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  • Chalo

    Uff! Here’s the missing comic of the week. A day later but delivered to you almost as fresh! haha.

    Today it was a holiday day for us down here. Thank God, because it would have been much harder if I had to do this in a normal day. Even so, I dont want this to happen on consecuent updates so I may have to plan things much more ahead. I can’t say there won’t be any other delays but I’ll try to keep them at the minimun possible.

    Thanks alot for supporting us even now that LL isn’t as constant as it used to be. Things may change later on. Who knows? *grin*

    Well, off I go! Need to clean up more puppy’s messings! XD

  • S Wolf95.

    i love how this comic swaps back and forth between funny and serious pages. this is my third re-reading of the comic and it still hansn’t gotten old

  • goodtigerclaw

    thisbpage is really sexy :3