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  • Chalo

    Some memories for when times were simpler went through her mind just now.

    • Ashiyama

      If Alej keeps being a good person like this, I may end rooting for her more… especially with the way she gets all flustered with Randal.

      • KC

        I am rooting for Alej now.  I really dislike Mora because she’s such a b**ch.

        • Dryft

          I really dislike Mora too, such a bitch who doesnt appreciate those around her. I was really hoping that Rachel and Minos would of worked out.

          • revilnemesis

            actually Mora does appreciate some of the people around her but she is a bitch to those she doesn’t appreciate

          • jeremycanine

            I for-see change in her hart

          • Jazz

            Randal’s not gay though

      • Krin

        I really can’t stand Mora either, go Alej!

        • dd

          Why ? I mean, it’s not like Mora tried to scheme something to evict anyone out of their house. Or tried to become some kind of monopoly tycoon by eradicating others. Plus, she gave home to a pair of homeless people. How on earth could Patches compare with her ? Comparing Patches with Mora would be like comparing stars with dirt.

          • Seto

            Alej is doing it all in revenge…

      • taryn ng

        Really? I’m rooting for Randal, haha.

    • xenofurr

      Very mooving and quite well done. Congrats on a well drawn selection.

      • ThePanda

        “mooving”… Haha I see what you did there.

    • Blue-Starr

      I love how Randal has become such a deep and considerate character. He’s so sweet and sentimental. And on top of it all, he’s a handsome fluffy border collie! Randal is probably my favorite character because he’s just an all-around great friend and brotherly figure for most of the others, and I hope this means we get to see more of our border collie buddy in the future!Great job with the comic! I’ve been reading it for years and watching the style mature and develop with the plot has been awesome! Keep up the amazing work!

      • ShikaStar

        I love Randal! :3 i just feel bad for him though, after what Taffy threatened him with. 

    • James

      And the flash header on this site finally makes sense… never quite clued into that before now.

    • Winged Kitsune

      I have to admit, I’m liking Alej more than Mora a lot lately, and I didn’t really much care for Mora to begin with. :3And Randal should get some kind of prize for reminding Alej of everything Diana did for her.

      • Dudery

        “I didn’t really much care for Mora to begin with.”
        Nice to see consideration for the one person that keeps this entire backet of nutcases and misfits together.

        Am I arguing about imaginary characters ?? Oh dear … That’s enough internet for today. :-/

  • Seth Sora Fett555

    *Remembers those comics too* My love and respect for Alej just raised a lot more. *Smiles happily* Glad she made the right choice.

  • kdebones

    Wow… all this time Patches didn’t know Diana was buried there? Sucess goes to the head to fast I suppose.

  • eloundra

    Very nice, it seems patches got a heart after all

  • jeremycanine

    Yay he stopped it and maybe patches will pit it up some were els

  • Nekotigerfire

    I’m happy that Patches didn’t go through with it… she knows she couldn’t do that to Diana…

  • Alejandra.. <3  to be honest, I didn’t expect her to completely pack up and move on from this so soon. I’m actually a little disappointed that this entire incident seemed so short-lived, but I do like the reason it ended.  might just be wishful thinking, but I imagine that this move of hers is gonna awake her little nanozell spirit.  I don’t want Alejandra to turn into a big softie because of this though and I’m gonna be really let down if she loses her strong-willed mind and passion to get what she wants.   Rannie is kinda reminding me of a replacement for Minos in this strip. =3=;  as for the art, I am pretty awed with this strip.  the shading is so beautiful and I love all the little details in this, like the sun rays through the tree that you can see on Alejandra’s dress in the 4th panel. (that’s my favourite panel as well, I can just hear the wind being the only noise in that scene.)  very vivid scene.  always eager for the next comic. <3 

    • Soren

      Indeed, I don’t think Alejandra will simply let her ambitions drift away because of Randal’s soothing words.Sure, she might not want to build up her industry around Las Lindas, but I don’t think this will mean the end of her as a business mogul. She started with practically nothing, and I don’t see her going to pieces because she was shown Diana’s grave and told the true cost of her actions.Instead, I think she will try even harder in the memory of Diana, and try to beat Mora in the right way. Perhaps not the most cutthroat way, but in a way that that she could be proud of later in life.Despite the general fan support of Mora, I’m really rooting for Patches. :3

      • forever Alejandra fan. <3

  • I wonder if this will cause her spirit (whatever Digit is again) to awaken.

    • Devin

      Resident Spirit, methinks… to lazy to search through the previous pages…

  • Sometimes… all it takes is one small act… one small bit of kindness to put everything into perspective.

  • razorbrun645

    Well I’m glad she didn’t blow up the grave and that this may give her a chance to reevaluate herself.  Unfortunately she may have just sunk her company with this stunt.

    • Citvie said it.

  • tbird000666

    hmm she was “part of the family” i didn’t see that coming

    • NekoSavior

      Why not? There was still that one bonus comic.

  • Lonephantom

    Well, well. After all the angst-ridden confrontations my imagination tormented me with since last Wednesday, this strip does a great job of alleviating my frustration. It was rather satisfying to see Randall break through Alej’s ruthless exterior and make her see what the REAL consequences of her obsession with getting back at Mora were going to be. Especially since Alej clearly couldn’t try to sugar-coat it once she saw the truth.But what ESPECIALLY makes this gratifying? He actually got THROUGH to her. Even if she’s still got issues with Mora, Alej–or rather, Patches–clearly still has a heart, even if she hasn’t always been listening to it. And seeing that she’s willing to take a loss of profit in order to honor Diana’s memory…it improves my respect for her. Perhaps there’s hope for her yet. πŸ™‚

  • RBrim08

    Ha! I knew that she didn’t know where she was buried. If Randal didn’t know where she was, Alej sure as hell didn’t.

  • T-Squared

    About time Alejandra got a proverbial slap in the face. πŸ˜€

  • Tiiara

    I have a lot more respect for Alej now. Still hoping for a happy ending if you ever decide to finish the Mora x Alej story arc.

  • Vahn Faith

    Randall used Guilt Trip. It was Super Effective!

  • GrymKane

    Bet those 380-something people from the poll who don’t like him are reevaluating something fierce now.

  • Zodbones

    yaaaaaay patches!i think patches and randal would be a great couple =3

  • Razor

    So I’ve read through up to this point and Mora’s had her points, but the scale of “I nearly screwed up big time” is a lot more.  Seeing as how she just bought up all the land around Las Lindas, has all the construction equipment and actual capital materials needed to start that truly massive agriculture operation, and is now calling it off after putting forth so much in terms of psyching herself up for it, not to mention everyone else.  I thought she had it in the bag, and then Roland brought that up and I figured she’d find another angle, like develop on the OTHER side, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  It wasn’t so much that success got to her, she was focused on a goal of outdoing her opponent and proving people wrong.  The fact that she didn’t know is one hell of an operation stopper.  The comic may not portray it, but I’ve had those moments of mental gridlock.  She was probably standing there for about at least fifteen minutes trying to figure out what to do.

  • MykelTDT

    Randal is the best character forever. And I like Alej slightly more now. But Randal is the best character forever.

  • Parry

    i have new found respect for Alej. Good Job!

  • GumbyX

    I’m familiar with the series but havent gotten off my but to dig through all the archives. I started reading right around the arc where the nymphs tricked Sarah (and the Rachel and Minos “thing”). Anyone care to explain the whole Diana thing? Or at least direct me to where I can read more on it (comic not character bio)?

  • envesyl

    something says we will see alej crying on the next page

  • mearth

    wow… big hit… I expected randall to be very insightful, and I expected patches to back off, but even though I was expecting both of these things… this page still touches my heart, I think patches just gained a little on everyones fav char rating system, and that randall has just shot up even higher

  • bladra

    guess now we know where ‘patches’ draws the line of when they get to be going agianst mora

  • BlackWind

    well i am relived that randal could talk some sense to alej i mean wow talk about a reality check i just hope that perhaps she will perhaps reflect upon her actions and maybe apologize to mora if at all possible

    • Gargravarr

      I’m not sure it’ll go that far (at least not just yet), but deciding not to strangle Las Lindas’ growth is a step in the right direction, at least.

  • keith

    refresh my memory…..Randal is mora’s adopted brother right?

  • Jasper

    Maybe I missed something, but why can’t she just build -around- the spot Diana was buried? I’m not talking about a tiny 5×5 island of grass in an industrial complex here; with all the land she just bought, why does this wreck everything?

    • OtakuMan

      If you have to ask, then odds are that you won’t get it even if I explained it to you.But for a hint, look at the comic title and remember the “view”.

      • Jasper

        Jeez, no need to get snippy.

    • envesyl

      because diana was like a mother to alej

  • Loke

    *crosses his arms and stands up* So…Finally she found some light into her heart…Never expected that from Randal. Anyway he still doing a good job. Odin bless the noble hearts.

    • shade

      yea . . .ran is the most noble person so far. . .:3

      • Loke

        Yes he is. Randal is a paladin for inside and a model of guy for ourside. Well done Randal.

        • shade

          yes in deed well done randel

  • Well played, Randal, well played you son of a bitch… and I mean that in the strictest terms of the word, not slander.  I will say it was interesting to see how Alejandra reacted, and once more she proves why she’s my favorite bovine beauty in the series.

    • Devin

      I SEE WHAT U DID THAR! lol

  • OtakuMan

    I have no idea why “Jun” went through my head at the end:

  • Rumblepurr

    Excellent page, Chalo. Sometimes the heart is more powerful than the largest machine. Nice that you had Alej realize that money cannot buy certain things, and that family still matters…gb

  • Banter-O-Rilley

     This is a wonderful page, not only because of the dialogue, but due to the View and the Perspective in all the panels, especially the fourth one: the sky looks simply awesome and the fact that Diana’s Resting Place is a really important spot at the ranch.  It’s good to know that Diana’s Heart is still alive in Alejandra; a tough, but mature decision on her part to move on.    

  • Masterzero

    Randal, the hero of his “mother” <3

  • Rust

    Okay, this is the mature adult Alejandra that makes more sense to me.  It would be just like Mora to slam this door closed by gloating, but… well, I’m not at the wheel of the comic, so I’ll shut up and see what happens.

    • Lonephantom

      With any luck, Mora will be so surprised by Alej agreeing to halt the construction that she’ll realize that maybe she doesn’t have to “give up” after all–that maybe there’s still something of the old “Patches” left in there after all.

  • Chocothunda

    Well played Randal, and wise move, Alej XD

  • JoeFury88

    Alej: +50 Morality=D

  • envesyl

    something says that even if randal didn’t show her the grave mino would have stopped the construction

  • bakaneko

    i dont know about the rest of you, but if this was an animation i probably would have gotten teary eyed

  • envesyl

    do you think chalo could make this a cartoon

  • Blaze984

    Wow i love how you draw scenery its awesome i can’t wait until we see more Sarah it’s been about 26 pages since we last saw her.

  • bladra

    Alej gets +78 on guilt and +60 on regret

  • Leo Murat

    Been reading this for years and i never really had any respect for Patches cause of what she was like……however…I guess even the most ambitious person has a heart and soul.I like her now ^^

  • revilnemesis

    didn’t think Alej stop so quickly

  • Elderahn

    Hrmph, sincerely hope she gets her mind into the business now and prove that powerfull patrons wont get you much further in the industry.

    • Lonephantom

      What do you mean? Is that in regard to her empire, or Mora’s string of fortune?

  • Nethilan

    Wow… it’s so touching how much Diana meant to her.

  • Chaos

    And some say, on this day her heart grew three sizes that day.

    • Lonephantom

      A better quote for this is hard to find. If this truly marks a change for Alej, however subtle, I think it’ll at the very least make her a rival we can love. As opposed to certain nynphs who’ve committed blatant acts of framing and attempted murder and gotten off Scott free, with no true lesson learned.

  • JohnCenaTheChamp

    I am I wrong in saying Randal was kind of a badass in this page?  He looked like a hero from a video game or anime.  He was cool, calm, collected, and insightful.  It was…awesome…

  • NekoSavior

    You know, if Mora ever fires Miles, Rachel, and Sarah over something stupid (and she has), I bet they’d go to Alej. At least Alej treats her employees better. Look at Tootsie.

    • revilnemesis

      I don’t think Sarah would want to leave its obvious she likes it at Las Lindas and I don’t think she is an employe either

  • RaZgRiZ

    I wonder if that’s the explosion mark in the 4th panel, looks like it.

  • Katzy

    Randy, you are just too fabulous<33

  • man Alej is hot

  • Renadt

    Thank the fates for no more Friz!

    • KNex

      Don’t go jinxing that! XD

  • USM

    gays sure have certain ways of touching people in certain places lol?

  • Timni

    WHY IS EVERYONE HATING MORA?!? Geez she is just misunderstood and now all of you are so mean to a cartoon character. Besides, she tried being nice to Alej! Gosh…

  • Travis

    Any chance we could get the 4th panel as a wallpaper? 

  • celtcath

    Randal all out rocks.  He is definitely a touchstone for Mora and Alejandra.

  • Mike91444

    Panel 4 should be a Wallpaper.

  • muy pero muy buenas estas dos ultimas paginas pusieron algo de “carne al azador” porke siento ke se estaba perdiendo la linea central del comic ultimamanente

  • Dark

    Kind of glad to see something interesting happen with Alej, maybe a bit more time will be spent away from the awful slut cow Moora.I never had any problems with Randall, and this comic just kind of cemented that, looking forward to seeing more of him as well.So far then, only truly unlikable character in this whole thing is Moora. :/

  • Blarose

    Wow… just wow.  Alej may have had that coming but still, Randal just endeared himself to everyone reading this by being the one to remind her what’s really important.  I still think she could go through with construction but would really need to rethink the placement of things to retain “The View”.

  • Warriorking4ver

    awww, see, Alej isn’t so bad after all!  She & Rachael are my fave characters πŸ˜€

  • SerafinoDragonTamer

    Did anyone else notice the blast zone on the right in the second to last panel?

  • Albert

    I laugh at the people cheering on Alej because she showed a glimmer of compassion. Now suddenly you like her more than Mora. Why? Because she got talked out of doing something evil that she had planned to do and only pointing out Diana’s death stopped her.She was going to destroy the land were she and her friends played the land Diana, who was like mother to her, owned  And that she treats her employees better? Just a few pages ago she was blowing up in anger in Toosie’s face. She so bad her spirit won’t even come out which show how evil she is compared to Mora who had no problem letting her’s out. She didn’t even cry at her own father’s funeral and schemed her way into the position she is in now. Mora acts like a bitch to the people that constantly stand in her way and refuse to do the work they are being paid to do. Notice she is very friendly to Sarah , Randal,Taffy and Minos because they are not blockades to what they are trying to accomplish. And now suddenly because Alej was stopped by guilt, suddenly she’s a nice person? Mora has been showing respect for her mother and trying to save the farm that she owned for years. Alej didn’t even know where she was buried. The woman who treated her like her own daughter and she could even take the time to visit the farm or find out where she was buried? That is shameful. It doesn’t take much to impress you people does it.    

  • Svarog

    What makes me laugh the most about this is that people support Alejandra despite the fact that she solely wants to crush Mora for a reason equally as petty as the reasons they don’t like Mora. Hypocrisy much? Supporting the pettiness cycle, basically, and even though people are ignoring that Mora WANTS to grow and change herself (not every easy with people like Alej out to get you), they hardly care that Alejandra’s reasoning for defeating Mora has not changed whatsoever- the events that have happened merely increased the fog of anger over her eyes until Randal stepped in.

  • crab

    so toots is only like a 2 min walk away and she still has to call her?, nice btw

  • Revan

    Mora Can be a Bitch some times but It doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about other people (Example a few chapters back with the Sprite Issue) so….As far as Alej is concerned she can be a Brat some times if not Bordering Bitch land but i can’t say much more until i get more background on what happened.

    • revilnemesis

      I agree with you and do you need to know the background of why Alej hates Mora?

  • Kitsune

    Nice emotional impact on this one. It really does bring a tear to your eyes.

  • Anthony

    Hopefully Randal will knock some sense into Mora, too.

    • T-Squared

      Oooh, I never thought about that! I really hope he does give Mora a talking-to! She needs it cause she’s starting to become like Alej was before!

      • Albert

        Randel has been with Mora for months now. If he had thought Mora need a talking too he would have done it by now. It Patches that is trying to destroy her ‘family’ home and almost decicrated Diana’s grave. She is the one who is out of control.

  • That was a tearjerker moment :..)

  • Guy With The Thing In A Place

    Nah, I think there all out of control at the moment.

    cept rannie ;P

  • Ricky

    Been thereÒ€¦

  • Anon-Anon

    Having read the entire series to the current page, I don’t quite understand at what point Maya got so attached to Nekonny 😐

  • Optaendt

    Didn’t realize how obvious her feelings were. I’m too used to women leading you on with simple acts of kindness.

  • Beatdown

    Oh snap this is gonna get ugly real fast for Nekonny

  • Greg Morrow

    Daww… We’ll miss you!

  • Leokingdom10


  • Toshiro Tushima

    What is “SAD”? And that is understandable when you got alot of things to do for your life, Nixie. Just enjoy your month-long vacation with your family! πŸ™‚

    • NixieSeal

      SAD is Seasonal Affective Disorder. A depression that hits at a certain time of the year. For me, at the end of autumn. I get very de-motivated and don’t want to do anything other than curl up in a warm place drinking tea.

      • Toshiro Tushima

        Ahhh, I see. Well, you have family and friends and fans by your side.

      • Mr. Al

        Well hey at least that’s just emotional stress or whatnot that friends and family can help you through :3
        When you have several Neuropsychiatric Syndroms like me, I get PHYSICALLY worn out during winter, most noticable my tourette amps despite meds. Also I become generally less energized, both physically and as a result also mentally/socially. and that’s jsut my life I’ve adapted to since the age of 10 when I got my diagnosises. Nothing I can do but pull through(has forced me to adopt a n outwards “better to laugh than cry philosophy”). fortunatly being born in the early 90’s has raised me in a time when professionals started to actually make an effort to help peeps like me^^
        So what other subjects can we discuss? always nice to share stories or debates on who’s life sucks more, because, who wanna be happy anyway? πŸ˜‰

        • Mr. Al

          What I’m saying is, cheer up Nixie, Toshiro got the right set of mind, we’re her for you^^ After all it could be worse?
          The pessimist says “this can’t get any worse :(”
          The optimist answers “Sure it can! :D”

          • NixieSeal

            I get physically exhausted, too. I’ve been spending about 14 hours in bed every day. Not good for productivity.

          • Mr. Al

            Not good for productivity? But your Xmas pinup/filler is both pretty and ADORABLE ^.^ like your Thnxgiving filler. It’s adorable even tough we Swedes don’t have Thnxgiving or black friday^^
            You’re a good artist so never feel any pressure from us readers^_^
            We’d be more worried if you DIDN’T take some time for your family and/or resting πŸ˜‰

  • william

    can’t wait for the comics to resume, the anticipation will be building. Now, does that mean there will be no updates to this site at all, or will there be, like, small commission pics and artwork posted here during the hiatus?

    • NixieSeal

      I don’t plan on posting commissions or other art here during the hiatus, unless I feel a really powerful urge to draw something in particular for posting. If you’re worried about missing an update, don’t worry- at the top of the sidebar, there are five different ways to be notified of updates. ^_^

  • Ratz

    Happy Holidays too you too.

  • Paddy

    *Random yelling in background* we love you!

  • Phlosioneer

    Dose Teef! xD

    • pride-and-parliament

      Rawr, great fangs on her! :3
      AND CUTE EARS AND COAT AND EVERYTHING ELSE, TOO! wahh… Nixie as Santa is just so adorable…
      *hugs St.Nixie* aaahh those puppy-dog eyes that make me want to cry!

  • Jerohan

    Merry Christmas! Take care, and hope you-

    Waita tick… this means the comic is going to have a month-long cliffhanger!?!?

    • NixieSeal

      Sorry ^^’

  • The_Rippy_One

    We’ll miss you, but do what you need to~! Do you have one of those blue light emitters to counter SAD?

    • NixieSeal

      I don’t have one of those lights, but I’d rather just lighten my workload through it…

      • The_Rippy_One

        Fair enough, and that is as it should be, really. The holidays should be fun! I hope you and your family enjoy your holiday together! Sorry for my undo curiosity – I didn’t mean anything by it.

        • pride-and-parliament

          I’m sure she didn’t take any offense– after all, if she had been interested in getting one you might have reminded her, right? So your curiosity is not exactly undue.

  • Cameron

    very very cute

  • UmbrotheUmbreon

    Have wonderful holidays, will be waiting for your return :3

  • Kazekai00

    No new comics until January?!
    Well… Guess it’s time I try hibernation.
    Happy holidays, Nixie, and every one else as we-ZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzz

  • Rick

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  • Kindle_kat

    I’m sad that your going away but all “d’aww” because your avatar is adorable and in holiday outfit and what not. Too many mixed feelings.

  • Cody Devans

    Happy Holidays Nixie!

  • Kasa

    Happy holidays to you, Nixie!

  • avenger_co

    When it comes to being fair to everyone, you have to remember to be fair to yourself. I can respect that.
    Happy holidays to you too.

  • Paddy

    I keep forgetting you’re taking December off and keep checking this XD Not my fault I have OCD when it comes to checking every comic I read all the time. Heck, I’ll probably be back later, when I forget again. See everyone then!

    • Paddy

      Guess who’s back

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        me…The Tiger….to rape your family and steal your soul….GET READY MOTHERFUCKER

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          • goodtigerclaw

            (ragged breathing and the noise of something dragging) EAT…HUMAN…MEEAAAT DRAAAAAAAAAHHHGURRR

        • Paddy

          I thought it was Elvis. But I guess he left the building…

          • kitromney

            Man I love draugr, especially the Death Lord ranked Draugr, I could light them on fire all day, (sniff sniff) ah yes, the smell of burning dead, oh how I’ve missed you. :))))))

  • pride-and-parliament

    I’ve just caught up with the Anthronauts reboot… Is it bad that I was rooting for the virginophile unicorn to get sacrificed? He’s just a really creepy guy.

    And the more food the merrier. Maybe there will be enough food for Boris AND the rest of the ship now? It depends on how long the voyage is supposed to last, what kind of food Boris can eat, and whether anything below deck is edible.

  • BigBadWolf

    Hey, should we be expecting another bundle of joy in 9~10 months?

  • Cedric

    the only thing I truly expect is an explanation to whether he is a dragon or some other serpentine devil from hell.

  • IAmHawz

    Hay Nixie, at least your folks aren’t visiting for 3MONTHS.

    • kitromney

      mine head south every year after an early thanksgiving dinner a week before hand.

    • NixieSeal

      I still live in the same town as my folks, sooooooo….

      • kitromney

        ah dangit, i’m sorry, I meant to say my grandparents go south, I guess I screwed that one up, one of those days you start to forget things, like wash the dishes, feed the rabbits, or rotate clothes, you know.

  • Noone

    really? REALLY!?!?

  • kitromney

    I just noticed the gleam in the eye that you get when your giving off the emotion of love to a lover, and I don’t feel very comfortable with way she’s looking in our general direction, almost like she wants to kiss or hug us for some gift we may or may not have given, just sayin.

  • Newker

    i hope that if the unicorn guy is legit dead, a big red X with appear over his face

  • Chaos


    • kitromney

      Yeah, Merry Xmas To You!

    • The_Rippy_One

      Merry Christmas. Every One!

  • HoppyGuy

    I wish Furfur would find me. I’d be happy to be used for a while.

  • MrAMP

    Wait, so after being trapped all these years, stuck in a new world with Ram no longer ruling over them, and with true defenses against the Silent Men alone, they’re just going to go their own separate ways? Man…talk about no loyalty or team work there. Are Devions really this cold or is it just survival of the fittest mentality?

    Also, is it just me or is Furfur the true reason that @Avencri has made all those Rule 63 variation of all the comic strips? You know, because she can transform into the opposite of all the main characters. XD

    But I am confused about one thing. I know that Froneus can take the disguise of whoever the viewer views him as, but can’t the Silent Men simply see that he is a Devion?

    • Seth Coplen

      There seems to be areas outside of the queen’s influence like the desert area where Ron was searching for the relic.

      • Shadowkey392

        That’s because that’s in a different country.

    • Shadowkey392

      If they stuck together, they’d stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Theobservantwolf

    I think we all know who’s talking to the fleshbender at the end here, should be interesting whether or not I’m right in guessing it’s Mr. red-eyes.