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im cofused by what she means that she is fitting her bras better. As a titty owner, that makes no sense to me

Ok, so get this, Being that this person knows nothing about biology, Animal or other wise, Prime Cows constantly produce Milk, preggers or not in their breasts. So Mora is implying that she let the mouse suck her down some .. cause.. you know.. nursing is totally the same as being sexually attracted to someone or some crap (Sarc).

Yeah.. welcome to the “Logic” of this comic.

i was wondering if I was thinking the right thing but I was like…titties don’t work like that? Oh well, I guess they do here.

Just look at how Mora is drawn with her grandma boobs, Seriously.. if her boobs look like that, she aged poorly.

Nothing works how it should, from character interaction to ,story progression’ to anatomy. There’s a reason Chalo rarely breaks 600 bucks a page on his patreon while others rake in thousands.

Well, and that reason is actually not bringing ANYTHING new to the table, like, the best thing people can get out of this is mild amusement (if their expectations are sufficiently low), but really, it has nothing that has never seen before, or that a 6th-grader couldn’t think of, like seriously, there’s NOTHING new nor original about this comic, characters are generic AF and constantly switching personalities, they are also heavily uninspiring and not memorable, potentially interesting plot points get solved via plot convenience of just plain discarded, art gets more ridiculous with the ever changing body proportions, little lore ever gets explained, and when it does, it conflicts with character’s actions or just makes no goddamn sense.

Like really, is there ANYTHING special about this comic? It’s a genuine question I’m pondering myself.

10 dias despues, pero porque no… estoy bien, hubo un lo que se dice enjambre de terremotos (estoy en el pais de donde viene chalo btw), ocacionalmente hay alguno que otro, pero se han calmado, los medios de comunicacion aseguran que no es el volcan que esta cerca… asi que se pudo disfrutar del fin de semana largo comodamente… gracias 😉

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