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  • Vixen

    ALL THE FEELS <3 This is so cute….

    • Commander Clash

      Is it just me or does anyone else seem to hear the tune "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" playing in the background softly?

      • Parry

        Funny thing is, I was listening to that song while reading this page.
        Coincidence? I think NOT.

      • kes

        Nope. Not at all. That song is often used before bed time antics, which this is not. The scene does not call for that song at all.

      • Commander Clash

        Really? I was looking at it as the genuine love and care between Mora and Minos, not anything sexual.

  • OneManCOMICS

    Ha! Cute.

    It's weird for me to be one of the first to comment on one of these pages.

  • Kizzness

    Despite how annoying Mora can be, I still think she and Minos are cute together 🙂

  • Stephen Walker

    The cuteness level is definitely over 9000 in that last panel.

  • Silivious

    Daww…..quite cute.

  • Thor

    Holy crap! There's absolutely no cleavage in this strip! A SIGN OF THE END TIMES!!

    • Bucc-i

      Its true!!!
      Chalo, are you feeling alright? I hope you're not sick! Are you eating properly?

      • GUEST

        Maybe… Chalo is an impostor.
        *dramatic music*

    • Sly

      Holy shit, I didn't notice. Must be someone else that drew this strip.

    • Brefin

      Tiny bit of Minos cleavage for you there…

    • ArkNorth

      Sometimes you just have to take a break from drawing circles.

  • astersa

    that beautiful, touching her ear. : 3

  • Strongspank

    Awww They are so cute

  • Strife23

    I've missed the Mora/Minos snuggle moments. Especially tender and sweet in that last panel. That, and her lil' giggle is really the icing on the "d'aww" cake.

  • So cute, really like the choice of color and lighting effects used in this page, it somehow sets a fitting mood.

  • Tubadudarino
    • Tubadudarino

      Da crap… thats not what I wanted to post lol

      I was wondering if we'd see more of the two of them together! So Mushy!

  • Elder

    It's nice to see Minos cheer up Mora, a very tender moment.

  • Victor

    He's so getting laid tonight… AGAIN XD

  • Kuoru

    god I love the cute moments like this, this is why I read this comic ^_^

  • RandomRedneck

    That's sweet right there.

  • caine

    Now that's love

  • Not just Love it's being there for your loved one in their time of need, when you offer a friendly ear to listen to what bothers them and help get thru things together (not to be accused of being a spy or grill info out of them in a moment of weakness)

  • Bucc-i

    Diana?!? Doesn't she mean Mother? I just hate it when people call their parents by their first name. It shows disrespect.

    • Uhl

      Not always. There are cultures where calling your mother or father by anything other than the first name is disrespectful. Especially in some rather "noble" families.

      I'm sure Diana was the kind of person who wanted EVERYONE to call her "Diana", even her own daughter.

  • kawaiiChii

    "A good temper"? Minos, stop spouting lies!

    • Neku

      It's a reference to when Mora said her mom "was not someone you could cross", I think. Mora was proud of mommy's gentle heart and hidden fury that made her get taken seriously. Minos pointed out she has the same fury is all. :p

  • BigBadWolf

    If only taffy was single lol,
    oh, and great job on the comic i have had you bookmarked since the day i found it!

  • Dragonious

    Not trying to sound bad or not, because this is really cute, but the thing is….Minos has always stricken me as the type of guy that would leave Mora, if he knew it was for the best

    • NeoVictorian

      While a believer in coincidences, Minos showing up at Las Lindas is a big one.. and given the incredible strength he has shown, I am of the 'he is connected to the Primes' camp. So while he may have feelings for Mora, I think he's also there to monitor her.

      • That's would be true. Minos is the Crest of Earth and works under Ambar. And possibly directly, so as for the monitoring part, those have been my thoughts for a while. Ambar probably sent him there in the first place to do so.

  • jarf6

    That was a really cute moment, but I still wonder how Minos will react if he discovers Mora's "little" secret.

  • otterpoet

    Nice scene all around 🙂 And from an artistic stand-point…Damn, those are amazing angles!!! Well done, Chalo.

  • I just <3 Minos. He's so cute =^.^=

  • Red

    Every single character looks so adorable in here

  • Why does Mora keep referring to her mother by her first name? Why not call her "Mom", "Mother", "Mama", "Ma", or anything like that? Does she feel she doesn't deserve to refer to her as her mother for some reason?

    And given this, Randal hasn't told anyone else what Mora told him and Alej back at the grave. I'm eager to see how Minos reacts when Mora tells him what she told Randal.

    His reaction and actions after will prove or disprove my theory.

    • Kurai

      I always feel it's because she feels guilty about leaving her mom, or maybe to distance herself from the emotion or feel from the word.

  • Otaku if he DOES NOT ASK she will NOT TELL as it's not something she just casually blurts out to just anyone it's her own personal secret and she told it because she was asked with great reluctance there

    • Remember to hit the reply button when you want to ensure that I get the message. 🙂

      But he will ask. He WILL ask. After all, why do you think he's buttering her up?

      • "buttering her up" is a figure of speech y'know so it's not like she's going to blurt out her "secret" to him just like that so must try again

    • Except Mora says flat out that he's buttering her up "Into Talking".

      He's gonna ask, and she's gonna tell, and then I'll know soon if my theory is correct or not.

  • Albert

    Awwww!!!! Sweet lover's moment.

  • Irate_Shaman

    Wow, the lighting effects look great! That must have taken forever to do.

  • Friz

    I'm more or less certain you have to have autism to enjoy this.

    • Purefox

      As someone who has Aspergers, I must echo Nia's words. (never thought I'd be agreeing with him/her, but there you go).

      • Godfreid

        Ditto, and also, don't fuck with disabled people, it'll just end up bad for both parties… I should know, as I do have aspergers as well…

    • VideoGamer

      "Leave people to what they believe"…and go fuck off, dipshit.

    • Hallucination

      Dude this comment is just simply astounding to me, i mean what the hell? I don't even understand how your comment actually portrays any meaning beyond blind hatred. Did Cartman write this? Just pure unadulterated WTF.

      • unthinkably swag

        i like how the dude said that one has to have autism to enjoy this, and out of the blue, two people with aspergers, clearly reading the comic, go ballistic.

        Whats up with that then?

        Oh and i too have aspergers, but im cool with this shit.
        So dont go throwing kitchen knives at me, i just found the whole situation fairly facetious.

  • william

    mora is remembering all the good things about her mother, it'll be good for her after that big revelation with alejandra. especially with minos there to share the memories with.

  • the one

    Does any one else notice that this isnt chalos usual style
    theres something different i think its rounder than-cuter than his usual art

    • TheBlueNinja

      Not to mention the rather alarming lack of cleavage. Or boobs period for that matter. XD

      But yeah, I noticed that too. Could've been a bad drawing week or something. A weekly comic can be a hard thing to get out on time, so sometimes you have to cheat here and there or just say "Screw it, let it go through."

      Though if I had to give constructive criticism, I'd say that Chalo is kinda milking this plot point by now. It kinda feels like the story has come to a halt at this point.

    • it's his style alright just in a different "mood" of sorts because you can draw according to your mood y'know

  • Nicodeme

    guh… it's so frustrating that Minos loves Mora so much…

  • Angeloni87

    Ahhh so nice to see a somewhat calm moment. Leave it to Minos to cool the little lady off.

  • james

    eh. was listening to Sleeper Agent's 'That's My Baby' with this ^_@

  • Flyboy1945

    The Significant Other, the cure to most anything.

  • Chazz

    -vomits in a bag- Can we move on, Mora's already disgusted me enough already. Get back to Rachael and Miles.

    • MIB victim.

      Shoots Chazz.

      Zaps him with a neuralizer.

      "You really, like Mora. You always have. It's just so annoying to see her taken by another man time, and time again for you."

    • Chakat Stripedfur

      You know what, dude? The next time you have a thought…just let it go. It's not worth the amount of brain cells you'll lose trying to type it.

      • CJ Mercline

        To quote 'The Big Bang Theory': Bazinga!

  • Eric Oxner

    Any body out there besides me.Think minso is a prime?I mean he seems to way stronger than normal.Theres some thing about him.I haven,t been thinking about him all that offian.He seems to be pretty boring guy.But lately I took a peek at the archives.Go and check it out for youselfs and you will see what I am talking about.

    • jarf6

      Yes, Minos is a Prime. Actually, all the characters of this comic except Ailana are Primes. The thing about Minos is that he is a Crest. The earth Crest, to be more precise.

  • Well, her being half death-rabbit, I'm not surprised that Mora's ears are a ticklish spot.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU??? There is a distinct lack of the LULZ in this comment section, A DISTINCT LACK OF LULZ! HOW DARE YOU ALL, NOT HAVE SOME RAGE DEBATE, SOME STUPID ARGUMENT, SOMETHING COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY POINTLESS TO TALK ABOUT! Now I have nothing but YouTube to get me through the next page, AND IT ALL YOUR GUYS' FAULTS! AND NO! TALKING ABOUT THE LACK OF CLEAVAGE (which I do find is a nice change of pace since I'm not a fanservicy whore like some people are though I'm not pointing fingers) IS NOT ENOUGH! NOT ENOUGH YOU HEAR ME! You all all ROO THE DAY COMMENTERS! YOU HEAR ME??? ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo0000000000000oooooooooooooooooooooooo…………oooooooooooooo……*whew*…ooooooooo000oooooo00ooooooo.

    Cornflake sundae.

    • Tubadudarino

      I friggen love you XD

  • Okay, for all the people belly-aching about a lack of teh sexy in this latest comic…


    What more could you want?!

    GEEEEEEZZZZZ! – said like this:

    Go have some coffee! With cream! Or something! Because I'll tell YOU something! This is a HAPPY place!

    • Chocothunda

      ROFL! Ah…Freakazoid…so useful in many situations. Good times XD

      Also, I like how the last panel is an awesome bit of sweetness for both characters XD

    • Thor

      Ummm…I haven't seen anyone belly-aching about the lack of sexy in this strip. WTF are you talking about?

      • Look for comments by "TheBlueNinja" to find one of them.

    • TheBlueNinja

      I think you misunderstood my meaning. I'm not at all disappointed by the lack of boobs in this comic. For crying out loud, I can get those anytime I want. This is the INTERNET, bitches!

      What I and some other people were getting at is that Chalo draws huge boobs and cleavages so often, even in the mainstream stuff outside of BB, that the actual lack of them is legitimately shocking.

      • Oh I get it now. It's not so much an incessant demand for boobs as it is…

        "Wait… there's no exposed female cleavage or pronounced boobage going on right now? Something's coming… something big!"

        Like that?

  • WizzardRabbit

    It seems as though black text bubbles spread like a disease. First Alej gets it, then tootsie contracts the sickness, and finally Mora gets it. The suspense is killing me. Who will get it next? Taffy who's more susceptible or Minos who was in closer range of the subject? O.o

  • keith

    i thought Minos'text bubbles were black?

  • Greg White

    I think that Mora's parents did a great job raising her.

  • *sniff* *tearing* thats so beautiful.

  • unthinkably swag

    out of all the things she has left of her mother, two black t-shirts?
    I just dont get women anymore.

    And i dont blame em.

    Having all those holes and shit in you would turn anyone crazy.

    Oh and pushing larvae out of you?
    That shit aint in any way sane.

  • they only get black text boxes when they're mad

  • thekittycaty

    ohhhh wtf whit "mementos" ? is "momentos"……..

    • They're like "momentos", but also are also the "Fresh-Maker"!

  • Zack Hisakaru

    Ah Minos, he's such a good guy

  • Tu

    UGH. What an awful perspective!

    Also, way too fancy bedroom for someone who was almost in the street some years ago!

  • Culwecth

    Taffy did the decorating, I bet…

  • revilnemesis3

    At least there is no flaming on this page…

    I just jinxed it, didn't I?

    • Mirasia

      Go up two comments.

  • i'm a dude and this made ME smille and grin like a little girl watching a soap, awesome

  • Dragon king

    uumm ok waaaaaaay off topic but i've seen many species in this comic have you tried a dragon? yeah i know probably just me and not at all trying to be an ass but yeah i love the work but not many reptiles >yes people read your history dragons are reptiles< don't care if you say they never existed there is proof all around us OPEN YOUR EYES and yes fully aware of the dragon gods just we dont get to see any form of dragons in here….just saying

    • hfjedut

      You are the most relentlessly stupid being I have ever had the displeasure to observe. Given the usual idiotic bickering, that's saying rather an appalling amount.

      I don't count Youtube commentators as "beings", because you have to draw the line *somewhere*.

  • Now that i think about, does minos have a prime parent too? it would probably explain why he so strong,

    • lala

      lol its the rejected prime family!

  • fred

    Yeah, a good temper. I’m sure you’d never physically assault someone just for being a love rival, you would only use violence in self defense. Seriously, Minos is not good enough for Rachael, she’s better off with Miles, he says incredibly hurtful things but he’d never condone that kind of crap.