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Ask the High Prime!
  • Random person

    Anyone notice her ears get longer of the span of the entire comic.

    • Random person

      And I meant the whole comic series if i was a little to vague.

  • GespenstKAF

    I loved Green Acres: that show was funny.

  • MrAMP

    The better question is can an animal be naked if they have fur all over. That…and she’s technically an animal fox person anyway. She’s communing with Mother Nature.

  • Corvette0077

    Oh my goodness yes, Celia, it would *definitely* be a shame to hide your cuteness! Which is ever overflowing and ridiculous. Also, it is amusing to see some of the characters acting more and more like animals. I look forward to the inevitable plotline where one of them completely loses it.

    • Chairmander

      Are you implying Celia hasn’t already completely lost it?

  • codebracker

    Yay, the comic is back.
    Also she’s a mad naturalist, weeeeeeeeeeee!