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Stand By

Stand By published on 92 Comments on Stand By

This week I come with a bit of bad news:

A few days ago, my wacom tablet started to act funny, and it seems the pencil finally decided to die. This is actually my bro’s tablet, so it was kind of an oldie before I even started using it. It’s been giving me signs of malfunction for months, so I guess it was about time it finally went kaput.

Only the pen died tough, so at first I was thinking in replacing only that, but decided to go for a upgrade and get a whole new tablet instead and thanks to SK, I’ll be getting a brand new one soon!  I just have to wait until it arrives in the mail. I been wanting to take some time off so I suppose this is a good time to do so, hehe.

So! In the meantime, Tony and Godai from Rascals, made this awesome LL filler page for you to enjoy. See ya soon!

  • cgaurd52

    Take all the time you need!

  • ShadowMan

    Hey hey hey! Stay outta the house.

  • Silivious

    I like where that’s going….

  • Micolol

    well thats one of the disadvantages of being always conected to someone

  • Davoerlo

    My god ruffled hair Moira is hot

  • huh, I had no idea that Chalo was a leftie. cute filler page!

    • Chessrook44

      Actually, many artists tend to be lefties, due to the right side of the brain being the creative side (The left side being the more logical and thinky side). Since the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, and artists tend to be more dominant with the creative side of their brain, they tend to be lefties.

      • Actually Chessrook the “right is creative, left is logic” is a big fat myth even though it’s still being used in education e.g. to ensure kids at school have “balanced” teaching to avoid ‘overloading’ one side of the brain.

        If you were to be a successful writer you’d want to be good at intonation and emphasis (to be creative) yet these come from the right. Language, emotions and arithmetic come from both sides, not just one.

        Some people who have extreme cases of epilepsy and other brain disorders have a hemispherectomy (where half the brain is removed/disabled) yet don’t lose creativity or logical argument thanks to neuroplasticity (where the brain adapts and reroutes pathways) which can also help those with some types of brain damage.

        Google “live science lefty myths persist” to read more

        TLDR = creativity is not just one side of the brain

        • ExtraordinaryBen

          Absolutely correct. I’m a lefty and I do “logical and thinky” things. (I’m working on getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.) I’m still “creative,” just in different ways. 😉

    • Gonzalo Reyes

      Actually, I’m not a lefty. I suppose Godai thought I was… dunno, hehe.

      • mastergodai

        Sorry I didn’t even think about it I just kept drawing XD

  • thestarwarrior

    And that’s how little Digit lost her innocents X3

  • Suom

    Poor Digit, even if she can’t see (or doesn’t want to see) it, she can still hear them going at it

  • Victor

    Heheheheheheheheheh ^^

  • Merrick Rose

    Do not drink the chocolate milk! DO NOT DRINK THE CHOCOLATE MILK!

  • RandomRedneck

    Minos apparently wears his bolo tie during sex…

    • mavraszun

      Maybe but he does look pretty good with it.

  • Oh, geez! Poor Digit!

  • Zero

    XD Digit freaking out due to Mora and Minos doing the Under the cover boogie XD

    • Foxstat30

      Remember Digit and Mora have a bond so she can sense thing that Mora does including when they do the nasty ;3

  • Ray Taboa

    I wonder how Digit reacted the first time she heard them going at it

  • Strider

    I actually think Mora looks rather beautiful in that frame.

    • Meow

      Agreed :3

    • Cameron Harrison

      Totally agree!

    • wolfzero001

      Yeah, she does look really pretty. ^/////^

    • mavraszun

      droolling river while turning cherry red :3

    • The_Rippy_One

      Ditto, and well put.

    • Jonathon Rossow

      Hair and the eyes. While she’s looking like that the chest don’t matter.

      • Victor

        Why I wouldn’t do to have a girlfriend like Mora… ^///^
        Only you know, one that has at least just a LITTLE less of an ego < : )

  • Argadious

    the poor girl diget

  • Ratz

    lol Poor Digit, She can see everything, EVERYTHING!!!!

  • Masstop99

    Lol funny

  • BlackWind

    I knew something looked familiar about the art style, Godaikun to the rescue, and yes Mora’s Hair looks Gorgeous there indeed

  • Shaggy

    How many times has Chalo’s fursona been put in… anyting!??!

    • DarkRose4

      He had a brief appearance in “Learning Curves” (He was one of the carnival goers)

  • Traveler

    Umm….I gotta ask, what happen to Mora’s ears?

    • Marq FJA

      Probably hidden under her hair… or, alternatively and more realistically, the artist forgot about them.

    • RandomRedneck

      …You’re looking at her ears?

  • Leo Murat

    It ran out of ink? XD

    • Skaikat

      no, I think it exploded inside. you know, the thingie that holds the ink.

  • Cameron Harrison

    So is Chalo’s furrsona an armadilo?

    • RolliLolli

      He went by “Chalodillo” for a while, so… yes.

      • Fluff-Kevlar

        Still does.

    • Jonathon Rossow

      I didn’t notice the forehead plates until you said that.

  • Braincrush

    lol Diget has the scared for life look on her face from seeing Mora and Minos doing naughty things

    • Silencexc

      imagine being a kid walking in on your parents doing it, only now your the room and u cant leave

  • I don’t think this is much of a rip-off as… you know… filler. filler that someone was kind enough to make while Chalo waits for the new tablet.
    there’s a huge difference between ‘rip-off’,’parody’,’homage’, and in this case, ‘consistency.’

  • Kenyx

    Anyone think that it might be disturbing exposing Digit (who’s kinda a “child”) to sex?

    • nightarix

      I’d say digits more teen then child now, and i doubt it’s the first time they’ve done this, digits reacting less “wtf are they doing?” and more “here they go again-.-“

  • Dudeler

    I just can’t get enough of that face Chalo makes in the 5th panel my god. XD

  • Aaron

    I love how sarah looks in godai’s style

  • wolfzero001

    Have to hate it when that happens. xD And hang in there, Digit. lol xD

  • Hehe, I laughed in the end XD

  • william

    digit was introduced to the act of love way before she should’ve been introduced to it. wait, since digit is like a technological apparition, should she have even needed to be introduced to the act of love? either way, funny last scene.

  • Neku

    That “please stand by” panel.
    I could not hold back the laughs.

    • The_Rippy_One

      Chalo needs to make that the default “Please stand by” panel/page…

  • BigBadWolf

    Why is Digit fearing the sensory response?

  • Kobra

    Go into the house, go into the house!!!

  • TransparentRainbow

    Lol Poor Digit. SHE WAS SO YOUNG!

  • Nimh

    5th panel. I see zone archive references :3

  • Mora looks amazing!

  • Sanchez

    Maybe it was a bad idea to let your child watch over the entire security of the house and during that time you make love

  • KingofDudes

    Why does Chalo have Harry Potter glasses? Also, Mora and Minos in the third panel look very derpy. I really do hate this animu shit.

    • Zook

      Because this ain’t his shit. This is Rascals, mah ninja!

      • KingofDudes

        Yeah, I know, but this artist really sucks. Look at Mora’s face, it’s too damn derpy.

        • Mookie

          Godai’s art is amazing. I doubt you can even draw a decent stick figure so stop being so damn rude and just appreciate that he took time out of his day to even do this for us.

          • KingofDudes

            All I’m saying is he could be better if he applied himself to a better style and took some classes. Also, I am actually training to be a professional artist and have two years of formal art school under my belt. But back on topic, the anatomy is off and he uses several cliches that make this issue somewhat unappealing.

          • Mookie

            This *is* his style. If you don’t find it great then just move on and forget about it, you don’t need to make negative comments for no reason.

          • a critique isn’t ‘no reason’

            Was he blunt? yes. was he honest? you bet your ass.

            It was an opinion, much like anything else. and comments are for just that. stating your opinion. to say that someone isn’t allowed to state their opinion is kind of…. well…. stupid.

            perhaps they should have been less blunt, but I see that as being the only real issue. I don’t know where all this hate is coming from. I may not agree with ‘KingOfDudes’, but I’m not going to effectively tell him to ‘fuck off’

          • Zook

            Boy did this reply chain blow up…

          • KingofBullshit

            Ohh so could we please see some of your work then. Because I have been in that professional world you talk about for the more than 15 years now and just talking that you go to an “art school” means shit in that world. I have seen art students with honors get rejected at Dc and Marvel booths in cons around the US and seen people with no background in art school whatsoever that learned on their own getting published all the time by same companies. So yeah show us what you got that makes you cool enough to say shit of another artist.

          • KingofDudes

            Look, I’m not trying to make a personal attack on anyone. I have one opinion others don’t agree with, and I chose to be honest. I think that Rascal is a bad artist with his poor anatomy, weak anime-inspired expressions, overly curvy linework, etc. And please, with just proper application of training with or without art school, the guy could be making Meesh-tier quality work. The furry community has an issue accepting criticism and yeah my first comment was blunt, but it was just supposed to be one comment. The two of you should “forget about it” and just accept that not everyone likes the same thing as you do.

          • Kingofbullshit

            Excuse me but did I asked for you to reply with the same bullshit you posted before but in a more civil way?

            No, I sure did not asked for that my good sir.

            I want to see your so called professional work. If you had the balls to throw shit and hide behind the big shield of “I go to an art school”, you better be ready to show your work. That is how the professional world works kid, and you better start getting ready for it since you are studying to get here, So yes show me your art skills, show me if you have the skills needed to say what you did about others peoples work.

            Now I agree that not all people like what I like. I accept that but I don’t go post shitting in their work. A real review of someones work is sent as a personal msg or email with your name and you show proof of what you are talking about with examples.

            What you did here is just shit posting someones work and try to inflate your ego with a holier than you attitude in a “look at me I am special”.

            I really cant wait for you to graduate and come to play with us wolves, oh yeah we will be waiting…

          • =sigh= I really hate when this happens.
            This person was just critiquing the image. He wasn’t being overly harsh about it, he wasn’t being a giant prick, he was just sharing his opinion in a constructive (though rather blunt) manner.
            Though because he said that he was studying art, you chose to rip him apart for no real reason other than his chosen degree.
            Does an art degree really help in the comic book industry? maybe not. But that doesn’t make his opinion any less valid than yours.
            He shouldn’t have to =show= you his art skills to make a critique, much like how a person who couldn’t make a decent film to save their life can still critique a movie.

          • Failure Defense

            I think when he called it “animu shit” and said the artist “really sucks” that he WAS being a giant prick. Did you not read those parts?

          • I did, actually. Like I said, blunt. should he have worded it better? yes. he should have. I’m not going to dispute that.

            What I’m disputing is that KingOfDude’s opinion seems to have been invalidated by his chosen degree, and JUST his chosen degree.

            He doesn’t like the style of this page, fine. he thinks that the art style is crap. okay. he DID explain WHY he didn’t like it, and degree or not, this opinion shouldn’t just be thrown out the window.
            was he being a giant prick? no. not really. Did he word it the best? No. But is he outright wrong? No he’s not. and he shouldn’t be counted as such.

  • steve

    Poor Dig… I wonder if she’ll experience child labor and women’s mood swings after birth as well as Mora does… 🙁

  • Okami

    totally going to get 3d models made for these characters o. o

  • Jason

    Doctor: “Now, how exactly did the girl’s mental trauma come to pass?”
    Mora: “…I have absolutely no idea.”.

  • FatedDarkly

    There there Digit, you will know peace.. .-.

  • katee

    poor digit

  • tych

    and with this digit is scarred for life

  • Leandro Andrade

    I loled so hard at digit, so hard i spilled my chocolate milk through my noserills XD

  • DragonForLife

    poor poor Digit.

  • well look at it this way:
    you could have gotten nothing, and be left wondering when the next comic was. I’m not saying that you should be HAPPY you got something at all, but I am saying you don’t have to be a douche about it.

  • DragonDred

    Poor Digit

  • SkullFox

    apparently sex has a strange effect here. Cuz she really dose look incredibly pretty in that frame…much more so than usual

  • kitty

    Poor Digit, she’s been traumatized.

  • Drakara


    • Guy With The Thing In A Place


  • Cathy

    .-. hate when the pens stop working. had a project in class and i had to finish it right before class and my tablet suddenly out of no where stopped letting me draw ._.