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  • Mr. Morgen


  • Mr. Squeeks

    ^_^ Taff sure pulled one over on Randy. They make a very cute couple though!!!

  • Judah4

    Awe, how cute those two are 🙂


  • Memory

    Sweet Zombie Monkey Jesus the facial expression in the second panel… I need insulin I’m going into sugar shock that was so cute.

  • Rascal

    You really nailed the facial expressions on this one.

  • DAMN STRAIT ITS ONE spinach and mushrooms with extra cheese got to try that

  • belmontzar

    AWWW this is so cute and they do make an adorable couple.   ^_^

  • Aegrotat

    I think that this has to be one of the cutest comics made so far… Between the second and final panel alone, all I could think was “D’awww”.What a good couple.

  • Willard

    I just hope that they have enough shampoo betwixt the two of them.

  • Flyboy1945

    Oh NOW they realize it’s a date.

  • Its a date?!? i would never have guessed…. XP Honk Honk :o)

  • Alex C

    And We Have A Winner!

  • Industrifox

    Bawh chicka bow wow!

  • Potatoskin

    First panel. Taff’s face. Oh muh gawd that is adorable.

  • DCKitty

    Fluffiest. Couple. Ever.

  • well now she took randall for a loop but he doesn’t seem to mind it much just a little bit “flustered” it seems Taffy is really interested in him and this appears to be his “test” hope it turns out ok n_n

  • filias

    i totally approve the bacon theory.

  • Karidon

    They’re totally going to be hot for each other.  😛

  • Banter-O-Rilley

    Okay, NOW it’s official. I really like the last panel on account of both of their reactions!…Also, they’re having dinner but I wonder what they did before they got to the parlor? 

  • psychokitty

    They’re so cute together!!!!! I WANNA GIB DEM HUGZ!!!!!!

  • Meat Lovers and Veggie Delight Pizza coming together on one pie!?  BLASPHEMY!  Otherwise, Randal and Taffy are cute together.

  • Meat Lovers and Veggie Delight Pizza coming together on one pie!?  BLASPHEMY!  Also, Randal and Taffy are cute together.

  • Jax

    That pizza is blasphemy.Page is overloading with cute.

  • MrTophat

    Bunny nom = adorable

  • Ahhh, grape soda!  Nothing beats that when having pizza!That reminds me, I’m thirsty……what date?  Oh yeah, yeah…Alej is not gonna like having a bunny steal her puppy.  But will she have the courage to admit her feelings?

  • Alternative

    too much AWWWWW X3

  • Valthazar

    I definetly assumed that these intended it to be a friendly going out to eat and talk. but i think it’s sweet if they Do get together. they’re both very caring, and use the same hair shampoo. i wonder what’s Randal’s next reaction? I guess he didn’t get Admiral Ackbar’s warning “It’s a Trap! It’s a date!” but it’s a Good trap. what’s wrong Randal? afraid to give it a try?

  • Sato-Kun

    I can’t explain how happy it makes me to finally see a good couple on katbox. Other than Miles and Rachael, who I also like, but let’s not go in to that. :3

  • Gargravarr

    It’s nice to have a good dose of cute positivity after Alej’s continuing self-destructive drama. As gutted as I’d be to see Taffy in a relationship again, I have to admit Randal would certainly be a good match. Assuming of course that TaffyxRachel won’t surface outside Breasts are the Best.

    • Im not even sure how far it will go in BB without taffy geting drunk again

  • Curtis

    First of all, bacon makes EVERYTHING good.  Second….they make such a cute couple don’t they?  I’d love to be in Rannie’s shoes.  I’d love to date her.  Though I’d probably love to date almost any of the girls in the comic.

  • It’s BACCON!!

  • Ben

    So, I guess there’s no pig characters.

  • guest

    Dating Miles and Dating Taffy seem so much different… they’re normal. Ah, young love. Or as one might call it, puppy love. *waits for groans*

  • masterzero

    hahahaha OMG Taffy is so cute in panel 2 with her :3 expression <3 and also panel 5 is my fav 😀 I SOOO hope it turns out very well for them >w<

  • Blue-Starr

    YAY! THEY ADMITTED IT!!! I definitely want Randal and Taffy to be an official couple. They are two of the best characters, morally and development-wise, and I think that they would honestly be perfect for eachother. Randal is honest, caring, and a good listener/advice giver, unlike Miles, who is sexually driven and didn’t really pay attention to Taffy during their relationship.

  • Albert

    AH HA! I knew it! Caught you guys dating!

  • antcow

    Now reach over and hold her hand,then look her in the eye’s and smile. 🙂

  • MissHannah

    I like how you made Randal a tad more masculine with the whole “meat pizza” thing. I think that a certain amount of sensitivity and sheepishness is nice, but it would REALLY please the ladies (taffy included) to see him to take a more masculine role, while still retaining that sweet side.

  • Pachi-O

    Bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips with the pizza baconator layer, player.

  • Shiny Sparkles


  • Lizzy

    I seriously don’t get what the big deal was with them admitting it was a date and to be honest, I thought the dialogue on this page was kinda stupid. it didn’t sound believable. as cute as they are and as tasty as that pizza is lookin’, this is kinda boring. 

  • the whole time reading this i am smiling like a girl watching a romantic comedy…odd because i’m a dude. i’m conflicted right now…MAN I LOVE THIS COMIC!

  • cy414

    y’all realise rabits like salami, bacon & a whole other load of meats that go on pizza?

  • Gryph23

    ..The sheer level of cuteness in this is near coma inducing. o.o

  • Dryft

    I’m so glad they both realized it was a date!!!! I hope they hook up!

  • Randal: “If you put bacon on something I’ll probably eat it.”Taffy: (suddenly pondering bacon-flavored undergarments…)XDSeriously adorable page! Bunneh nomz! :3

  • Tearahk

    FINALLY!!!!!!!! XD

  • emopants

    D’aaaaaaawwwwwww :3

  • Raffy(RandalxTaffy)forever


  • Huh?

    It’s what people do, they date~………………… then they have a baby, after which they realize they weren’t meant for each other but by then they’re F*******************D

  • Axedealer

    DON’T MESS THIS UP RANDAL! If another guy hurts Taffy I’m gonna formally protest. She’s too sweet for that. I got hope for Randal though.Vote is not fair, I like everything on my pizza 😀

  • Leorobin

    Luv Taffy’s expression *.*

  • otterpoet

    Oh man, Taffy’s taste in pizza is awesome… so hungry now.

  • Otacon_Magoo

    The bacon and Pepperoni half pizza looks good, but I would’ve added sausage and maybe something spicy like Jalapeno (Hala-penyo) peppers (the pronunciation is only there since I can’t type an “N” with this “~” on top since randal likes things spicy.)

    • Z.F.

      He probably would’ve added something spicy, but remember when they made the date to go get pizza Taffy made him promise not to get anything spicy.

  • Explosion Zuruck

    Cant wait to see if these 2 make out over the table or in the bathroom. [the bathroom is just a coincidence. MAKE OUT OVER THE TABLE!]

  • Chocothunda

    KNEW IT!  Alright Randal, stay focused!

  • Maybe I’m reading too much into this, given the poll, but it makes perfect sense Taffy is vegetarian. It’s just one of those little things that’s not always at the forefront of your mind, but it’s a nice little detail that I wish more anthro artists would address (provided that’s the intention). 

  • Ryou Sakai

    AWWWWW THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!!!!!! X3 LUCKY PUP!!! o3o

  • T

    Watch as half the house went to spy on them.

  • The poll question needs an option for both pizzas.

  • cy414

    soo, what would you call a garlic chicken & kebab meat folded pizza?

  • This page is just D’Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.I love it!And I love BACON

  • Mr. not simple

    alone at last…. I wish i could date taffy she’s so darn cute

  • astersa

    hey chalodillo will come on Thursday the update?

  • serpent08n

    WOOHOOO get you some bunny honey Ranny

  • Totally awsome ur drawing makes my heart sway through darkness and brings light out

  • Dashie

    Just read all of these comics from start to finish in 1 day. I really enjoyed them.

  • Katzy

    X3 AWW! Yay!:D <333 

  • RennisTora

    Taffy looks SO cute munching the pizza~and I go puppy pizza as I’m allergic to mushrooms o3o

  • eloundra

    Taffy looks oh so uber cute nomming on the pizza. it also looks very cute that she has a kitty smile while nomming X3

  • keith

    i’ve always imagined Randal as having a british accent or a “southern gentleman” voice…..Minos i always imagined as having a Spanish accent……you know……the running of the bulls in Spain?

  • J

    I just spent the last six or so hours reading all of Las Lindas (that’s been made of course). I happened upon it while searching for something else and just kind of started reading it to see what was going to happen. Next thing I know, I’m hooked on it and now I’m eagerly awaiting the next chapter. I love this story, don’t change a thing about the direction you are going with it.

  • Albert

    Puppy Pizza Power.

  • Anthonydafox

    Looks like Randal got himself a Hot Dame. Ring a Ding Ding.

  • Victor

    THERE it is. 😉

  • shadowwulf_9

    I was hoping for Taffy and Miles to get together but these two…kinda do look good together 😀 hmmm RanxTaffX3Its cute to see them share a pizza

  • Awwww those too so adorable. 

  • Two* aww I just want to draw them together now :3

  • Soooooo ?!! Its A date Now ?!!xD it is or its not ?  im lost A NEW PAGE FOR A NEW EPIC MOMENT BY CHALOSAN 😀

  • astersa

    chalo Thursday-_-

  • Marcus Trinnias

    D’awwwwwww…I think this made my week.

  • Sarashi The Cat

    The second panel made me think a New way of lil Taff

  • Xcutioner

    mmm…Pizza…great now im hungry…

  • Xcutioner

    mmm…Pizza…great now im hungry…

  • Dood

    Also, furries eat beef?!?

  • Dood

    Also, furries eat beef?!?

  • Person


  • Person


  • DKTheDragonCat

    Panel 2… Mind blown. From cuteness overload…

  • DKTheDragonCat

    Panel 2… Mind blown. From cuteness overload…

  • S Wolf95.

    BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nomnomnom it’s BACON!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chromoid

    Is that… is that B.’s MOTHER? Oh crap in a hat…

  • Raze

    when did riah loose an eye to chiara? did i overlook somthing? or is a bunch of other draconia chronicles things out there that i havent seen? please fill me in