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  • Chalo

    Page #6 of Learning Curves is now up folks.

    SK is not around right now so he will update the counter and the tumbnail later. I’m still very sick right now, so sorry for the short comment. At last I managed to finish this page… barely.

    See ya laters.


    Hello folks, time for a new page.

    It seems the three big girls in LL have quite a different idea of how now-not-so-lil Sarah needs to look. And of course, Sarah isn’t taking it well. Who would, really? hehe
    I guess you´ll have to see what the lil one will do to.

    Stay tunned! 😀

  • Bucc-i

    Pick #1! That dress is soo cute on her <3

  • Zero

    Hey, you looked nice in #2!

  • DarkShot

    I love 3 heheh

  • Crazyeddy

    ok won deni it she look Pretty GOOD on #3 ^^

  • IG

    #2 Hands down!

  • Tony Legacy

    #1 FTW n_n so cute!

  • TonyHdzV

    #1 FTW n_n so cute!

  • #1 is too neat #2 she would get friend status #3 HOT DAMN

  • Shadowkey392