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  • JoatOrion

    Awwwww… cute…. Still, I wonder how you can blush with fur….

    • MarMar

      It makes for a VERY light-headed furry, with all that blood to be able to be visible past the fur located in those places. x.x

      • SmilingAhab

        Now I always thought of furries as having a very sparse, fine layer of fur, something between the ancient arboreal forest on my old mutt and the peach fuzz humans grow. Dense enough to provide color, but possibly thin enough and goosebump-y enough to see a blush through.

        Or I could just be way overthinking it. Whenever we get on the subject of furries my mind races through the epigenetic alterations necessary to create one.

  • *snif¨Really really cute…I love romantic moments

  • Balthasar

    Ahhhh puppy love >.> Can’t really help that pun here can we now.

  • astersa

    please tell me chalo Tiggs will not be a lesbian, please I really love her.ah yes this is amazing: o

  • Ryou Sakai


  • lodomy

    astersa,shes actually not going to be, she’s bisexual. it’s kinda explained in the LL bonus comic Learning Curves

    • astersa

      really. not is lying?

  • That one chick

    HHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGThe cuteness!  It’s off the charts!!

  • How the puppy and the bunny found love.. Cute. ^^

  • Jesse

    Cute. ness. ex. plosion.

  • RennisTora

    Awwwwww~♥It’s nice to see honest hearts again  o w o


  • Pyro

    I cried

  • Broot

    And now the dog has caught the rabbit.  Cliche, but still done well.  Good thing they aren’t in a hurry.  that would make the storyline too short.

  • Dawwwwww :o)

  • TaffxRannie

    DAWWWHHHH, I can’t help but smile. I love these two, I hope they never ever break apart! They’re adorable and good for one another, so cuute!!

  • Pachi-O

    I always thought he liked men. That one picture of him and Miles didn’t help even if it was a joke. What a surprise. :3

  • Spheal

    I still prefer that Taffy get together with Miles than Rannie.

  • i know what you mean xD

  • Darkguyver2020

    Get a room, you two!

  • Renadt

    I see Rachel and Miles maybe hooking up in the future. But yeah, if only this worked for more people in real life, as we head into Singles Awareness Day.

  • eeyup… love… its done

  • KingPose

    D’awwwwwwwwwwww :3 They’re so adorable! And they use the same conditioner, so that should make things easier. I just noticed, they also have a little fluff in the same place o: THEY’RE SO ALIKE. Still, adorable :3

  • YamoMamo


  • How will their children look like??? 0.o (I bet cute :3)

  • warmfuzzy

    The one.

  • That Guy With The Beard

    Am I the ONLY person out there who isn’t a fan of this coupling? I mean yes, there’s obviously a connection, but there’s something about it that just tweaks my “nope.” gland.

    • Aazia

      No, you’re not the only one. I don’t support this either…they just seem better off as good friends rather than a couple…

  • supercrazy

    just in time for February 

  • Flyboy1945

    Wonder if they’re still going to trick the house?

  • Katzy

    D:> SOOOO precious~ 

  • Comichero

    Im gointo field the blushing question on furries it quite simple actualy and you can look and most animails to se my point ther fur on mot anima’s is actual alots finer and shorter so you are actualy able to see the skin under it so while Rannie and Taffy would undoubtly see the blushing it  has been slightly exragerated so we  a thrid party could see it cuz if we were in the resturant looking on it would like two lovers holding hands doesnt  really have the same visual punch  now does it

  • SuperVoop

    Enough with R & R making boo boo eyes at each other.  Lets get to the real story of Mora and Alej.

  • keith

    Spheal-you mean the guy who only used Taffy for sex? and then ADMITTED it to her face!?

  • Explosion Zuruck

    *Gets ready with the camera to blackmail them making out over the table and a Video-camera taped to an RC for the bathroom*

  • MrAMP

    Now this is a nice moment away from all the drama with Alej.

  • Renadt

    Kieth, it was more about what he thought a relationship should be, rather than what it meant to Taffy. Read Learning Curves. He was more used to physical activity earlier, and Taffy was a virgin who Miles did actually like.

  • Austin

    Well, this is swell an’ all, but if there’s one thing that won’t be so swell when it returns and sees this, it’s Miles. The dudes are almost perfect clones, not counting the specie differences, so I foresee Miles seeing this as a way to get with a guy who has the same face, but a different tone. Miles may be a bit of a dim light, but he does like taffy an awful lot. This won’t end well. ^^;

  • NOT COOL, not cool at all, it’s not cool to make a man blush and giggle like a little girl which you just made me do. jk, loved it.

  • hehe yeah they look pretty cute together, but how long do you think till she breaks the doggys heart as well? ^.=.^

  • Curtis

    Excuse me, I have to go and get a shot of insulin from the over use of sugar in this comic.  LOL j/k Very sweet…just the blush makes it sweet but everything else is just gravy…or would it be icing?

  • Huh?

    I don’t care for fur in my pizza……… how about………….. SPINX CAT PIZZA

  • valthazar

    Ah…in that situation. i’d totally kiss her. she already made a feint Signal she wants to kiss him too lol. they’re perfect for each other. She wants to take it steady, He doesn’t wanna ruin anything good he has in his life, both are communicating and understanding each other. they both need this. they both need each other. =D

  • man in a silly hat

    this comic blows shitballs my ball sack slapping agenst my fatass thighs can come withwit hsomething better.

  • Renadt

    ^Then do so. If you can, of course. Seeing as obvious troll can’t even spell, you probably can not. I pity your inferior brain mass. I’d give you some of mine, but it would be wasted on someone such as you.

  • name without an icon

    The amount of cute contained in this article is slightly less than the cute displayed by Fluttershy when she blushed.

  • oh wow! I love the site’s new design, it’s beautiful and looks so organized! looks like it still needs a few tweeks, but wow, I love it. <3 the new banner looks beautiful, too. <3<3<3

  • Happyguy1

    I am really happy for taffy see need’s a good man in her life.Oh and I like the new look of the website.

  • Chalo, hope you don’t mind. I registerd this comic for So far, its got 1 vote… Tell ppl about it, and they’ll vote more.

  • MrTophat

    I like the new site design, also adorable bunny and puppy love.

  • Mihari

    We are still working the quirks including uploading the newest comic.

  • victorymon

    wow I like the new design

  • kathy


  • kathy


  • RobinGoodfellow

    I half want to make a jokey “And this is why dogs are better than cats” comment, but this is too nice a moment to ruin with an unquantifiable comparison.

  • Toshiro Tushima

    I see you drew a open-chest sweater. It look good on her.

    • ITR

      I still don’t get it.
      It’s like a sweater, that’s supposed to keep you warm, but then there’s a hole there which keeps you cold…

  • Timecapsule13

    Why does the name Odram ring a bell. I know I heard outside of this comic somewhere…..

    • NixieSeal

      Seems ODRAM means “One Day Ride Across Michigan.”

      • CinnamonSalve

        Sounds like someone is up for shenanigans.

  • Leokingdom10

    I’m guessing once he meets Odram, it’s gonna be an epic fail or something.

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    Fuckin’ called it

  • Ghastmask Zombie

    And with this, I finally give up on this comic. I loved the old Anthronauts so much, but this is so different I don’t know how you can call it by the same name. Maybe this is great, perhaps it’s brilliant, but I can’t see it. I’m too blinded by what it isn’t to see the value in what it is. I bid you a fond farewell and wish you the best in all your endeavors, Nixie, but I’m sorry to say you’ll have one less fan to follow it. No hard feelings.

    • SqueakingShoebox

      Lol, bye.

  • Andy Oh

    I’m guessing that Odram is just as clueless as Boris. Either that or Odram and Boris are the few remaining of their species and their planet is destroyed.

  • samuraieagle

    she’s got that hot librarian look going…