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Interview published on 87 Comments on Interview

Hello everyone, it’s New Page time!

We move inside the house and see how those interviews are going. How is Minos handling this? Well, it seems he does a much better job out in the field than as an office person. At least the always perky Sarah is around to lend a hand.

Also, Mihari is not amused. She clearly was in charge of that interview.

  • RandomRedneck

    An unconfident, fumbling Minos…that’s a new one.

    • Elosan

      I am not sure, but I think he is not in his comfort zone. I can’t recall him ever being a business position before. Also, I am guessing he has to choose carefully. This is the manager position, so it is pretty important. This person is going to be in charge of making sure everyone is doing what they need do and getting updates on the other workers if there are any problems. So I am guessing he feels like he is under alot of pressure. (sorry for the long rant)

  • Fluff-Kevlar

    I’ll take his position!

  • SajuukCor

    Her -.- face, priceless!

    • Lyrael

      Indeed! thats Mihari for you! xD

  • Mihari’s everywhere!

  • Albert Belle

    Give the guy a break.He is out of his element.

    • Pillbug

      He needs a fence to build

      • Seth

        Or a field to plow.

        • Nerped

          Fairly sure he’s been sowing seeds aplenty lately.

          • Benjamin Lopez

            I saw what you did there.

          • DNBAZ

            At the rate he keeps that up, Mora’s gonna have a bun in the oven XD

        • Shaggy

          Or a fence to plow.

          • Mr. E

            This sounds like a song! LOL! 8D

          • Zero

            I See what all of you did.

            He needs a few 200 pound things to lift, like his desk.

            Or Mora…
            (or Mora’s bust)
            Or maybe a cat to throw, meaning Miles.


          • Anthonydafox

            I Know what he needs. To stay as far away as you people as possible.

          • Mage

            Or a plow to fence…wait.

          • Barrage

            I think he plowed enough yesterday, digit agrees with me

  • Seth

    Poor guy.

  • Flame-LoneWolf

    Minos fumbling around in spaghetti. Never thought this world would see the day…

    • Scottytheman

      He has flaws? *gasp* I think I like him like this.

  • Elosan

    Actually, this may work out to Sunny’s advantage. Now judge front what we know about sunny (two whole pages XD), she is probably going to be very nervous for the interview (but then again, who wouldn’t be if you were running late? I would certainly be nervous). They are both two nervous to talk each other. Then as they begin to talk, they both warm up and begin to talk comfortable. That Minos and Sunny get their act together by the time they meet, but we shall see!

    • S Wolf95.

      Very observent of you. I was thinking the same thing

  • Leito

    jejejejajaja…ahhh man i always wanted to see that expression in minos i can say i enojyed all the comic page xD no joke seriously we never saw him in that expressions never until now

    • JayPattyson

      I take it you meant”hehehehahaha”, considering “h” and”j” are right next to each other on a qwerty layout.
      But, yes, Minos seems much more expressive lately.

  • Lord Proteus

    You might think Minos is doing really badly here, but Mora is the one inept enough to put her boyfriend in charge of the interviews based soley on the fact he is her boyfriend. She could have asked Alejandra for some tips at least.

    • Velen

      Then again Mora doesn’t know much about Minos’ background, so that’s another problem. She couldn’t have had the information to make a decision based on anything but the fact he’s her boyfriend. For all she knew, he could’ve been a star businessman despite the fact all he’s really done is farmwork at the farm. Rach, Randal, or Taffy, or even asking Alej if she knew someone who could help would’ve been a better option I think.

      On an unrelated note: I think instead of thinking of the comic from your perspective, it’s best to look at it from the perspective of the characters – by which I mean their individual perspectives.

    • Albert Belle

      Why do you guys always have to find the nastiest things you can think of? Did you ever think that maybe it is that she trusts him and has confidence in him that he can do the job? It’s not like Minos in inept or stupid or anything.

    • Downfall64

      or maybe she trust Minos. That he would pick up the job and work his way to be very good at it… nobody in the world starts out knowing how to… they learn by expirience.

  • BlackWind

    Well impo I think maybe Phi should have been there with Minos to help with the job hiring and “possition” assignments to see who’s suitable for what.
    Mihari where did you get the time to prepare for the job interview when you were barely making the cut at the Fighter 4 trials o_o; (also I’m guessing Rascals universe/location is same as Las Lindas verse)

    • RolliLolli

      I think you mean Digit. Phi is Alej’s spirit, not Mora’s.

      • BlackWind

        no I meant Phi as a representative of Alej to supervise what kind of candidates are being chosen for the new production plant so Alej don’t have to be there when she can get direct report from Phi and their link

        • DarkPhoenix

          Phi also works because of the way she is wired. The statistics and data over the auras.

  • BadXAsh

    I’ve seen that Mihari face more times then i care to admit during our L4D games! XD

  • Sly

    HMMM, I wonder who will get the job. Mystery~

  • Cameron Harrison

    Oh that Mihari!

  • Mihari sure has been making a lot of appearances in the katbox comics lately!

  • Carbuncles21

    Poor guy he does not look like he’s enjoying his promotion at all

  • Aerona

    Oh god. Poor guy. D: It’s okay Minos! You can do it!

  • Suom

    I imagine Minos feeling like a bull in a china shop right now.

    • Guiltybot

      I see what you did there!

  • His people skills are impeccable, aren’t they?

  • Ferel

    404: Management not found

    • Chocothunda

      This. I like this :3

    • steve

      Quick try CRTL + ALT + DELETE and see if that helps!! D:

  • Ratz

    He looks odd with that suit on him.

  • Aruswrath

    So that means that Mihari is not going to be hired? ._.

    • Mihari

      My guess would be no. 😛

      • Mr. Al

        Mihari y u do this to Minos? 🙁

        • Mihari

          Do what? Any reasonable interviewee would ask those kind of questions.

  • dcreeperfarm0

    Have sarahs breasts become smaller?

    • Zero

      No its just the movement, plus they are squished into her top a little.

    • LordViking

      Really? I felt they had gone larger again, or at least are still bigger than they used to be.

    • Scytrhe

      I’d say yes.

      She also looks a LOT like a BAT these days more than a cat.
      My favorite art style was the ‘middle’ type. not this latest one, and not how it started. But thats progress….

  • Foxstar30

    And he’s thinking “Why did I let her talk me into this.” or “This is going to be a loooong day.” LOL 🙂

  • william

    minos sure has his work cut out for him. and i don’t think sarah is helping his mood much.

  • S Wolf95.

    Don’t worry Minos, ‘ONLY’ fifty more to go

  • MrAMP

    Okay, in all due fairness, did anyone really expect him to do any better than this? Not trying to be mean or anything, but he seems to be more of the internal lotus of control kind of guy, the silent guy.

  • Brett

    Oh, poor Minos. I don’t know if we’ve ever seen him flustered before. At least he’s making the effort!

  • Stresstothemax

    come on man you can do it! pile through man!

  • That guy

    Poor Minos. He’s so far out of his element. Somebody else tag in!

  • wolfzero001

    Not everyday that ya see the employer crash and burn. xD Though to be fair he isn’t used to this. xP

  • DragonForLife

    Welp, there goes the chance for way more Mihari in the comic out the window.

    Althou somehow, seeing her in professional clothing is quite refreshing.

  • Arjay

    Jeeze. Talk about being out of your comfort zone.

  • Oh, man. There is always a nervous interviewee, but I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of a nervous interviewer.

  • Guiltybot

    Love Minos’ expression in the third panel. Priceless! XD

  • TheHiddenNinja

    Awesomw page XD

  • Gargravarr

    I’m guessing whatshername will make him feel more comfortable somehow, give her a decent interview and he’ll end up hiring her as a result.

  • Kobra

    Geesh, never seen a interview were the interviewer was such a mess.

  • Tygepc

    I love how Mihari’s eyes droop in each successive panel.

  • Steve

    He’s going to plow the field at least 50 times when this is done… I feel sorry for him…

  • The Name is Quack

    Hey! How’d she get from a videogame tournament in Rascals to a job interview in Las Lindas?

  • kitty

    ay, pobrecito!!!

  • Gourd

    What do you know! A GOOD page. A page that actually has real character!

  • Lord Proteus

    Remember Bonus Comics? I miss those.

  • Silvermain

    Poor Minos….he’s so far out of his element he isn’t even on the Periodic table.

    • JayPattyson

      Thank you for making my day. Or night, if it counts as such after 10:00.

      • Silvermain

        Your welcome ^_^

  • CinnamonSalve

    And then a much, much younger child-Minos suddenly appears in the Bazaar a week or too later looking meek and adorable*.
    *just a prediction, lol

  • hmm, with the way things are going I can’t wait to see the randomness to come with the new workers. ^_^

  • MaveriKat

    She was a lovely cheetah. :3

    Poor Minos though. Can he keep from giving into the temptation… of just tearing off his tie and running back outside to work the hoe!? And no, I don’t mean Mora.

  • tantrumspiral

    For universe where primes and humans co-exist, there’s little to no humans in the comic. I wonder why

  • I feel sorry for the guy.

  • drake

    whens the next one coming?

  • Drakara

    Poor Minos.

  • Nyarao

    That really isn’t how boobs work…

  • biblioholic

    ohhh he’s so cute trying to do people work