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I can feel Taffy is going to bitch about getting things happening too fast which she always does. She hasn`t even shown a `treat` to the Pup yet. She is going to get freaked out that is granted. Maybe they will split up, because he is going too fast? Like faster than a sleepy snail during winter pulling a weight of 10 kgs.

Did anyone notice, that Patches wants to kiss Rannie? 🙂

Calm down people their just close friends. Keep your fantasies at bay.

Someone tell Patches to keep her fantasies at bay! Quick!

Have you guys never had a family member kiss you on the check?
Saying that i grew up with an Italian family as family friends and they did it the most but even my family did it occasionally

Its not such a common thing in the US, but it’s more just how terribly executed it was. I mean there is no sign that she did give him a friendly kiss of that there was any lead UP to it, it’s just.. There. its terribly done in the form of sequential art. Why not just SHOW the kiss on contact? Why this odd in between?

Ohhh snap, I already see it coming.

Taffy is gonna end up saying no to Randal or chicken out because she ain’t ready for a life time of Randal. And the reason why she ain’t ever ready is because of “we only just started dating” or “We need more time to understand each other” basically what happened in Rascals. Or something else I don’t know.

It looks like patches was making a move but I think she was just moving a side to give him room to sit. After all he’s been like a big brother to her so she has some respect towards him. Maybe she was trying to prevent her hair from falling over her face. I squealed in delight reading Randal wants to marry Taffy. Sheesh give Taffy some credit Randal has been good to Taffy and he doesn’t seem to be pushing her for sex until she is ready (and until he is ready for that matter) I know Rascals is at a time of dread with Our Beloved Reiko and Skye having a rough time, but that doesn’t mean we should lose hope on Taffy & Randal. I really believe Taffy would say yes. If not that is life.

Why is everyone so happy?? What with going bankrupt and all? Like SERIOUSLY, Alej is happy on the FIRST panel after discussing a very “serious” situation, but yeah, I dunno why I’m surprised anymore with this comic, jumping from one outlandish situation to the other and everyone doing a complete 180 in their attitude.

Apparently Taffy is going to say no. She’s gonna pull a Reiko on us all. I’m sorry but let’s face it. We are all pretty much gonna guess that it’s going to happen. Taffy seems to be the type that would just avoid marriage relationship. Unless Chalo is going to duped us to think that. I mean Taffy did show her affection but she hasn’t even given the pup a ‘treat’.

Well. Lets count all the ways this can go wrong, And I don’t mean for the characters, I mean for the fuckers writing this shit.

Perfect chance to brush aside all the stuff that would actually make the web comic interesting and force Mora to grow?
Have the Farm be magically fixed outside of story while the wedding happens?
Have Taffy either be inconsistent and say yes waay to easily, or flip out WAAY to hard in her no?
“Friends” being “helpful” by “Guiding” Taffy into saying yes? .. in other words being assholes and forcing her to say yes?
Will we even get the fucking wedding or the farm closing? Probs not.. but they gotta be working OVERtime to get that Taff/Rand Porn flowing now, I wonder how long Chalodildo has held off on THAT stuff.

And now for more stuff they just fucked up in general.

Brutal mood shift and total lack of acknowledgement of the crisis looming? Well that’s here in spades, I mean if you found out you where going ot be tanked in a few months, you wouldn’t be so joyful to the next person coming in. So there is that glaring inconstancy.

Why is Patches looken like she’s about to smooch Randel? Seriously, WTF. She just scolded Mora for being a class A dumbass and nitwit and now she looks like she’s flirting with doggo there.

In any GOOD comic, the impending foreclosure (lets hope) of the farm would mean that there would be a really small wedding or a damper on it, .. buuuut, I’m guessing we just see Mora spend more money on drinks, a girls night out and all sorts of dumb shit.. because what are Consequences? This story sure as hell doesn’t fricken know.

Ok, I understand why they’re doing this but why now? With the farm going bankrupt and still no conclusion on the mall incident teaser with the “We found her” thing (at least to what I know of), why now? It would’ve made more sense if Randal talked about the wedding about a day or 2 BEFORE hand, Taffy saying yes (although it would be out of character) THEN Patches tells Mora about the farm becoming bankrupt. It would make more sense with the suspense of ‘Will The Show Go On?’ and Mora saying that they can is more reasonable PLUS if the wedding does fail, 1 of 2 things can happen:
1. Mora realizes that she can’t do the wedding and tries to blame it on everyone but fails, realizes her mistake and has some character development or
2. Taffy learns this, gets cold-feet and calls off the wedding, leading to a domino effect wear everyone hates each other now and leave the farm ending Las Lindas or starting a fresh pallet for new characters (except for Mora and maybe Minos)
Both make a more sensible end for the series or the chapter other than some Ex-Machina that saves the farm and the wedding (come on guys, that’s what’s going to happen; they’ve done it before) and Mora learns nothing.

Btw: Could someone tell me if they did answer the ‘we found her’ thing, when I first saw it I got really excited but since I’m still (relatively) new to Las Lindas I haven’t read all of the bonus comics yet so I don’t know if they did

No.. don’t ruin the moment by saying that the place may get shut down.. If he pays to have the wedding there, then it may help the place stay open longer.

Yes, cause Doggo TOTALLY just has all that money laying around, remember that comic Arc where he got rich? Yeah me neither, and Weddings are ONLY profitable for the people running the wedding services.

Okay, you realize that the wedding venue is a service, alongside catering, music, and photography. Most people end up renting out a venue for a wedding for special reasons, places that do this can make lots of money, I should know since the area I live at has about ten Wedding Barns, which are special barns designed as a wedding venue where the provide catering, while the soon to be married couple must bring music and photography. And those are just the Wedding barns, there are numerous places you can get for a wedding venue, and all of them you have to rent apart from Churches. So.. you would be wrong there. Now, he may not have a buttload of money, but he may have quite a bit saved up for a wedding, you know, like most people do when they plan a wedding, so he could say, pay for renting the place as a venue with the catering, music, and photography coming from friends rather than paying for it to a company instead.

Ok, you realize that while you are correct about some of this stuff, you also are very mistaken about some of this stuff and just come off like a ignorant jack ass when you try and sass right?

What money would he have saved up? He’s working for the Farm that is broken, Unless they pull some extra bull shit that says he’s been saving this entire time? not gonna happen. I don’t know if you know this, but guys typically don’t save for a wedding JUST IN CASE they meet a gal they wanna marry. It doesn’t work that way, as a matter of fact it is the father of the bride that is expected to fit the tab for most expenses, but being that Taffy isn’t exactly on good terms with her parents? yeah.. probably not.

And yes, Those are places that are built around being a WEDDING SERVICE! Guess what Las Puntas aint? A WEDDING SERVICE! You can’t just quick swap a business to do that and expect to make money any more than you can a Pizza place to make greek food and expect it not to be a huge pain in the ass. Your places where PLANNED to be wedding places, and have the Business set up to BE a WEDDING VENUE. Something Las Lindas can’t do, nor can they expect to make more money from THEIR OWN FRICKEN EMPLOYEE when they themselves probably can’t PAY HIM THE NEXT WHILE because they are GOING BANKRUPT.

You can’t make money from INSIDE a failing system to save the system that is failing!

So no. I’m not wrong in any aspect, You just don’t understand how business or money works, in the slightest.

No, you are wrong.. and I’m sorry, but, I’m sure he is an employee, which means he get’s payed, so he can save up, and some people do save up for a wedding.. I’m sorry if that’s not how it goes where ever you are at, but down here, if the guy wants to, he can and will pay for the entire wedding. And while the Wedding barns are specifically designed as a wedding venue, we have areas that aren’t designed for that, yet still get rented out for weddings. If Las lindas were to get money from holding the wedding there, then they could invest that money and use it to get themselves out of bankruptcy and fix their current problems that have put them into bankruptcy, now, they may have to pay their employees less come next paycheck and then later on once they are out of the red, reimburse them for the temporary decrease in pay, but yes, a company can in fact, make money from their employees. Can they make more money, no, can they get money to invest and help get out of the red, yes, they can.

I’m sorry, what part of “they work for a farm. do not make lots of money, guys typically do not save up for a wedding BEFORE asking the girl” don’t you get?

Also if a FARM, a BUSINESS is not able to make money to not go bankrupt, then one single employee OF the business that is GOING BANKRUPT is not going to be able to pour in money to help save it unless they are a CEO or some crap.

You’re still wrong, and an idiot, Who has no idea how money works, or how weddings are actually paid for. I can tel you for sure, that none of my friends or family, have saved for a wedding “just in case” but rather only saved after they knew the wedding would happen.

Okay, first off you don’t realize how farms work, they make a lot more money than you realize, but because of how expensive to run a farm, even though they make more money than most people, they don’t end keeping most of it, as for the employee, ever heard of saving up money. You can do that people.. and it doesn’t just have to be a for a wedding, you can literally save up money to have in case of any problems that may come along or if a big occasion occurs, like say a Wedding!! As for saving the farm, I am not saying that one payment into them is gonna get them out of the Red instantaneously, I am saying that they can take that money, invest it into better ways to manage the farm, slowly increase their income while decreasing the amount of money they would lose due to inefficient use of land, resources, and equipment. This is a comic, one of the advantages is that they can do a time jump… kinda like what they did with Rascals.

Farms? Make a lot of money? Yeah, That must of been why my family had a ‘successful’ one but we still had to live in a large mobile home on the lot. Yes, people can save money, but no one saves money for a WEDDING JUST TO SAVE MONEY FOR A WEDDING unless they KNOW it is going to happen. a Wedding is not a ‘problem’ and you don’t use money from your emergency funds for a wedding, because ..guess what, then you didn’t save it for an “EMERGENCY”

You’re just a new brand of stupid aren’t you? Farm Hands don’t make that much doing Farm hand stuff, and you are right, Farms DON’T keep most of their money cause it goes right back into making sure their stock for next year and Equipment is all good to go again, It’s not going toward the people doing manual labor. I and the farmers stuck between trying to follow US laws and trying to save any money they can by paying wetbacks pennies on the dollar for their work, will tell you that.

Dude, I am from two families that have owned farms, my mother’s family owned a Rabbit Farm and my dad’s family at one point owned cattle and horses, then eventually goats, and a donkey, now they rent out that land to other farmers so we can still get a profit out of that giant piece of property. I know the farm hands don’t make the most, most of my family members don’t have super high paying jobs, my sister probably has one of the highest paying jobs in my family, and that’s because she started her own business, but the money my parent’s have is from years of saving. And they use it for what they deem necessary to use it for, whether it be helping me sis with her business, helping me through college so that I can get a job that pays more than what theirs does, or to help family members to pay for stuff, like say, a wedding.. which we have done on multiple occasions, though multiple times those weddings were payed half and half, half from the Groom, and half from the Brides side of the family. But I have seen guys pay for their weddings out of their own pocket.. not often, but I have seen it.

A Rabbit farm and a Ranch are not the same as a vegetable farm, you stupid sack of shit.

Yes, YEARS OF SAVING. Not One fucking dude, working as a farm hand, for maybe a year on the damn farm. It’s only been 2 years or so sense the comic started. Randle doens’t HAVE years and years of saving, and even though you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, I assume your parents are not as retarded as Mora and actually ran a farm SOMEWHAT CORRECTLY and didn’t somehow go broke after the stupid ruler hamster in the sky said “lol, you win the festival, cause reasons.”

And if you recall correctly, Mora WASN’T PAYING ANYONE when they where working to WIN the Festival.

Umm, no, dude, a company hoping a SINGLE employee would get them out of bankruptcy is like a person expecting to survive only out of drinking their own pee. Seriously, Ran is probably asking Mora to have his wedding there to spare some (if not ALL) of the expenses, I agree with Joshua (and not only because he’s my BFF from Las Lindas’ comments), but you truly don’t know how economy works, if a company could survive by having their employees giving their own money back, Walmart wouldn’t be open to the public, like geez, dude, use your noggin or something.

I fully expect to catch crap for this, but its been a few years since last i read and i want to get caught up without starting over at the beginning… is there an archive that works?

(Also, Its about damn time this happens)

Awwwwww! Yayyy!

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