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Special Occasion

Special Occasion published on 84 Comments on Special Occasion

Hello everyone!

It seems things are back in order after the mess we had with that temporal/dimention/warp/dispacement problem. Enjoy the new Las Lindas as Minos’ promotion seems to have ended abruptly while we give Rach and Miles sparring time a conclusion as well.

Next week: Something entirely new! And we’re not joking about that one. 🙂

  • Sixshot

    Digit senses… tingling!

  • Ryou Sakai

    OMG! O///O Can Digit feel that!? LOL

  • JackDaGamer

    i see a misspell if i am correct.

  • León Manuel

    LoL Why does Digit even have that ability?
    And Miles, you’re now officially Rachel’s bitch.

    • Dorje

      Because she is the house. Or rather she can acess all the various sensors around the house. Not that far off from an integrated sensor system like that in the real world either, and having be accessible from your phone :P.

      • Jason

        Only you feel bad if you turn her off (provided you CAN turn her off).

    • BigBadWolf

      I think he doesnt see that as a downside if shes dom and likes being on top.

    • The_Rippy_One

      Also, she sees auras. And if a dying plant in a vase looks like a lit-up lamp, then two people in love and being intimate probably looks like the fourth of july and new years eve rolled into one…

  • Oh god, Digit can sense when they’re being intimate? How disturbing for her.. e.e anyways, the colouring on this page is really nice. The only problem I see is how Sarah’s shirt seems to have magically transformed into a halter. She definitely had sleeves on that shirt before,, guess the sprites ripped ’em off or something. Little inconsistencies in comic art are kinda distracting to me, but other than that, I like this page. and I second the Mile’s officially becoming Rachael’s bitch comment, hehe.

    • Dea

      or she changed shirts after getting apple all over her old one?

      • mr. anon

        unlikely, I see Rishi’s point. Chalo probably just forgot.

        • teej

          Actually, it is a new shirt, so I’m sure Dea has the right idea. Rishi did a good job of noticing that though, but her other shirt was a button up shirt, and this one is just a wrap around fabric

    • Gonzalo Reyes

      Yeah, it was supposed to be a different shirt, but when coloring it, it only looked good as red because all the other colors didnt look well with the rest of the colors in that panel.

  • CSW

    Digit wanted to connect with Mora more, so….. she got it.

  • Xch3l

    NOOOOOO! DIGIT! Don’t break in! Let them PROCEED!! D:

  • Zook

    With the suit I can’t stop reading his voice as Antonio Banderas…

    • Jabooduable

      Your just NOW doing that?

    • Really?I keep hearing a western jackie chan

      • mm2525000

        i hear a really deep man voice, something that if he said hi, the earth would literally shake because of the bass

        • Akira

          kind of like Chad from Bleach?

          • Sydney Scott


        • Sydney Scott

          I agree.

          • Camlio

            I must agree as well, I’ve sort of had his voice read as Chad from Bleach the entire time. Because of three good reasons, He’s disturbingly calm, tall, and could break you without trying if you actually manage to piss him off.

          • mm2525000

            for sure

      • Jonathon Rossow

        For me it was Barry White.

    • Vince

      Actually, that’s a good choice of voice actor… I never imagine any comic characters with any voices before so there’s a nice change 😛

      • Mister no-body.

        why do i keep hearing applejack?

    • ThatOneComment

      I agree with Jabo, I’ve always heard his voice as Antonio.

    • Chocothunda

      Huh…now I can’t either o.O

    • I hear Gavin free with miles

      • Caboose

        Dear god….miles is now 10 times better for me…

    • DarkRose4

      I hear Liz and Patty (from Soul Eater) in Rachel and Sarah

      • Alex

        Rachel: Brina Palencia (Kurumu from Rosario Vampire, Holo from Spice & Wolf)
        Sarah: Collen O Shaughnessy (Ino from Naruto, Nel from Bleach)
        Myles: Vic Mignogna (Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist, Ikkaku from Bleach)
        Randall: Liam O Brien (Gaara from Naruto, Ukitake from Bleach, Lloyd from Code Geass)
        Minos: Christopher R Sabat (Vegeta and Piccolo from Dragonball Z, Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist)
        Taffy: Stephanie Sheh (Hinata from Naruto, Orihime from Bleach)
        Mora: Jamie Marchi (Panty from Panty & Stocking, Liz from Soul Eater)
        Digit: Monica Rial (Shiro from Deadman Wonderland, Stocking from Panty & Stocking, Yukari from Rosario Vampire)
        Alejandra: Laura Bailey (Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist, Maka from Soul Eater, Halibel from Bleach)

        • Silvador

          Rach with Horo’s voice O.O My love for Rach just grew 10fold ♥♥♥

        • apidone

          i should try this list

        • Dragonlrod354

          I love this list!!!! <3

      • BlazeDiesel68

        Liz and patty’s voices are perfect for Rachel and Sarah’s personalities cause they kind of remind me of them

    • JesseClark9

      I hear Gilbert Gottfried

      • Scottytheman


    • CinnamonSalve

      I keep imagining him voiced by the guy who did Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia.

  • Razgriz Blaze

    I don’t think absolute complacency is much in Rachel’s style…just Saiyan.

  • butts

    There’s a typo in the first panel. “I brings me peace…” instead of “It brings me peace…”

  • TheGrammarMan

    The first panel has a typo. Should be “it brings me peace” but it says “I brings me peace”

  • Leito

    with “those two” who exactly means

  • Lumaria

    Well… they might be knockin boots now but Miles tapped it first.

  • Albert Belle

    My sex senses are tingling. .

  • I like Minos. I mean, more than I did before. Like a. “I want to be like Minos” kinda like. Not for that great piece of ass he’s got, but for the wisdom he shares. His physique too.

  • RandomRedneck

    Hot dudes in suits. Can’t blame her.

  • Carbuncles

    well digit is linked with her so they feel the same thing i almost forgot about that must be annoying for her

  • Aruswrath

    Poor Digit. This makes me remember the “Night Eyes” and “Fitz Chivalry” bond in “Assassin Apprentice” just that the wolf seemed to enjoy the feeling xD

  • Silvador

    Dat first, second and third panel. STEAMY! ♥♥♥

  • BlackWind

    Well it’s official Digit is fully linked to Mora for her to be blushing like that XD love her saying *geez those two again* makes one wonder how many times they go at it

  • Neku

    Am I the only one who thinks “Those two again” could be referring to Din and Jin as opposed to Mora and Minos?

    • Marq FJA

      You could be right, but Digit’s blushing cheeks and the “buzz” sign that connects between the two panels having one point placed near her head implies otherwise.

  • TheSonBarrettBarrage

    I love Mora’s face in panel two.

  • Kafro_ql_sensual

    Poor Digit, she’s gonna fall in a coma someday

    • jason

      Hopefully not today, despite Mora and Minos’ best… ‘efforts’…

  • Vince

    Are they going to get marriage? Is Mora ACTUALLY going to stick with this guy and be “wholesome” to him? Not to be an ass again, but I’d like (or hate less) the couple more if that happened someday

  • So sweet, it’s lovely.

  • SqueezyBear

    Again……… I am going to kidnap and love the s*** off of Minos……..and maybe Mora too because……… I……like……….both kinds..…… yeah………

    • PWF

      question is do we actually get to see them break that bedframe this time

  • william

    good to know that promotion issue got resolved, and that schpiffy new suit won’t go to waste. i wonder who digit is complainin’ about, miles and rachel, or minos and mora?

  • PWFG

    …….Does this mean we actually get to see them go at it this time OwO?

  • Roseveins

    Hey Chalo, great work love the lighting, but I have just a small suggestion: The text in the bubbles seem… fuzzy. Fuzzier than it was. It might just be my eyes tricking me, but could you please sharpen the text? If it really is just me, ignore this, but for some reason it looks blurry to me. o__o

    Ok, thank you! Please keep up the good work!

    • Marq FJA

      … On a second, more careful look, I have to say that it’s not just you. The text does seem fuzzy compared to what I’m used to.

  • Suom

    You and me both Digit…*sigh* you and me both…

  • Brit

    Mile’s looks like he needs a bandage or two 😛

  • Ray Poward

    Miles, just use the abused wife excuse of falling down some stairs. That always works. :p

    I’m not promoting domestic violence in any way, shape or form; I just like the fact that he got the tar beaten out of him but he doesn’t seem to mind.

  • Draken


    • SmilingAhab

      Yep, welcome to Las Lindas.

  • name

    can digit sense that?
    it would be like having a mentally scarring spidey sense

  • TheOneBlueNinja

    Wait…so, Digit can sense sex? Huh, wish I could do that.

  • Benjamin Swem

    Well besides being linked ot the house, Digit is linked to Mora and can feel what she feels. She isn’t so innocent that a certain combination of feelings and body signals escapes what going on and knowledge that there would be only 1 person on the far that would make Mora feel those feelings and sensations. So it boils down to hmm, sensing elevated feelings of joy, playfulness, eroticism, love, excitement, and more eroticism, hmmm what could cause that combination in Mora. She isn’t linked to any one else on the farm.

  • poor digit she much hate those two some times.

  • Príncess Glacier

    wow, very cool comic. The last 3 days I have not done anything else, just read this comic (over 400 pages) and now I have to wait for an other page the first time. keep up the good work 😀

  • LawlCupcakes

    I kinda miss Mora’s bangs being out
    Not that this hairstyle isn’t cute or anything

  • BigBadWolf

    Could i perhaps be in a Rach and Pepper sandwich? I clean my plate when done

  • Drakara

    I love Digit’s reaction/expression XD

  • Killacam

    Digit senses a disturbance in the force.

  • BigBadWolf

    I smell bull, but dairy try more. Should he try for a more promising position in the company? I dare say I think little primes will be coming from this union within the walls of this company, production will increase two fold. Well fold back the two sheets and the position will present itself with more than a better position and title, it will include an amazing raise and benefits befitting his new placement in the present company. ( i get enough puns and double entendre’s in there? )

  • FatedDarkly

    Now that I think about it.. Digit knows every time Mora does “it” now.. poor thing .-.

  • Derrath

    OH LOL Miles and Rachael!