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  • Chalo

    Oh I liked working on this page for several reasons. First because compared to last week page, I could work at my usual pace so I added more details and I think the quality differences can be spotted. 

    If not, well, all the better!
    Also, we finally get to see Mora again. It was about time I say! I was missing drawing her.  😀
    • max_black0

      Alot of us DIDN’T miss mora

      • celtcath

        I miss Mora.  She is my favorite character. 

        • wolfzero001

          Likewise, welcome back, busty- I mean Mora! lol xD

    • I missed her and also,where is the back of her shirt?

      • And now I feel dumb…

        • RBrim08

          Don’t feel too bad. It is a little hard to tell that is her ear. I mistook it for a second before seeing the tip of it past the edge of the panel.

  • AlleyWayTC

    I can’t stop laughing at the startled expressions. ^_^

  • the cow returns. >>haha, I remember watching this on livestream and freaking out about how much I wanted her shirt to be blue.  I like the brown on her, too, though. warmer colours look nice on Mora.  I am really eager to see what Miles is gonna say to her. xD  And again, I’ve been saying this pretty much on every page recently, but Rachael is just so beautiful and cute. <3  second panel is my favourite.

  • And thus being at the right place at the wrong time (skipping work) pays off again.

  • Twinsnake

    You have one chance to save this, Miles. Don’t blow it!

    • Gokudomatic

      In fact, I think one of the safest ways to get out of this pinch is that Rachael pretense that they went out for a date. Knowing that Mora is so emo about her love interest, she would be so relieved that Rachel won’t hit on Milo anymore and she might very well close her eyes this time.But of course, how could the tsundere Rachael do such an act?

  • Smiley

    Mora is probably the worst character here… personality-wise. She has to be the whiniest, most childish bitch ever. But you know what? Miles’ and Rachel’s quick wit and slanders behind her back make up for it in the end.Sorry Mora-lovers! I don’t mean to offend you!

    • Jshadowhunter

      I actually have to agree with you, after the whole Digit fiascro that happened, I think he attitude just got worse. =/

    • Lehanna

      I don’t get why people hate Mora but always have some big crush on Rach. Stupid dark-horse cat.<3 Mora, keep punchin’ bitches like you do.

      • Jarnaxa

        Really? Rachael, relatable? I just find her to be  insufferable. I don’t mind Mora, and honestly, I find her being pissed at Rachael is completely understandable.

        • INTIMIDATOR0108

          I agree. I’ll admit Mora’a attitude sometimes needs work, but she was willing to thank Rachel for saving Digit earlier despite trying to come b/w her and Minos. And Mora hasn’t had everything handed to her like some people are saying. On top of that, she isn’t running from anything right now at the moment like Rachel has before.

    • Kafzeil

      Really, all Miles need to do is approach whatever the name is the country this takes place in’s Government body concerning worker’s rights and present them the veritable laundry list of offences Mora has made towards her employees.  Then Mora’s under investigation, and will have to duke it out with Rach again.This time however, the battleground is now the courtroom. Then again I’m likely the only person who find hilarity in these courtroom shenanigans. 

      • revilnemesis3

        but Mora let Miles go free and that is the only real work related crime she comitted

    • wolfzero001

      I can see where your comming from. I like Mora, she herself is so pretty. Got a kicking bod, pretty eyes, has her sweet moments and nice big… *ahem* Anyways, sadly she is looking more and more like the bad guy lately and her personality seems to be getting worse and worse. >: Thats what I think anyways.

    • Analise

      I totally agree! I used to like Mora but now she is my least favourite (I even want Alej to win over her–to me, she is a better person!)And tell me one thing–how did Mora win the fight against Rachael?? Even if Mora is a bit bigger, Rachael trains hard every day; surely it would have been no contest. The fact that she won was unrealistic and also unfair! 

    • Marvelous TK

      What? What? An employer (that’s Mora) finds her employees (that’s Miles and Rachel) sneaking out while on the clock. This is not the first time the employees have shirked, not the first time they’ve directly undermined the employer either in the job or even personally, and is in fact just the next part in a long line of acting on personal, petty grudges against her. So remind me how Mora’s being a “childish bitch”, instead of, oh, I don’t know, an extremely lenient employer keeping on problem workers any rational boss would have fired ages ago?

      • Xiro

        Why would she fire them anyway? Not sure about Miles, but isn’t Rachael working basically for free? I thought the only condition really keeping her there was that Sarah is safe and being taken care of.

        • Marvelous TK

          … Because, like I said in the very comment you replied to, they are terrible employees who she just found sneaking back in after blowing off work? And have petty personal grudges against Mora that they take out on her through the work? And anyone else would have fired them at this point?

          • Xiro

            But still, in the end, if they get 3 things done a day that’s still 3 things done for just about nothing. Anyone else who is paying standard wages would surely have fired them, but with extremely sub-par wages to be paid (if anything basic living necessities) as the means of payment, no employer would fire a free hand unless they are making problems, which they’re not. They’re just not getting much done.

      • Kafzeil

        Since when is “Blackmail” and “Punching men in the face, then effectively forcing me to work with someone I loath after I saved your “child” and your livelihood, risking my very life to do so” petty? At the least that’s two criminal charges against Mora.

      • Analise

        Maybe they are terrible employees, but Mora is a terrible person. Also skipping work and ASSAULT are two different things.Although, just so people don’t get me wrong: I still think Mora is the hottest one, but she is the last person I would ever want to know! Anyway thats just my opinion, and I keep coming back for the other great, non-annoying characters. 

    • No no, I agree with you!Mora is starting to become a bitch, ever since Rachel fell in love with Minos.

      • Gokudomatic

        If there’s a reason why Miles is my favorite character, despise being a male where I tend to prefer females, it’s certainly because he’s the perfect anti-hero. He’s a true born loser, and still he knew perfectly how to please Rachael. 

      • An

        Rach liked Minos way before– or do you not remember the barn scenes with the two of them?And Mora was a bitch before, too.Or am I the only one who remembers this?: she’ll change– but then AGAIN, that IS who Mora is. She’s had a hard life, and it obviously shaped her. Just in a different way than it’s shaped Rach. She can still change and develop, I guess.

  • SanguineScale

    This aint good….

  • Athen

    Nice save

  • shade

    this is why miles is my fav character!! he thinks on his feet and roles with it! X3

  • Mmm, that cowgirl is too sexy. <3

  • Blaze984

    When the chips are down suck up to the boss

  • Well, looks like what they found out about Tootsie will now come in handy.

  • Gargravarr

    Can someone please tell me what Mora’s done that’s so horrible that she’s appparently become an irredeemable bitch? Besides the early incident where she slept with Miles, anyway. Okay, so she’s not very nice to Rachel, but I’ve always felt that Rachel’s been hugely ungrateful. Mora let her and Sarah into her home and gave Rachel a job, and how does Rachel thank her? By being a snarky jerk and taking advantage of her relationship troubles to try and tempt away Minos. I realise Mora’s not exactly blameless either, but I feel her current actions towards Rachel are entirely justified. Seriously, I’m confused. I can understand why Miles fans might hate Mora, but apart from the aforementioned sleeping with him incident, I can’t think of anything Mora’s done that means she really deserves all this hate, expecially since she’s at least shown some personal growth over the series, unlike Rachel and Alejandra who both seem to be just as bitchy as they’ve ever been.

    • Lehanna

      What character development? Rach is still an uppity little **** who thinks the world’s out to get her, and Alej is still obsessed and vindictive. Of course the storyline wouldn’t work if she wasn’t still that way, so that’s excused.As for Miles, he’s still a lazy jerk.

      • Lehanna

        I wasn’t skipping over it because my focus was on pointing out how none of the characters retain any ‘development’ very well.Plus I like those qualities of Mora’s!

      • Ha!  Well said!  Also another comment was made that I must agree with up top…”And yeah, she is hotter, because it takes more than huge tits to make a girl hot.”Frankly, I think that’s WHY people are enjoying Rachael more, (I know I am).  Rachael… yes, she has had her foibles but she has improved as a character IMMENSELY from the beginning where she was just a paranoid runaway thief stealing food from the farm to feed herself and Sarah.Mora… I think the problem now is she’s become a “Designated Hero”.  She can get away with a lot of her actions because she’s the one we’re supposed to root for and worse… WORSE… she’s gained what are very considerable “Mary Sue” traits and particularly where it’s at the expense of others.What can I say?  There’s more to beauty than “looks”.  If anyone has a rotten personality it will easily overshadow any initial ‘wow’ factor you might get.

      • Candid Cameron

        Hey guys, all you fans of mora and rach are just making yourselves look like idiots with your online catfighting. Its ruining the experience for others and I’m sure Chalo would not want everyone bitching about the comic he’s slaved away to create. You need to grow up and respect the characters equally or its going to end up in a whole bunch of trolling.             ~ This has been a post from Candid Cameron

  • Chaos

    Just like a boss, sneak attack up on her employees and hoping they quit so they do not collect unemployment. And Miles, good job at butt kissing. You do it so well, like you practice everyday, or do you?

  • Well I will say this, Mora looks good in flannel

  • Anonymos-_-

    Miles has the skill of being quick on his feet, even when startled… that comes in handy a lot in my life 😀

  • Otterpoet

    Miles may have the spatial awareness of a stunned rock, but his chutzpah-based recovery skills are the stuff of legend.

  • Dundee402

    I think Mora’s problem is that she doesn’t treat people with respect. She never treated Miles with respect, and with Rachael their personalities are to similar. There can only be one queen bitch on the farm.

  • Guest

    Epic facial expressions in the 3rd panel.  But anyways every girl is a bitch and on PMS, so what to do with that situation??  Get her laid!!!!  MANswers is the guide to victory!!!!  >:D  Trust me guys no chocolate or any fancy gem is going to calm her down!!!  Anyways I’ll be going to get my 88mm tank cannon and my 105mm TD for a little showdown soon.  >:D

  • Sicily

    wow all this hate toward Mora o.o…..I gotta say i really don’t like Rachael and Sarah just annoys me sometimes. In my opinion she should just get rid of Rachael and if Sarah goes then its not her problem. SOrry if no one agrees with me, but Sarah doesn’t do anything on the farm and Rachael pretty much does nothing but bitch and moan about Mora and crap, if she is so miserable working there then she should just leave.

    • Rachael doesn’t bitch and moan and the only reason she’s staying there is for Sarah’s sake. 

  • max_black0

    Damnit! Just when I was enjoying the Mora-Free las lindas…Anyway, at the beginning of the story I found Mora to be quite bearable, While she had problems it wasn’t to bad. However, as time goes by she seems to get worse and worse. Right now the only likeable part of mora is her tits I wanted Alej to win the farming contest earlier in the plot. The way Mora won felt cold and I couldn’t help feeling it like amber was cheating somehow.

  • Valcazar

    I can see Miles knows what to do in situations like this. what they bumped into earlier is a VERY good excuse to explain their absence. especially when it’s about Mora’s rival Alejandra and her minion Toots. i’m very impressed with Miles attempt at recovery despite his half-surprised face. and it sure is a pleasure to See Mora again… -drools.-

  • max_black0

    Is it wrong for me to want Alej to get with Miles?

    • If it is, I’m in the same camp.  GO Milejandra!

      • max_black0

        I knew I couldn’t be the only one!

  • RealistSpeaking

    RandomRedneck needs to calm down a little. Frankly I like Rachael more than Mora. Mora whines alot more than Rachael does. More so Mora does have a sucky personality. She doesn’t treat people decently and if she did then the other characters wouldn’t have such hostility towards her, nor would the fan base. And bigboobs don’t make a girl hotter. Big boobs and an ugly way of moving would make you disgusting. I would take a small boobed girl with an awesome personality over some big boobed bitch. Also Rachael was wrong for moving in on Minos, but that’s the only fault there. She could easily leave the farm but it’s an easy job and probably the best she can get so she can suck it up, but she’s still gonna be miserable. Sarah does nothing as you say, but Sarah adds a brighter tone to the comic, isntead of having it be nothing but love, drama, and bitching. so, just read the comic, enjoy it, and stop bashing other’s for their opinion.

  • Lumaria

    I would say for the most part the real reason that Mora is in a darker image is she doesn’t work one a interpersonal level with her employees. What I mean is she is tolerant at best but never out of her way nice. Yeah she is sleeping with Minos but what sincere kindness as she done to help repair her relationships. I would say for the most part Mora has no friends minus Idward and Randal.  She is just the boss; and with that mindset no one wants to be around her so anytime I see her in the comic I think “Great who is in trouble now Mora is out.”

  • Icalasari

    In this comment section: MORA AND RACHAEL FAN RAEG!…Mora’s ear IS creepy in that last panel D:

  • Albert

    I really don’t understand the hatred of Mora. Rachael and Miles have caused nothing but trouble.Rachael is a horrible person. The only thing she has done worthwhile on the farm is save Digit and even after Mora let her stay she still is slacking off. You call Mora a bitch but look what she did with Minos. She had the nerve to say that Mora didn’t deserve him? What is so special about her. Just because she loves her sister? The most evil people in the world still had friends and family .So what if Mora had everything handed to her. Why is that her fault? Does that give Rachael an excuse for the nasty things she does? If she is so clever how come she was still wondering around like a bum with her sister stealing things? Why didn’t she get a job or something? Is that relateable? Wondering around stealing from people and biting the hand that feeds you because you feel inferior? Because Mora had a good life that makes it okay for anyone who had it hard to give her a hard time? 

  • Immortal

    Forget Rachael and Mora, Sarah FTW!

  • jeremy

    I think shes bying it Miles now try to lie to her mabe youll be safe

  • Oreo

    Huh. I’ve always thought of Rachael as my second least favorite character with Miles at the bottom of the list.Even though I’m one letter away from having the exact same name. Maybe that’s why I don’t like her much, I don’t like how she represents those with her name.I like Digit, Sarah, and Alej the best, all for different reasons. But I don’t actually HATE on *any* of them so I’m confused as to why everyone’s so hateful to any of them. Sheesh.

  • Oreo

    Ah! And I love Taffy too! Thought I typed her in with my favorites list.Lets just spread character love, you guys!

  • Masterzero

    Rachael in panel 2 and 4 is just too damn lovely <3

  • Lynn

    Honestly, people need to just pause on all the hate and realize one thing. The reason a lot of people don’t like Mora is because she is a lot like most people in real life. She learned some major things, tried to change, and yet in the end, didn’t really change all that much. She does have her flaws and that makes her very human. And people who say Minos deserves better than Mora aren’t realizing that it doesn’t matter what we think he deserves, or even what Rachel thinks he deserves. Its what he wants. The biggest reason why people stay in bad relationships is because its what they want. And also… Rachel isn’t the best win either. She’s still young and believes she deserves a lot more than she gets. She needs to realize that she can’t always get what she wants and sometimes it takes hard work and dealing with idiots to get it. Its a comic people. A damn good one that sticks to the way most people are in real life… so don’t complain about it. Just compliment our author for one hell of a realistic set of characters that we can all relate to. And Hell… love to see in various situations.

  • Baso


  • Kent

    I must say, what Lynn said struck a chord.Mora, like many people, makes mistakes and doesnt always learn from them.Yes, at times she comes off as rather cold. But, that doesnt mean she’s completely frigid. There are people she cares for, though she seems to have problems showing it at times. She is however, The Boss, and doesnt always have the luxury to show her real feelings to those she works with.Also there is that whole rivalry thing with Alejandra going on. Which creates drive (not always a good thing) for her to succeed at any cost. So, that may at times alienate her from others in her push to ‘Win’.I’m not a Mora “Fan” or am I a Mora “Hater”, but she IS the focus of the comic, so the artist has to handle her changes more carefully. As any changes she goes through will quickly impact on EVERYONE else.

  • ArjayCreyo

    I know I’m just painting a target on the back of my head for saying this, but personally, I hate them BOTH. (Meaning, Mora AND Rachael). And before anyone says anything, I don’t hate them because they’re women, I hate them because they both exemplify everything I hate about human selfishness. They’re both shallow, vindictive, and self-absorbed; in short, bitchy.But that’s just me.

  • Elderahn

    To be honest the factionforming around both characters is quite silly. Or well, rather the battle between the two factions is.Nice and high quality page however, rare to see standards like that on tha intarwebs.

  • Anthony

    1. You people are crazy.2. I love this comic.3. Mora’s at fault.4. Chalo is awesome.5. Minos should just say fuck it and leave.6. Miles should become King.

    • I’d like to second your sixth point.  HAIL KING MILES, LORD OF LAS LINDAS!

  • it is very interesting to see so many people argue over two fictional characters as if they were real. this is a credit to how well the story is written in that people feel so attached to the characters.PS: Taffy is the hottest of them all, case closed 🙂

  • max_black0

    Is she related to rabbits or somthing?

  • max_black0

    Mora I mean.

  • Dakka

    Let me start by saying each character has their good points and their bad points, Diget/Sarah are too childish, and lack responsibility, tho they helps make every character’s life a little more enjoyable, and help to ease tensions, they really are children who run around carefree. The characters are a little too similar to separate.Mora has to act as a boss first, and a friend second, or else she will be taken advantage of by her employee’s, the pain she has experienced would make anyone easily angered. Miles i feel is the only character who has wrongly been attacked by mora, if you go wayyyy back to the beginning, she tricked him, hit him with a frying pan, and when he said he didn’t want to work on the farm, she threatened him with blackmail, she has always given him the hardest work on the farm(until recently) and the whole sleeping with him thing was fairly mean.Miles is one character who i actually feel is developing into one of the friendliest characters, toward the beginning he was perverted, however throughout the story he is beginning to learn to be nice and take things slow, he did not take advantage of sarah when she was depressed, and he even gave her good advice, and ever since taff left him, he hasn’t been mean to anyone unless provoked, and recently with his trip with rachel, he was friendly the whole time(albeit sarcastic) even when she was fairly mean to him the whole time.Rachel has had people chasing her, has lived on the street, and has had a harder life than any character in Las Lindas, for her to be extremely defensive, and easily angered is well within her right, the only thing rachel has done that is wrong would be being lazy with regards to work, and the whole minos thing(tho i personally blame minos for starting the situation)Minos is a simple character, he is the guy who is supposed to be perfect in every way, mora does take him for granted too much, and isn’t as grateful as she should be, however he should not have interacted with rachel as he had, while he was still with mora.Alehandra is a good character who’s only flaw is competitiveness, were you to try to accomplish anything and your rival gains a handout as great as mora has, im sure you would hate them for it, the problem with her competitiveness is that it can drive her to be extremely mean(most noticeable with her outbursts toward toots)Toots and Taffy seem to be extremely similar, providing comfort to alej/mora respectively, they are both loyal to their boss, despite any outburst, or any particularly mean feat, their only weakness would be their submissiveness.I’m sorry to any Idward fans or Randal fans, but they are most prominently side characters, they have not really affected the story, nor hav they helped or supported a character that much.Btw as far as the whole rachel vs mora thing, id like to wave an independant flag, as im a fan of sarah/miles/toots(feel free to disagree with any of these summaries of mine as they are all opinion, tho it would be nice if the flaming would stop)

    • Gargravarr

      I would like to point out that it wasn’t just Mora who got a handout from Ambar. Alejandra was given a nanozell ghost as well, she just wasn’t able to get it to work for whatever reason (I’m betting on it being to do with her uncaring emotional state), which as we’ve seen is a contributing factor to her current negativity, as she feels that Ambar screwed her over. Well, that and losing the festival due to her own arrogance.

      • Gargravarr

        How do we know the contest was fixed? Because Alejandra said it must have been? Isn’t it possible that the judges may honestly have thought Las Lindas was just as deserving that year? Alejandra could have just taken the tie with good grace, but instead threw a tantrum because something didn’t go her way, knowing full well that she wose lose by forfeit if she did so. And we don’t know when exactly Alejandra got her spirit gem, it could well have been around the same time as Mora got hers, or even before considering how long Alej has been ruling the farming roost and that it was supposed to be a reward for all her work. Mora really can’t be blamed for whatever Ambar may or may not be planning.I would like to say for the record that I do like Alejandra, mostly for her appearances in various bonus comics, but in the main comic she really is a very unpleasant person, whose problems mostly stem from her own pride. Though admittedly I could well end up liking her more if we knew all the details behind why she hates Mora so much.

        • “Though admittedly I could well end up liking her more if we knew all the details behind why she hates Mora so much.”     I must admit, that is a good point.  I like Alejandra but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know more about the reasons for her hatred of Mora–Although with the Festival Outcome, I see she certainly has REASON NOW.  From her past, all we really know is that they had arguments over how Las Lindas should have been run AND during college, Mora cheated Alejandra out of a guy she loved… simply because Mora sad that Alej wanted him.

        • revilnemesis

          I also wonder about Alej’s and Mora’s backstoryMora says she had sex with Alej’s boyfriend to show that he would just use Alej, so I assume (since Mora didn’t finish the story) Mora tried to explain why she did it but Alej didn’t believe heralso Mora did try to sincerly make up with Alej before Alej had her temper tamptrum

  • adiago

    I swear moras ears keep getting bigger

  • Albert

    I see many people have never read a book in their lives. Miles is not misunderstood and Rachel hasn’t improved at all. What has she done to improve herself? Nothing. Her attitude and selfishness is still there and to make it worse she is following Miles lead, the biggest slacker on the farm. Mora despite her shortcomings has realized how important the people in her life are and is working to improve her life. While Rachel instead helping clean up the mess Sarah made she is concentrating on seeing how much she can defy Mora who could have tossed her out on her ass. Like real life people always root for the biggest jerk over the people who are trying to be responsible. Miles may have been lured by Mora but only because he was a lowlife in the first place. Mora saw that he was. Look how he treated Taffy and is only relating with Rachel because she is a lowlife like him. Are we supposed to like her now because she saved Digit, the only thing she did that proved she wasn’t just a lazy bum?

  • RBrim08

    So much argument for a freakin’ webcomic. People need to calm down and just read the damn thing and enjoy the art.

  • Knightly

    Honestly, I think everyone involved is a fault here. :/ Mora, Rachael, and Minos.and, almost like the children when mommy and daddy get in a fight, everyone’s taking sides.I enjoy the comic, regardless of whom the focus is. I have the urge to lean towards Mora more often than not, because I want to see her overcome her faults, but the same could be true of Rachael as well.Ultimately, I’d say you have to sit and wait, and hope for the best, instead of throwing fits over the lives of two fictional characters.I hope there’s a way for this to work out for all the parties involved, but sadly it may not, and that would just be the facts of life.

  • Dat dood

    So why did Mora go from the nice  protagonist at the beginning to an evil bitch worse that Alejandra?

  • Winterwolfe

    Miles can fly right off the cuff.  I like someone who can think on their feet

  • Tanks McGee

    While I do prefer Rach over Mora I gotta say I hate MINOS! He led Rachael on during that whole barn scene. And when she leans in for the kiss because he was misleading her (unintentionally) she’s the one who gets beat up? What about your dumb boyfriend Mora? He thinks letting a girl down easy means telling them they might have a chance first? That’s how his whole story came off to me. I just don’t don’t like his bland character. Mora is a bitch (if you don’t like your employees or their work fire them, don’t make each others’ lives hell) but at least it is something. All the other characters have something going for them but Minos. We know more about other secondary/tertiary characters than we do him. I get the ‘strong silent’ type, I really do, but I find he offers really dumb advice when he opens his trap, and never says what he means. I guess he’s the perfect Gary Stu for Mora’s Mary Sue.On an art related comment: Mora’s neck is a twig in that panel and her tits are getting bigger. I love her curvy body, but damn that panel just looks awful with her tiny head and neck.

    • Albert

      what is with everyone hating on Mora? She is the boss and Miles and Rach are a bunch of slackers. She is trying to save her ranch from fading into obscurity and they are messing around. I really don’t see why she shouldn’t be angry. Do you notice she treats the people who work hard well? What is with everyone cheering on the lazy slackers? If you owned a business would you cheer on the laziest people in the company?

      • Lumaria

        Treats the people who work hard well? You mean sleep with the only one? Really I remember seeing panels of Mora having Miles doing jobs he is physically unable to preform. He tries everything that I remember seeing, he might cut corners now and then but I think it has much more to do with the lack of respect for Mora then anything. I wouldn’t respect her either with all the stuff she has done, her ranch’s short comings are due to her own efforts not just blaming her workers. And I think most cheer for Rachel and Miles because they have their own rythme and personality. Taffy and Minos and Sarah are all simple characters who can be summed up quickly. Where as if you read all the side comics there is alot of drama and complexity that forms the ‘slackers’. You see Mora beacon of work; I see a woman who has no heart but a high sex drive and petty desires. You see slackers, I see those who are willing to put forth effort pending on the level of respect they have for their boss.

        • Albert

          Really? That’s what you see? Rach has done practically nothing since she has come to the farm. Everyone else pulls their weight and only Rach and Sara practically do nothing. But somehow people see their inability to follow simple orders and put aside their pettiness as personality. Miles is a low life. The way he treated Taffy was inexcusable dumping her because she wasn’t giving him enough sex. He was a lowlife because Mora was able to lure him in so easily. She could see that which is why she choose him to trick. And now he is sniffing after Rach which everyone seem to think is a good thing for some reason.

          Rach is a thief who used her sister as an excuse for not trying hold down a job or try to earn an honest living, while Miles is a slacker always looking to cut corners and look for a way to take advantage of a situation e.g. Rach. Like in real life somehow people always root for the jerks rather then the people who are trying to do the right thing. Mora’s no saint but they are obvious trouble makers.

          • Lumaria

            I don’t agree; if you had read some of the side stories with Miles from my point of view it was really his first relationship and it was very physical from the start with ‘Hope’ I think it was. I see Miles trying to get physical with Taffy as trying to do the same with his last girlfriend which was probably where he got all his relationship experience. That led him to be frustrated as Taffy was not doing what Hope had previously. Rachel I really don’t like myself but I think of her as the ‘victim’ persona who thinks everything bad is gunning for her. This is not a good mentality and really rocks the boat the wrong way but I know from life experience there are many people who have this mindset. And as you say slacker I didn’t see you refute my previous point that Mora was giving him jobs he was not suited for but ‘still tried doing them’! Yeah he went to town with Rachel that didn’t show Miles having some counter of his 22nd time skipping work. It could of been a very rare thing maybe even something he did more for Rachel then for himself to be ‘lazy’.

  • Andrew

    You all have austim. This comic is for faggots. #SWAG

  • Chazz

    I think all the crazyness between the two would settle if they just frustratingly  made out with eachother

  • SOUP

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndwait foooooooooooooorrrrrr itttttttttttt

  • SOUP

    saved bam

  • Albert

    Okay. i concede. Can we just say everyone has faults and be done with it. I still think everyone exaggerates Mora’s personality as if she is a witch or something and I still dislike Rach’s and Miles’s personality (could do without them). But since none of them are going anywhere I suggest we just accept everyone the way they are for now. But in my opinion I still say if anyone has to work on their attitudes it them. Mora is on the road to being a better person while they are still holding petty grudges while the farm needs to be fixed and rebuilt and they are sneaking off like a bunch of school kids. they can fool around after the mess is fixed.    

    • max_black0

      Quote”Mora is on the road to being a better person
      while they are still holding petty grudges while the farm needs to be
      fixed and rebuilt and they are sneaking off like a bunch of school kids.”  Completely. Wrong. Mora is slowly becoming more of bitch. while Miles has really improved as a character, like when her refused to take advantage of rach’s sister and now when we see him with Racheal. Likewise Mora is the one holding a grudge, Look at the page above.

      • Albert

        Ha ha ha! Wow. Miles really improved because he resisted taking advantage of a little girl and is only trying to shack up with Rach because they are both equally hate someone and Mora a bitch because she is trying to be the boss of HER ranch, the ranch that Miles and Rach are employed at and given pay and lodging Are you people sure we are reading the same comic? I know they are just characters like all the idiots keep pointing out but really? Miles and Rach just snuck out to a fight while the farm is still in chaos while Taffy and the others are working to get everything back in order and Mora is the one a fault for being angry? Wow. I hope you guys who have jobs don’t go to work with that attitude cause you will be fired in no time flat.

      • Chocothunda

        *looks at page above*  Huh?  All I see is a boss wondering why two of her employees were playing hookie.If Mora were really and truly bitchy, she would’ve fired Rachel even AFTER she saved Digit.  Yes, putting her to work under Miles is a bit vindictive, but she IS keeping Rachel on board.  It shows that she’s able to separate work and her personal life and is able to move forward after something so vitriolic.I’m not getting into this debate of “whose better, and who sucks more (No pun intended *awesome face*)”.  I agree with what Albert said in that everyone in this comic has their faults.  Mora, Rachel; I like em both.  They have similarities that do make em butt heads, but I find that they still work well within the comic.  Followed this comic from the beginning, so I’ve seen the growth in Mora’s character, yes.  She still has a lot to learn, though.  Same goes with Rachel.Miles is, of course, Miles.  However, we are seeing inklings that he does have at least a little bit of loyalty to Las Lindas (otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten worried when he saw Tootsie drive by in the previous comic).TL;DR, Be chill and read the comic, ya’ll.

        • Gargravarr

          You and Albert have made the most sense on this whole page.

  • Omg most pointless comments I’ve seen on a comic ever!

    • Kysuna

      I hear that!

  • trollspissedoffKane

    I agree everyone has faults and Miles in the main story is kind of a slacker, and I would’ve chewed him out for not doing his job.  But he’s more relatable in Learning Curves.  He’s a man trying really hard in college, trying really hard to find someone (which is Hope), and he’s down on his dumps because somehow everyone else is better.  He’s a lot better in Learning Curves and I can really relate to him more there than here.  I may be lazy, but if I do a job, I don’t go goof-off.

  • trollspissedoffKane

    That last bit of my comment was about Miles incase people didn’t get why I said they.

  • Halofira78

    Danger Miles Danger, an angry pair of tits has found you! Great work man as always keep it up!

  • Kurai

    I bet Miles is gonna say they found out about Alej’s plans and use that as an excuse as to why they were gone so long or something along those lines.

    • Albert

      Most likely. Sneaky little bastards probably wouldn’t have told her anything if she hadn’t found them out just to stay out of trouble.

  • Archone

    I should like to point out something that I said to Chalo in an email a while back. Of all the people on the farm, Miles is the only one who has not physically assaulted, stolen from, or betrayed another member of said farm. Despite his “official” character description, he is in fact the most moral resident of Las Lindas. Furthermore, I should note that Alejandra is in fact far more ethical than Mora as well. According to the companion comic “Building an Empire,” Alejandra took her inherited plot of land and made it great with a combination of business savvy, determination, and reliance on mutually respected friends. By contrast, Mora took her inherited plot of land and made it relatively productive with a combination of… prostitution, deceit, physical intimidation and/or violence, and blatant favoritism by powerful patrons.

    • More reasons to support “Milejandra” to become an official couple.  X3

    • Lumaria

      Those are very good points in your comment and after you layed out what Mora used to build up her land.  Even though she is quite hostile the only thing I really say I hate about Alej is she pointed a gun at her friend. That really rubbed me the wrong way, other then that I find her to be a deliteful cutthroat merchant. She would make a great US company CEO.

    • Albert

      Who did Sara betray or was betrayed by or was physically assulted by? Or Randal for that matter? I don’t see what is the eagerness to make Miles moral. He snuck out with Rach instead of doing his job, not to mention the fact that he implies he does it often, is always looking to cut corners and dumped Taffy because selfishly wanted her to out out more.Not sure why everyone keeps trying to paint Rach and Miles as some people who have done nothing instead of the grudge holding, bad atittude people they are. Am I supposed to forgive the $hit they do because they had it rough? That gives them the right to do what they want under the guise that they might be a little better? Even when Rach saved Digit it wasn’t for her but for her sister which proves she didn’t even care about Digit and she and Miles weren’t even going to tell Mora about what they saw going on with Alex to save their own skins so they wouldn’t get in trouble. Face it. On the farm they are the lowlifes compared to everyone else.

      • Albert

        BTW who did Taffy for that matter betray, steal from or assult? She was the most innocent of all of the and Miles dumped her for such petty reasons. So that 3 people, Sara, Randal and Taffy and if you want to add it in Digit more innocent and moral then Miles and Rach combined. Sorry fans but what ever they were before they are lowlifes now.

        • Archone

          Sara didn’t betray or physically assault anyone. She falls under the “stole from” category; her theft of “the treasure” was the central aspect of a story arc. Taffy’s betrayal was in accepting Miles’ aid without reciprocating. I refer specifically to his agreeing to come back to work and have his pay go to Taffy for her schooling, and Taffy’s refusal to express intimacy with him. Note: I am NOT suggesting Taffy was obligated to do so. I am suggesting that Taffy was being given a gift of great value (literal monetary value, as well as a demonstration of commitment by giving her his time and labor) and essentially said, “I agree that you deserve affection, but I can’t show it. It’s not you, it’s me.” She had every right to refuse him, but less right to continue to accept his gift while refusing him. It’s like turning down a marriage proposal but keeping the engagement ring. This makes Taffy a “milder” form of Mora, in fact. She gets ahead by relying on the kindness of good men. I say “milder” because at least Taffy is polite and nice about it all, and at least she did so because the situation was offered to her; she didn’t go out looking for men to take advantage of.

        • Archone

          Also, as for Miles and Rachel’s job performance… he is accomplishing everything he’s been told to do. He is upgrading the machinery – slowly, with the funds as it becomes available. Since the choice is between “ask for more work to do for the same amount of pay” and “stay out of the boss’ notice and enjoy himself,” I don’t think anyone here can really object to his choice. How many of you have finished a project early and padded the time with a video game or something? (To quote a Dilbert comic strip, “the project will take six months. One month to code the script, and five months to play Doom on my computer.”)

          • Albert

            No sorry. There are too many holes in your argument.For instance Sara did not steal anything on purpose so that negates your steals from someone thing. If she had maliciously and purposefully stole it then you could have said that but i don’t count that. Taffy’s refusal was justified and I don’t see that as betrayal. It just shows that Miles is even worse then I thought because he gave Taffy something and expected intimacy in return. It’s like giving a girl a present just so she can jump in bed with you. And you still haven’t said what Randal did because unless you think of something it negates your whole argument that Miles is the most moral on the farm. His constant selfishness to reach his own goals just proves it. What you see as morality I see as selfishness.Look at the comic here as an example. He wasn’t going tell Mora anything about what he saw and now is probably going to use it as a way to get out of trouble which is more proof of a sneaky lowlife always looking for angles and how to take advantage of them.Most of the others are concerned about the farm they live in while he just sits there trying to see how fast he could run off and shirk his duties. My point is that whether or not it was intended or not Miles and Rach are jerks.Maybe they are misunderstood jerks but jerks none the less.They are not BETTER then everyone else but have the same amount of faults that everyone else has and  I am not sure what is the big fight to try and make them look good.Many groups have greedy or selfish or lazy or jerky or bitchy people in them but that doesn’t make them bad. It’s just the way they are. I watch One Piece anime for example and everyone of Luffy’s crew has a huge flaw in their attitudes or personalities. Do I hate any of them? Nope.The Las Lindas crew is flawed, each and everyone of them. Get over it.     

      • revilnemesis

        I think that poster didn’t factor Randal in

  • revilnemesis

    to both Mora and Rach fans they can both be bitches and they both are kind of justified for being a bitch

  • trollspissedoffKane

    Can’t people just like their own damn characters and forget everyone else’s opinion.  I do that with the WWE (in particular Raw and SmackDown).  Here for example: I’ve seen a lot of people like and hate Miles.  Personally I like him, doesn’t mean I hate someone that hates him.  Now I also like The Miz (this is wrestling if you don’t know who he is look him up), and there are a LOT of people that don’t like him because he’s a “heel” aka villian, and he’s a cocky asshole.  But that’s the exact reason I like him.  People hated him from the start and never gave him a chance, hence why his character acts that way.  My girlfriend doesn’t really like him, does that mean I hate her?  Now it doesn’t it just means we have different opinions of The Miz.  It’s the same thing here, not everyone is going to like every character.  So why not just agree to disagree?

  • lawl, I keep checking back here every afternoon just to see what else you guys have posted.  pretty soon I’m only gonna be checking updates on this site to see your guys’ “comments” rather than the updates on the comic itself. 

    • Kysuna

      If there was a *Like* button I would totally press it now

  • VortexKing

    Maybe I’ll be an asshole right now, but… 200 dollars for a bonus comic PAGE? One single PAGE for 200 dollars? Uh… Okay. Can someone tell me who will pay for those pages from now on? Does anyone have financial problems and can anyone wait for those 200 dollars to bo collected for just one page?You know, maybe Chalo is delevoping. Maybe Chalo will have better and better style in drawing these comics… But am I the only one who feels that the bonus comic pages are too expensive for a style like his? I mean, come on… Of 200 dollars I can by my own tablet and I can draw my own comics… But that’s only my opinion.I don’t have any problems with Chalo. His a really great artist and he’s absolutely great at what he does. He delivers us these very great comics… But the bonus comic pages for 200 dollars each?Does this worth it to us readers? Does it worth it Chalo?Now that Chalo raised the bar, less people will pay for the bonus comic pages. Why? Because they will only be able to take a look at their favourite bonus comic page much later and that’s why they’ll not pay for the page. Doubling the price can mean half the payers from that time. Who knows? That way Chalo just makes a bad business for himslef. less people will pay for the bonus comic pages, waaay longer time will be passed to a new bonus comic page gets owed, and the less money will Chalo and the Katbox team will get from the readers. I mean… Anything can happen like this. There’s a high chance to it.So I’m asking the question agan… Does raising the bonus comic page price from 100 dollars to 200 dollars worth it to us and Chalo?

    • I had no clue about that.  I finally donated some money for the first time last night–because I felt bad about all the rage going around–so I assumed that was just how things were.  Thanks for pointing that out.

      • VortexKing

        No probs.Before I begin, sorry for the bad english.^^’You know, I was thinking about all this system… I know that Chalosan does not want to use us… I mean, I guess he’s got financial problems too like everyone else. But I mean, come on… Doubling the price per page doesn’t solve the problem. He’s a really great artist, no doubt about it, but lots of people thinks the same… Does a comic page worth 200 dollars? For a few, yeah. Mostly for the fans. There’s no problem with that. The biggest problem is that he doesn’t realise that he’s just doing bad business for himself with this. 1… A few or a lot of the donators will look at the price and will run away. 2… The less donators are, the longer it takes to fill the comic page. 3… The mix of the two will change in time. Lots of people will think like… Why would they pay for the comic if only a few are paying for it? Will the complete donation of the next page take forever? Ah, forget it! I’m out of here!… Well, this would be the end. It’s really nice that Chalo and his friends are coming up with ideas and they’re making them come true… But if the people are paying such high price, they would have been allowed to take part in the story. And at this point, I’m not talking about adding other’s characters for a page or two. No… Using the donators ideas! If the donetors wouldn’t just pay for some random page that they don’t know what’s coming next, but paying for something they know that they had their hand in this fantastic comic… Well, that’s a bit more exciting than just waiting for some unexpected stuff and watching the drawer’s and his friends’ ideas. Asking around for the readers’ ideas and using those ideas would make the comic more exciting, more people would come here in hope of that their idea would be used in the comic, and more people would donate. That’s what I think Chalosan should no, not just doubling the price of the bonus comic pages… Okay, I’ll end my comment here, because it’s too long already. XD

  • Leuk117

    Okay, this is just me, but I think the purpose behind the comment system was to provide constructive criticism, not to go on huge fan rage rants.

    • VortexKing

      What did you expect from a feel-free-to-comment system? XD

  • JoeyJoe

    Im just gonna say what everyone else is thinking, Forget everything else and focus on BatB, XD

  • Logan Knight

    I’m with JoeyJoe.

  • omnomnominomics

    Looks like the relationship between Miles and Rach is  developing, wonder if he’ll mess this one up.Panel 3 is amazing, btw.

  • RealistSpeaking

    It bothers me greatly that albert believes that mora is just doing what a boss does :/ It also bothers me how every neglects that from the start Mora went about her entire situation wrong. She hasn’t changed in the least. None of them really has. Rachael wasn’t a slacker, she had been the accountant which if you go back and read you will see. Miles has been there the longest and while it may seem he is doing nothing, he is obviously doing something. Mora even gave him all that crap to do before Minos showed up. In which case, Minos probably wouldn’t have even needed too if she wasn’t wearing that slut outfit. So, if Minos was not there, I wonder what Las Lindas would have been like.

  • RealistSpeaking

    However, while everyone is ranting and raving about all of his, have we all neglected the fact that it was WRITTEN TO BE THIS WAY? Sheesh.

  • Archone

    Actually, Albert, Sara did attempt to steal something on purpose. The “Treasure,” the outfit she saw Mora wearing that she wanted. As for Randal… I’ll concede you Randal. He’s been so underused and was so recently added to the farm’s roster that he escaped my notice. As for Miles… since his introduction, we’ve seen him: be lured in by the promise of sex and then assaulted before being intimidated into performing slave labor; be seduced in order to make Minos jealous; agree to return to the farm in exchange for Taffy being given a better job; have his relationship with Taffy fall apart and then be physically assaulted by Minos; have Sara throw herself at him only to give her a “big brother” talk and show far more consideration for her feelings than even her older sister had during the mall shopping spree; and take Rachel out and show her a wonderful time despite her suspicious caution around him. And now he’s gone from “Let’s have fun because we’ve done our job and Mora won’t pay us more if we look for busywork,” to “let’s go warn Mora that the neighbors are planning something big.” Does Miles have his moral failings? Of course. But when you look at who has been committing the most deceit, lying, and physical assaults, Mora is the biggest creep there. Which begs the question: why is Alejandra the bad guy in all this?

  • Andrew

    Some … light flirting, perhaps?  😀 

  • revilnemesis

    finally the fan rants have stopped

  • MrMento

    No, but I feel like I’m the only one who’s waiting for Miles and Taffy to get back together.Sure he acted like an asshole a little bit there, but Mora does that all the time, and she’s still with Minos.With Miles an Taffy it seems like one of those “if you love someone, let them go” kind of things.

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