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  • Chalo

    UPDATE! 4/17/2010

    I’d like to take a moment to introduce the Katbox Bazaar. We’ve created a new area in our forums designed to allow Katbox artists to advertise new donation-funded projects to their viewers. The bazaar is a way for you to suggest things to be drawn by Katbox artists, or donate to existing projects. Right now we’re collecting money for new cast page pics and new Breasts are the Best team lineups! All the Katbox artists are participating to a degree, and I’m sure the bazaar will grow as more people hear about it and suggest cool ideas. If you’d like to learn more, just click on the new cool Ambar graphic on the right to be taken to the post which explains everything about how the bazaar works. You can also see the current progress of the various donation projects.

    Have fun! And let us know what you think on the forums as well. You shouldn’t need an account to see the bazaar, though.

    Hello everyone, and welcome to this week update of Las Lindas!

    We got to keep looking at Sarah and Digit while they seem to embark in their quest for revenge (of sorts) against the even green invaders. It was nice to work on this page and finally be able to show those two interact as friends. I just wonder what would they pan out to get back on the green pair, whose I wonder what have been doing lately.

    See ya all next time!

  • noah

    man i love your comic
    keep up the good work

  • grimchaos0815

    the paint ofthe aliens is fun

  • S Wolf95.

    yes……a bed sheet……it repels all magical abilities