearly more dramatic. I don’t think Rachael is a huge bitch because of this, but she is letting her anger (which is somewhat understandable) get the best of her.

      Still, you’re probably right; I don’t think anything too serious will happen to Miles, either. I mean, if he can survive the cannon (pretending for a moment it was serious)… 😛

  • GMK Goat

    Did anyone honestly not see this coming? Miles has never been in a real fight in his life.

  • Victor

    kinda serves that dick right after all these years, but still… that was pretty harsh and brutal, Rach

    • Gourry Gabrief

      Out of curiosity, why do you hate Miles?

  • Person who likes Comics

    Miles might be an idiot for provoking this but that move of Rach was not exactly justified, to say the least.

    Sarah is right, attitude-wise Rachael really is behaving like an angry little child. One day Rach will have to start thinking about whether it really is the rest of the world being unfair to her or if it might be herself treating others unfairly, starting right off with Sarah.

    In fact the pretty kitty really needs to sort some stuff out urgently, left alone that she actually did some serious wrong that needs _some_ kind of fixing, it’d really be a gain for herself too, for as long as she feels so guilty about what has happened, as long as she identifies herself with the panic action of a seven-year-old girl, she will not really have a chance to move on with her live from that state.

    I hope that when the time comes she will still have friends left to stand to her.

    Meh, it’s a pity that this might stand between Rach an Miles, I would’ve really liked to see them become a couple. Both of them are way better persons than they themselves think they are and both would greatly benefit from someone noticing.
    Then again, who knows what the future will bring?

    Oh, and I sure hope Miles won’t stay down. He’ll be pretty sorry but both of them really need confrontation.

  • Benjamin Swem

    I have to agree with people analysis of Ratchel about her selfishness, but I do think she honestly cares about Sara, which is where her current problem comes from. If she was 100% selfish she would just up and take off and avoid the aggravations. But she cares about Sara’s happiness and Sara is happy there but Ratchel so far isn’t which creates an internal conflict resulting in her further frustration and aggravation. Her selfish nature said life isn’t happy easy here any more we should bail, but her caring for Sara side said no she likes it here so we stay. Yes she is kind of blind to how good she really has it there and perhaps a bit to paranoid. And afraid. She is afraid to let people in for fear of being used, abused and then tossed out again. Her aggression and fearless attitude is her defense mechanism to hide her fear from every one else.

    • Slivovitz

      Yup yup! Thanks—you’ve managed to summarize in one paragraph what I’ve been struggling to not prattle about since last night. xD

      I think the best thing Rachael can do for both Sarah and herself is to at least try and understand why Sarah wants to stay on the farm with these people. Most of them are quirky, but well-intentioned. Whether or not she agrees afterward would be up to her, but it could be a step in the right direction.

      On another note, I just noticed that Rachael seems to fit a lot of the criteria for a Byronic hero. One of the most fun to watch progress through the story. 😛

    • Retro

      Here’s the thing, the last comic and this one, really proved that Rachel doesn’t care about Sara and her happiness. In the last comic, she tried to convince Sara to leave the farm while trying to play on Sara’s emotions. That’s exactly what a sociopath would do, a sociopath only cares about their interests and no one else. This comic is further proves it, as Rachel didn’t get her way and is angry at Sara for refusing to go along with her ideas.

      If Rachel left with Sara, Sara would be miserable but Rachel wouldn’t care as she would be happy to be away from the farm and would try to convince Sara that it was the best choice. All of Rachel’s choices are driven by her own selfish needs while manipulating Sara along the way, like I said, that is the behavior of a sociopath

      • Slivovitz

        A sociopath is someone who is incapable of empathy, or even seeing the people around them as anything more than tools. (There’s probably more to it than that, but those are a couple key traits I can remember.) While Rachael isn’t the most emotionally stable person right now, she’s yet to be shown as either of these things. Heck, in the last strip, she gave Miles a warning to keep away lest she takes her anger out on him. It may or may not have been a formality, but I don’t think a sociopath would have bothered either way. When Sarah was “lost” in the mall, Rachael became worried sick because some unsavory character might bump into her little sister and pick her up—which is hardly unreasonable. She talked with Sarah a few strips ago in hopes she would remember the good times they had on the road (and they both indeed seemed happy and manipulation free—and Sarah even seemed relatively healthy in spite of hunger), not yet understanding that Sarah is happier on the farm, or even why. Lastly, that she jumped in to the well to save Digit, risking life and limb despite lacking any self-serving motive, should be proof enough that she does care for others.

        Again, her relationship with Sarah is more complex than that, and it’s probably not as insidious as you paint it. The main conflict right now is that, for the longest time, Rachael has not deemed Sarah mature enough to set out on her own (although forum talk has implied she’s acknowledged the possibility), and Sarah is trying to prove otherwise. That doesn’t mean Rachael doesn’t care about Sarah; it just means Sarah is more mature than Rach has given her credit for, and latter is being pressed to acknowledge that. Most parents, even the more lax ones, have had to come to terms with this situation eventually; it’s not as easy as just saying, “Okay, you’re all grown up now, have fun!”

        Rachael’s irritability right now seems more aimed at Sarah’s comment, “I think you need to grow up and stop being such a grumpy pants,” and less about the fact she’s happy here. Which, I say more power to Sarah for asserting her independence, but it IS pretty self-serving how she went about it. I think most people would be a little cranky if someone they cared deeply about proverbially kicked them in the stomach.

        • Slivovitz

          Just an update: while reading the archives again, I rediscovered an interesting look into Rachael’s psyche. Look for “Stay Awake”; it’s the first strip on archives page 27. In particular, look at this monologue:

          “No, focus on Sarah. She’ll NEVER be the same if she kills Digit. She’ll never be the same if her family hates her. Her family…fuck. Getting dark…don’t let that spook die. Sarah HAS to stay here. Running away WON’T work again…”

          That doesn’t strike me as the thoughts of someone who doesn’t care about her sister’s well being. Considering her attitude now when compared to before, Rachael seems conflicted. She appears to have accepted that Sarah views the rest of the farm as like her family, and is happy that they seem to have found a place they can call home. But Rach is also at odds with how the rest of the farm views her (or how she thinks they do), along with her old habits of wanderlust and being the overprotective parent gnawing at her. She will need to confront this inner turmoil soon, for her sake, as well as Sarah’s, and perhaps for everyone else on the farm. However she decides to approach it, it should be interesting to see.

          • Retro

            That monologue is the only time though, in the last comic she just tried to convince Sarah to run away again and leave her surrogate family. She wanted Sarah to be miserable so that she could feel happy.

        • Retro

          You gotta remember, Sarah is NOT Rachel’s sister, Rachel ran away from home and ended up at an orphanage where Sarah already was and the two of them became friends. Then Sarah’s aunt and uncle wanted found Sarah and wanted to adopt her. Rachel out of fear of being left at the orphanage alone, ran away and took Sarah with her. Rachel kidnapped Sarah for purely selfish reasons, she did not care if Sarah would be happy in a new home, all Rachel cared about was her not being alone.

          Rachel being “worried sick” about Sarah being lost in the mall does not stem from a sisterly bond, it stems from Rachel’s fear of being alone. Rachel’s fear was/is that Sarah would be found by her relatives and would be taken away from her. When

          When Rachel first arrived on the farm she already stated from the beginning that she did not like it there. Sarah shows a liking to the farm, if a sociopath is someone incapable of empathy, then Rachel is one, because she cannot see that Sarah is happy at the farm. She cannot put herself in Sarah’s shoes because she lacks empathy due to her being selfish and putting her desires before Sarah’s.

          Why did Rachel go to the farm? To steal food. Why did she stick around after being caught? To steal the “treasure” Sarah saw. Why did she stay after the “treasure” was nothing? Because the farm is out in the middle of nowhere where they would not be found by people looking for Sarah.

          Sarah is the victim of kidnapping and what do kidnappers do to get their victim to come with him? They convince their victim to come with them by exploiting their naiveté they manipulate the victim to always follow along with their desires, they disregard their victim’s feelings because it deviates from their plans.

          The reason why Sarah has followed along all this time is purely out of Stockholm syndrome. She has identified and bonded with her kidnapper, she has been brainwashed by her kidnapper.

          Rachel is not happy at the farm but Sarah is. Rachel wants to leave, Sarah does not. If Rachel leaves with Sarah. Rachel will be happy, Sarah will not and Rachel will not care. It is not a matter of maturity, the maturity levels of Rachel and Sarah are irrelevant. Rachel is a Sociopath and I can prove it.

          Taking from the World Health Organization’s International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, tenth edition, to be considered a sociopath, you must meet 3 of the 6 following criteria:

          1) Callous unconcern for the feelings of others. (That’s a yes, she tried to steal Minos without caring what Mora would think, kidnapped Sarah not caring about how Sarah’s relatives would feel. Doesn’t care that Sarah is happy at the farm and tried to convince her to leave.)

          2) Gross and persistent attitude of irresponsibility and disregard for social norms, rules, and obligations. (Another yes, before she arrived at the farm she was a con-artist)

          3) Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, though having no difficulty in establishing them (While she’s established relationships with everyone at the farm, she is not maintaining them as she pushes everyone away.)

          4) Very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence (I think this recent comic is proof of that. And her attitude towards Mora reflects this.)

          5) Incapacity to experience guilt or to profit from experience, particularly punishment (She has never expressed guilt for kidnapping Sarah, never felt guilty about trying to steal Minos, didn’t care that Mora punished her for trying to steal Minos.)

          6) Markedly prone to blame others or to offer plausible rationalizations for the behavior that has brought the person into conflict with society (Blames Mora for her problems on the farm when Rachel is root cause of her own problems on the farm.)

          Want more proof? Taking from The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition, to be a sociopath you must meet the following criteria

          A) There is a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring since age 15 years, as indicated by three or more of the following:

          1) failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest. (Kidnapping Sarah)

          2) deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure. (Became a con-artist before arriving at the farm)

          3) impulsiveness or failure to plan ahead. (Kidnapped Sarah without thinking)

          4) irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults. (This recent comic)

          5) reckless disregard for safety of self or others (we haven’t seen anything reckless or dangerous, yet)

          6) consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations (Has never taken responsibility for her actions, second laziest person on the farm)

          7) lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another (Hurt Mora by trying to steal Minos)

          B) The individual is at least age 18 years. (She is)

          C) There is evidence of conduct disorder with onset before age 15 years. (ran away and kisnapped Sarah when she was a child)

          D) The occurrence of antisocial behavior is not exclusively during the course of schizophrenia or a manic episode. (She is perfectly sane)

          She meets all the criteria for being a sociopath.

          So am I demonizing her? Yes, but it’s justified demonizing as from her first appearance up until now, there has never been an instance of her not doing something that didn’t directly benefit her. It’s has been like that since her debut, it’s in black and white, clear as crystal, you lose sir, good day!

          • SFF

            …I think your tinfoil hat may be on a BIT too tight.

  • Gourry Gabrief

    Am I the only one to still have both Miles and Rachael as my prefered characters after this page? I can understand what’s going on both heads, and I find them both genuin.

  • ThatOneComment

    Rachel, you should never assume you win, not until Miles in unconscious, which seems unlikely. Round 2… Next week!

  • Jack Blackstone

    I know this is a cartoon, but is that blood? I think he might now have a concussion.

  • Lu

    Contrary to many of the comments before mine, I’m actually starting to like Rach more now. She’s an actual, highly flawed character — she ISN’T perfect, and she’s struggling because of it. She’s actually developing and growing and I really want to see how she’ll try to deal with her imperfections when they come back to bite that big ol’ butt of hers.

    • Slivovitz

      I agree with everything you’ve said here wholeheartedly. ^.^

      (My God, I’ve actually posted something short and non-rambly! o.O)

      • Lu

        Glad to know I’m not the only one who appreciates character flaws!! To be honest I really want to see the other characters get more depth too — especially Sarah. I mean, even though Mora’s the lead for some reason I still feel like she’s somewhat flat (haha) and I end up preferring Alej who seems more complex; hopefully they’ll delve into the characters even more soon.

    • Albert Belle

      No one on the farm is perfect and she isn’t developing and growing. That is the point.She just wants everything to stay the way she wants and not move on at all.That isn’t development and growing up. That is remaining stagnant.If she was developing she would have gotten over everything, got a hold of herself and moved on after realized everything isn’t about her and her problems,If she was developing she wouldn’t be in the barn hitting Miles and taking his bait or destroying punching bags and taking what Sarah said the wrong way.

      • Lu

        Except you fail to realize that there are different sorts of character growths. Don’t limit something like that just to what you want to see happen. I think Rach is BEGINNING to grow — I agree that she hasn’t but I think that with this arc, she’ll come to realize how much of a brat she is and perhaps change her ways. And I am excited for THAT. As a side note, she is my favorite character because of her problems regardless. : )

  • antcow

    Well that was uncalled for, he shown her a good time before this. He took ehr to the arena and she enjoyed that. Now she beats him up.
    Not fair, he has been the most social with her out of everyone on the farm, so what if he wants sex, she should too.
    And given that he hasnt been trying to seduce any other women I cant say hes a lech.

    • Saint Rhon

      I don’t think sexual attraction works that way. Though I wish it did. Regardless I do think the beating was a tad much and she seemed to really enjoy it. But then again she knows she hates him, he knows she hates him, and we know she hates him so I don’t really think anyone was all that surprised. And other than making lewd jokes he hasn’t really done much towards Rach (most likely due to y’know…the hate thing). Though I think you simply meant that Rach needs a good “roll in the hay” which has unfortunately been denied due to Minos being too Lawful Good. Maybe Miles will convince him to become Pimp Minos before Rach puts his life and airplane in danger :3

  • hach

    why would we get the option to vote if it didnt determine the end? :/ im disappointed miles didnt kick that smug bitches ass.

  • IslaKariese

    I was kinda hoping that Miles would know some fighting moves and at least put up a decent attempt at bringing Rachel down a few notches, but I’ll just wait and see what happens from here.

  • Lord Proteus

    Oh HNNNG! That ass! Dem shorts! URRNNGGG!!!

  • LonLonMan

    Good thing i voted for Rachel

    ouuch…poor miles.

  • Nimh

    holy cow, I love this page.
    Yes, I love Rachael and really dislike Miles.

  • william

    well… can’t say i didn’t warn him, or that i didn’t expect this outcome. i admire his determination, though.

  • Whodigiya

    Hmm… An elbow to the back of the head? That could be deadly.

    • GES280

      especially since it was a reverse elbow. that could sever any number of things.

      • Whodigiya

        Yeah, judging from the line drawn to indicate the spin, the blurring around her elbow, and the area she struck on his neck he should be dead or unconcious. Strikes like that are illegal in most professional fights. The elbow is one of the most powerful fighting tools the body has.
        Buuuut this is a comic strip.

  • wolfzero001

    ….. Okay, raise your hand if ya imagened an announcer going ” FINISH HIM” at the end! xD

  • Steelwings

    Poor Miles. always on the looseing end of everything.

  • Battlion

    I always knew she could be a badass brawler. I wouldn’t mind having a throwdown with her, I might lose, but stubbornness and tenacity could help me though. Love her being tough.

  • Hmm. If this is really following along the same lines as the forum fanfiction that I seem to remember, then the next few pages will go like this:

    Miles will get up. Rachel will pummel him just as easily as the first time. And then Miles will get up again. This process will repeat an innumerable amount of times. Eventually Miles will be just about dead on his feet, and Rachel will be utterly astonished by his persistence (and perhaps a little uncomfortable about the sheer amount of physical punishment she ended up inflicting on him).

    Afterwards, Miles will probably have to recuperate for a few days. It’s hard to say what else might happen (the fic’s exact circumstances have not been replicated), but If Rachel really does beat Miles black-and-blue and into unconsciousness, then someone will more than likely chew her out.

  • Albert Belle

    Come on.It’s obvious he is going to get back up and then he will show how well he can really fight.He will probably get up and say something like ‘Hah, those were some nice moves. Now let’s get serious’ or something along those lines.

    • Saint Rhon

      Either that or he thinks “This must not register on an emotional level. First. Distract target…”

  • Darkshadow the fox

    Pent up anger and aggression or that time of the month?

  • mike

    at least he got a good view of rach booty

  • Damn

    What a bitch

  • Jamming

    Just a thought? Hasn’t someone stood over Miles before and told him to “Stay Down!” If I remember correctly it did no good then, why would anyone think he would stay down now.

  • The One Guy

    Why is everyone so adamant about defending Miles? I’m not going to get into who’s right and who’s wrong, but Rachael had just destroyed her punching bag and Miles essentually came up and said he’d be a replacement punching bag. Honestly, what’d he think was gonna happen?

  • Hyena

    Let me just remind you all that Miles is a sexual molester (he molested Taffy at least twice, once by grabbing her breast and the other time when he asked Digit to show under Taffy’s dress for him, both times when Taffy had already made clear she did NOT want sex) who has no real respect for women (and the fact that he keeps calling all of them “babe”, even when they don’t want anything with him, is proof of that).
    That beating was very well deserved and I hope it will put him in this place.

    • Hyena

      *his place

    • Renadt

      Not a molester, but really did not know (or respect) Taffy’s personal space until she put her foot down and they broke up. Since then, he has not done anything to her. Molesters continue to prey upon their victims, and separate them from any backup they may have had. Miles pretty much kept his hands to himself after the incident. Miles was used to a certain level of sex in a relationship (read Learning Curves), and Taffy wanted to wait. He fucked up, yes, but at least he was man enough to admit it, and to even attempt to make things right before the break up.

  • valcazar

    just because he got Destroyed by a TITAN i honestly believe he will get back up. Because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And what IF Miles isn’t playin any games to begin with? Yes he CAN be a lech but i also believe he Could be the guy that can help balance her out somehow. this is just one of those obstacles. and he has to overcome each one, and each barrier in order to earn her trust and companionship. i just hope he doesn’t end up leaving her if he EVER gets in bed with her. which seems like NEVER but you never know…

  • Gooper50

    Sweep the legs!

  • Z

    I’m a little bit disappointed by Rachel- Miles had done nothing except
    offering to try being a sparring partner, which she asked for. What she
    just did to him was totally uncalled for. Miles was probably the only
    person in the house who really gave a shit about Rachel, and she
    severely punished him.

    I’m also a bit disappointed that Miles
    didn’t give her more of a fight… It would have been nice to see
    Rachel’s face if Miles had managed to knock her on her ass. Oh well.

  • Jan Valentine

    c’mon miles turn into a super sayan already

  • hachi

    i like how comments disagreeing with this get nuked. once again, why bother having voting at all if it doesnt determine the outcome? everyone wanted miles to win. and rachel is probably the worst character in the cast, she needs a good ass whooping.

  • deathknight

    Honestly rachel lost this fight terribly, she’s a raging female on hormones and
    is basiclaly being an asshole. beating up miles won’t help it may hurt her soon

  • Steve

    Rach needs some spoonin if you guys know what I mean… She needs to relax and settle down a bit before more chaos starts….

  • Aero

    Hmm this totally went how I expected that to go, but shoot I still like you Miles. And besides after being shot from a cannon this aint much ^^. Wow so much hate for both parties lol, I honestly like them both miles more than Rach but still like her.

  • pobrecito pensé que esta ves le saldría algo bien pero veo que su suerte no es tan buena pero igual muy chistoso que golpiza se llevo

  • Lord Proteus

    Am I the only one who thinks Chalo is making Rachel a total bitch now because of all the hate Mora has been getting?

    • SFF

      Chalo’s the artist, not the writer dude. :/

  • Obsidian

    In my personal opinion, Rachael is a fucking snake … poisoned gift selfishness, malice, prejudice, selfishness, immaturity without overcoming spirit
    This is “PATHETIC.”

    • SFF

      If she was truly selfish, she would have abadoned Sarah long ago.

      Still though, I do have to agree that her character has done a complete 180. Yes, she’s always been a bit of a jerk, but lately she’s been full of spite and hatred. I’m really started to dread what SK has in store for her…

      • Krosa Kaine

        Not entirely true. A selfish person can still fear being alone. Which would lead to why she is selfish, Sara likes the farm, but in the past couple of comics Racheal has tried to get Sara to leave, only on the basis that its because Rach is unhappy. Which seems to be the definition of selfishness.

  • Lumaria

    What a terrible outcome from the last comic. Seriously even if someone was feeling down if you had not fighting skill then you would not offer to spar someone, especially if you took a ready stance immediately. He could of at least displayed some form of amateur posture so he wouldn’t get creamed. Granted ever since the festival where things went south with Taffy I have seen for the most part Miles only used as a fall guy. Granted he has some perks but really if a characters role is to be literally shit on every single time he interacts with anyone then fucking get rid of the mary sue already and make a decent story. if you can’t think of anything useful to do with the characters for crying out loud do keep them in the spot light. Really its getting sad at this point there are more characters in this story that I dislike than I actually enjoy seeing. Hell at this point because of the lack of any good use of the these characters I am almost more interested in Alex’s human thug than anyone on the ranch.

  • Meower

    Poor Miles. I know even though he can become such a pain in the ass, I think he is just misunderstood And I feel bad because I’m beginning to hate Rachel. Because…she’s selfish. If she really loves her sister shouldn’t she be happy for her? Now that Sara already feels like she has a safe and loving family.

    • vgmaster9

      But the thing is, she’s not really her sister. Rach just took her away from the orphanage.

  • Fluffeh

    I just see him getting up disgusted, /maybe/ saying something and just walking away.

    Or, that would just be me.

  • Terry

    I really hate when the violence over males it’s ok, but if it’s a female the punched one then it’s a bad thing.

    • GES280

      could you clarify you english a little. I’m trying to figure out if I agree with your opinion.

      • Gourry Gabrief

        I believe he says that there’s a sexual discrimination among us, where women aren’t allowed to hurt men and men are allowed to hurt others men. But he forgot to consider the context.

        The only outcome that would have annoyed me would be Miles winning the fight like a bully. He’s sometimes a jerk, but not this kind of jerk.

    • Handsome K.

      Go back to /r/biotruth.

  • Handsome

    Okay know what would be really, really, really stupid guys?

    If Miles was somehow seriously injured from that.

    Seriously the guy has been shot out of a cannon into the next township AND walked off a cliff and just walked that off like he bruised his shins.

    It would be a perfect example of inconsistency and hack writing if he was put in anything close to critical condition from this. Like somehow expecting us to believe Superman broke his arm or something lifting his grorceies.

    Besides, the lech literally asked for it. Little hard to feel sympathy for him in that case. He asked for the bull to charge at him and he got the horns.

  • Nattyy

    Two words: Absolute Bitch.

  • Beatdown

    Damn now that was a redass beatdown she just unleashed opon him. But I hope Miles goes all Asura’s Wrath on her ass

  • amused

    Really liked this page. hope that the consequences live up to it!

  • Deku

    Mmmmm dat butt~

  • LostGryphon

    Everyone’s discussing the moral and emotional implications of the characters and their actions…and I’m just sitting here staring at Rachael’s ass.

    As it is a fine ass, it must be appreciated as such.

  • Mr. Al

    I don’t know much about anatomy, biology or physiology, but she punches him i nthe cheek, elbows the back of his head, and he starts to nosebleed and suddenly have a mouth-wound. look closely, he isn’t coughing blood, he’s bleeding as if he was slapped in the face, which he wasn’t? O.o

    • Lumaria

      Mouth could be when he was punched in the cheek maybe he cut his inner lip on his teeth. Not sure about the nose though.

  • radio

    Is next month supposed to be for CD bonus comics or bazaar pics?

  • DarkGuyver2020

    Okay. I officially think Rachel is the worst character in this story. I hope she gets what is coming to her. Preferably in the “lying dead in a ditch” kind of manner.

    • SFF

      Wow, wishing death upon a fictional character? Yeah, Rachel isn’t perfect, but that’s pretty extreme, don’t you think? :/

      • DarkGuyver2020

        So is beating the tar out of someone offering a friendly sparring match. Your point being?

        • SFF

          In Rachel’s defense, HE challenged HER.

  • Flame-LoneWolf

    So: when a guy asks to spar with you, you decide to beat the living
    shit out of him, and take all your rage out on him despite him being
    completely innocent? Sure, it’s Miles, but he’s probably the closest
    thing to a friend you have on this farm, which you’re being permitted to
    stay in despite trying to steal the farm owner’s boyfriend.

    And you wonder why Sarah told you to grow up.

    • Gourry Gabrief

      That’s not exactly true. Digit owes Rachael her life, and only Mora has a ressent against her. But Rachael is a bit paranoid. Miles is not her only friend, but at least he’s here.

      • Flame-LoneWolf

        While that is true, if she keeps pushing everyone away even Sarah won’t want to go near her.

  • Little_Goten

    My god, that ass.

    Poor Miles though, lol

  • radio

    My best guess is that he’s going to get up for round two, or Sarah is going to walk in and get pissed at Rach.
    P.S. I thing the CD bonus comic is coming up, but no one is donating. we might not have a comic month.

  • Shaggy

    So much for Rachel growing up.

  • Resulli

    For a while there I thought he’d stand up and kick her ass but considering the text below the comic I guess that ain’t gonna happen.

  • mikkel

    takes a deep breath …

    the real problem, of course, is that painting someone evil, dragging out armchair diagnosis of serious psychological issues, is the easy, pat and comfortable solution. every story needs a bad guy, and since things are – in general – going well with the farm, even the previous big bad gal now more or less reconciled with mora … the folks that can be assigned that role have become few and far between.

    to be blunt, harsh, and right to the gut, Rachel has very few tools to deal with what she is going through. you may think she can do x, y and z … but most of that is from the point of view of someone who hasn’t lived her life, has no real understand of what she has been through, of being on the run and running on empty for most of her life. things we take for granted – not just the things that make up a good life – but techniques we use to resolve our problems … Rachel just might not have.

    The few she does … she at least understands well. hit the bag. not he people around you. she warned miles. she knows she needs space to figure this out. she said so. he screwed up big time because … well …

    he just didn’t listen.

    and she didn’t tear him to shreds – like the dime store definition of sociopath would have – she took him down, stopped and told him to stop.

    what happens next will be the most important thing. and the thing is – its not in Rachel’s world to solve this problem. she can’t. she lacks the tools. it’s up to miles. because he’s the one here and there right now.

    and it might be critical.

    Rachel needs help. and is the question is miles strong enough and – hate to say it – mature enough himself to help her?

    Rachel has almost no experience with friends. with the exception of Sarah for most of her life folks have been a threat to her – so of course she’s near impossible to get near to. you can call her cold, selfish and evil … but its very hard to see these as core components of her personality. they do, however, make perfect sense as defensive mechanisms. they are horrible defensive mechanisms, but when they are all you have, thats all you have.

    I’m just hoping for two things.

    first … that Miles understands one of the underlying truths of a good solid friendship.

    that while it’s bloody easy being a friend when every thing is good, the true test of friendship is when things aren’t good. when everything has broken down, hurting, lashing out against that hurt, retreating, closing off … getting beaten to the floor … if you can make it through that and still be friends when you get to the other side, that’s the true test.

    and this its what Rachel needs now. she’s been this for Sarah; someone needs to be this for her. but if its to break her out of her closed world … it can’t be Sarah.

    the second … that she finds more compassion in the world of Las Lindas than on its comment board.

    • Lumaria

      Just knocked him down? You ever been hit in the back of the head with an elbow? I am sorry she wasn’t just taking him down she was working on dying his fur red. Really Miles has been setup to be the jerk that when you need some pointless violence they make him a willing volunteer. If this was to build any kind of friendship between the two it should of him coming it and offering to hold a not destroyed bag as she punched it. He could them bring up conversation maybe ask a question then just let her work the bag until she might feel like answering. But for being overall a very selfish person she needs someone to validate her actions thats where her kidnapping Sarah the eager follow along up until now was Rach’s crutch to make her feel like whatever she did was the right thing. I don’t pity her at all nor even like her but when its sad people are trying to validate or even support character’s poor choices then things are just getting silly.

      Is she a bad person? Not extremely but sadly I don’t gloss over poor character interactions because ‘oh nice butt’ or ‘yeah that guy deserved to get beat up’. At how the story in general has felt a need to shit on some of the interesting characters it almost seems like they should write Miles out and just use Idward as the friend for Racheal. Then people won’t have their ol fall back line of well that guy deserved it for being a dirt bag that one time. Racheal needs tough love to knock her into place but she is old enough to do what she wants so sadly it won’t come from a parental figure. Really I think she needs a few teeth knocked out of her skull and told to get over herself. But that might be because growing up my family didn’t tolerate the poor pitiful me routine.

  • Hippie

    Miles Not even getting a swing in?! He isn’t a man if he cant even pretend to know how to fight.
    Actually, Rachel just might be THAT much better than him.
    Miles and Rachel have a lot of “real” world experience leaving the both of them somewhat bitter. They could learn a lot from each other that could round out their personalities. …Now, if only Miles could dodge a straight jab (or is that a haymaker? I dont remember if Rach is a lefty or not).
    Seriously, He took an elbow to the back of the head/kneck! If he’s not out cold from that then he has got to have been in at least ONE fight before!

  • Redneck

    Dayum, you got knocked da fuck out, man!!!

  • dreddy71

    elbow to the back of the head and shes not looking hurt, doubt hes that bad off. if i remember right all the furrys are alot stronger than a human. sure not all of them can take a shotgun to the back of the head with enough force to break it but this is just a body hit.
    on a side note, if its supposed to be a sparring match, why would you go for a blow to the back of the head, thats just poor sportsmanship >_>

  • JPG

    First time commenter here. Wanted to throw in my two cents. People can be wrong without being a ‘bitch’ or a ‘lech’.

    Take Rachael.
    Rough life? check.
    Went overboard? check.
    Reasonable reaction given her past history, even to the point of giving obvious ‘hands off’ warning signs and Miles’s propensity for hitting on her? check.
    Bitch? No. Bitch in this sense would refer to a sadistic (emotionally physically or otherwise) girl who does what she wants when she wants it. While Rachael does the last part of this, I don’t think she’s sadistic. A free spirit with definite anger issues, to be sure, but not a bitch.

    Rough life? check.
    Understandably insensitive in this situation and misreading cues? check. It happens in the best of relationships, and I wouldn’t even call these two a couple yet.
    Propensity for being a lech? check.
    Deserved what he got, the lecherous perv? No. I’m not gonna entertain that, no. Miles has been a sweetheart. While I’m sure he had certain activities on the brain…he genuinely cares I would think.

    But until we pick apart Chalo’s brain, this is all speculation.

  • Dudeler

    I had to do a freakin’ coin toss to choose who would win in this fight in the polls. I’m not gonna say who it is, but I wonder how this will go.

  • Borek

    Someone have to say it… DAT ASS *____*

  • I’ve caught up with Las Lindas and it’s only been two days… This comic is EPIC! 😀

    I need a life though (‘-_-) 😀

  • krak

    kung fu master in 3..2..1

  • in the poll, why the hell did people think that Miles would win? He is just a smug idiot, who whines and cries like a little baby when he doesn’t get sex. I guess people voted for him, because of favorites or because they have that fantasy crush on him or something like that… and rachael, doesn’t have the famed “Chalo boobs” that everyone is over obsessed with.

    • Gourry Gabrief

      Let me take a guess. Maybe some people, including me, believe that Miles is not a mere loser for comic relief purpose, and that he showed more potential for character development than you think. Indeed, he’s not the perfect Mary Sue guy like Minos, and that’s why I prefer from far Miles over him. Minos is just boring. I guess it was preposterous to think Miles could actually fight, but we couldn’t help but to envisage this possibility.
      But I think the main reason is, you simply could not identify yourself in Miles and you don’t have a clue what’s going on in his mind.

  • Marq FJA

    I know I voted for Miles just to see what could happen, but… I can scarcely believe that he’s STILL LEADING THE POLL BY SOME 50-70 VOTES EVER SINCE I MADE MY VOTE!

  • Beastman

    Yay to go Rachael, badass to the extreme! Though I guess this means the likelihood of these two pairing up has become that much less likely, unless Miles pulls a miracle out of his hat at the last second XD

  • Beatdown

    I don’t think the beatdown is over yet cause it looks like miles is starting to get angry after what she said to him

  • Chris George

    Miles will now get up (or not) and reply to the accusations.
    or he is dead.
    he might be dead.

    • Gourry Gabrief

      or maybe he won’t reply to that, which is wiser.

  • Ty Davis

    Hey he’s trying to be a better person at least.

  • bboy20

    The next page should have Sara standing in the doorway staring at Rachel. Then Rachel should try and explain the situation even though Sara was there for the whole “match”. Then Sara runs off in fear and and emotional pain crying.

  • Drakara

    Dang, Rach is really ticked of and brutal right now!

  • Nightfox Nirvana

    Seems like nearly all of the comments below are taking sides and building rapidly into heated, vicious arguments. Am I in some strange, almost extra-dimensional position, just sitting here calmly and patiently waiting for the next strip to come out?

    I really don’t want to sound like I’m taking some higher position and looking down condescendingly on everyone else, and that truly isn’t my intention whatsoever. But, out of personal observation, I’ll just pose the open question of whether everyone think they might be able to take five minutes, grab something to drink, and maybe try to calm down? It’s just a comic.

    Having characters you can relate to on some level is always, or at least arguably so, a big plus with any comic being successful; but by my observation, these arguments are becoming malicious, almost truly personal, where people fully insert themselves in place of the characters they’re arguing over.

    To summarize, TL;DR, but why do so many comments seem to indicate people are pulling metaphorical knives on each other?

    • DarkGuyver2020

      Welcome to the Internet!

  • 200 pzas aun super precio

    chalo hey
    ​​how are you. hey I was wondering when actualisaras learning curves because
    well, we all know that Tiggs and Vixy will stay together and everyone knows
    that for miles and she is lying in bed, so when we daras the good news that we
    were very impatient we expect only giving a pajina more, and repeat is only
    logical that Tiggs and Vixy will brides for simpre by the previous pages, we
    were the inpasiencia kills me and everyone in the comments what you say to hide
    it anymore. : 3

  • ecolou

    chalo hey
    ​​how are you. hey I was wondering when actualisaras learning curves because
    well, we all know that Tiggs and Vixy will stay together and everyone knows
    that for miles and she is lying in bed, so when we daras the good news that we
    were very impatient we expect only giving a pajina more, and repeat is only
    logical that Tiggs and Vixy will brides for simpre by the previous pages, we
    were the inpasiencia kills me and everyone in the comments what you say to hide
    it anymore. : 3

  • Angel sanders

    Rach has to get over the whole situation and learn not to take it out on others, miles seems genuinely interested in rach and she shuts him out and she knew that miles wouldn’t win for damn sure and instead takes all her anger out on him and punches a fuckin hole in his face

  • supercrazy

    (on miles) Continue 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2

  • fred

    So much for him being good at that. But she was way too harsh, in more than one way. What the hell is wrong with her, he was just trying to bond with her by finding common ground.