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  • Chalo
    Yeah, lots of Phoenix Wright vives on this page, altough it wasnt intentional, really!
    • Tearahk

      Yeah… sure  they weren’t *wink wink*

    • ThatGuy

      I had to look back up to make sure it said “SLAM!” instead of  “OBJECTION!”.

    • Parry

      lol unintentional… “wright”…

    • Will

      Ha, haaaa! Loved this strip! Phoenix Wright shout outs are so cool! 🙂

    • BlazaWolf

      i just glad i noticed how simmular it is to Pheonix Wright without havin to look at the comments first

    • Phoenix Wright :OBJECTION! i been made playable in ultimate in mvc3!!!! case closed

  • Albert

    YEAH!!!!!! You tell em Alej. That said I hope Mora can survive this too. I would prefer balance over just one side winning.

  • Renadt

    Oh, Alej. You say you survived the corruption of your predecessors, but you still fall prey to petty grudges. I am disappointed in you. You still intend on ruining Mora, and have yet to actually grow. I am saddened.

  • Renadt

    You really need to fix this issue, guys. I can’t post much.

  • Renadt

    I am saddened, Alej. You learned nothing. You may lose.

  • Renadt

    I am sad. You learned nothing. You may lose.

  • Mecha X

    Well, somebody just got… *puts on sunglasses*Shut down.YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

    • Aazia

      Had to tell you; your post made really laught out loud. Thanks for making my night!

    • Seth Sora Fett555

      Gods be damned if that didn’t make me chuckle.

  • D2Max

    Friggin’ right!  That’s the kind of character I expected!

  • Y’Boocs

    That was way better than I thought It would be!

  • Wrath

    Friggin HAWT.

  • Twinsnake

    I wonder which anime or game references we’ll see next week. Heh.

  • Idward

    Every time, I just can’t help but love Alej. She and Tootise have to be my favorite characters in the comic.It is always good to see someone stand up and fight for what they believe in.

  • Draygon

    They’re only upset over the cost per week.Her diabolic plan will go forward, it’ll just take some…rethinking.

  • Jshadowhunter

    would like “Building an Empire” comic to continue to see how Alejandra came to power =)

  • Elderahn

    Y’know, I am somewhat swaying towards the investors in this matter. I mean when this ammount of money is on the move (or stagnating as is right now), is it entirely out of the picture to send Surveyors to actualy check wether or not they can start building right away? The money drain from having manpower and machinery sitting still at this time is entirely Alejandra’s fault, and her outburst at those whos money she’s playing around with by not doing it by the book comes across as quite childish. I dont know, but her earlier portrayal as a business savvy powerhouse in the halls of industry is somewhat marred by not checking before diving.

  • Terras

    Like a Boss!

    • celtcath

      Hell Ya!

  • Kepesk

    Hell, yeah! You tell ’em Patches!!!

  • Lord Dusk

    No doubt.

  • MacLeod

    Am I the only one who is on HER side instead of Mora Sue?

    • targetdrone

      don’t know, me, i’m still in the mora camp….

      • Solidskunk

        I’m actually on neither side, sides are an illusion.

    • Lehanna

      I’m in the ‘I hope Alej gets over her strange personal hangups some day’ camp.

    • ArjayCreyo

      You’re not the only one. I root for Alej, but I rarely say anything because the comments devolve into flame wars on literally EVERY PAGE.

    • Elder

      You are not alone my friend, I’m glad to see Alej put them in their place… like a boss! That’s why she’s my fave.. she don’t take no bullcrap!

    • Varrain

      I’ve always been a Alej fan, I think its the glasses.And this page was great, and loved the look of the board after she told them off.

    • Raeffe

      I’ve been in the Alej camp since she debuted. I agree a bit more with her background and personality than Mora’s. Though Mora’s character development is coming along.

    • KC

      I’m with you on that.  I would love to see Mora taken down a peg or 12 more.

      • Anthony

        Got that right.

    • revilnemesis

      please don’t cause another comment war

    • Nope, I’m on her side too. But Actually I’d like it if everyone would be happy in the end xD

  • DarkfoxSoldier

    Well since the Phoenix Wright reference is taken.  Fear my FINGER!  Or something like that

  • I don’t like Alej that much, but that was badass ! ^^

  • NekoSavior


  • Well THAT is my Alej, well done Miss Awesome :3

  • Renadt

    She’s missing how her initial rise is different than what she’s doing now.

  • Renadt

    Still only able to do one liners. Needs fix.

  • Leo Murat


  • Xaviertrix

    *She’s innocent!**OBJECTION!**No, Mr. Layton…**FOOLPROOF EVIDENCE!**Case. Dismissed.*… What?

  • Athen

    I just gained some respect for her now…Also, Tootsie only appeared in one panel, this must be corrected.

  • BlackWind

    *I faltered today because i learned we were going to build atop a woman’s Grave!**who’s Grave Ms Coldthorn?**my surrogate mother’s grave**…….*wow such a sentimental statement but not given as a sign of weakness just as a sign of respect to the only person who made her feel loved and happy during hard times as a child

  • Fe_Dun

    That was really cool. Way to go, Alej! You took those mean board members down!I love the way they’re hiding behind him in the 3rd panel. xD

  • CloverBun

    WOOT!  You go girl!

  • revilnemesis

    I thought she was fired for sure but I was dead wrong

    • Zuifan

      Not too smart is she? I mean, they can still vote after all. Given her outburst, they could very well vote against her anyway. After all, it’s costing THEM this money.

  • bilocation

    Some lines sound like the movie Matrix Reloaded just before the highway chase with the the french loving antagonist.

  • Now she just needs to prove she can make money from this. Lots and lots of money. That usually shuts the investors up. You can’t complain if your investment is actually making money.

  • The first thing that comes to mind…OBJECTION!!!But I have to admit, that was somewhat bold to stand up to the board in such a manner.  So much for that guess of her teaming up with Mora.

  • Now she just needs to alter her strategy and make money. If there’s anything that will shut the investors up, it’s making lots and lots of money.  I have a feeling she’ll figure it out. Eventually.

  • Corey

    Idk why but for some reason I really like that board guy. Is he a wolf or a fox or something? He’s just cool

  • Raven Dragonrazor

    Heh heh…look at them hide…

  • warmfuzzy

    That was some kickass gall right there the board just got shut down like that. Dang Guurrrll!!

  • warmfuzzy

    That was one hefty piece of kickass pie, yessir.

  • savageshark

    I admit there are times that I find Alejandra to be a real bitch in the story.  Yet there are times that I admire her aggressive personality, like what she has going here.  She has a bit of a bad ass in her characters and I love that.  Nice touch with the Phoenix Wright ACTION POINTING!  XD  Epic comic today.Them board members just got Alej’d!

  • HELL YES!  Best Alejandra Moment EVER!!

  • Elora

    Wow! OBJECTION!! I picked up on the Phoenix Wright vibes on this page.Suuuure they weren’t intentional.Anyway, I’m not surprised that Alej stood up to the board and let them have it.

  • Best Alejandra moment, EVER!!

  • This is the best Alejandra moment EVER!  Well done!

  • Testing.  I want to praise this page but it won’t post anything.

    • Finally posted?  Good.  Seriously this is the best page in a LONG time.  Well done!

  • She has a chance to prove them wrong by making money and shutting up the investors. Money talks.

  • Gargravarr

    Hm… Now we’ll see if Alejandra has learned anything at all from this experience. By which I mean something that will let her grow as a character, not something that will further/alter her plans.

  • Loke

    Curse….that’s the Alejandra everybody know…hah another wise movement keept it up but beware backstabers are arround you all the time when you are a leader.

  • mariel

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! that’s the alejjandra that I know and love XDpriceless the four panel

  • Felix

    This is why I love Patches and she is my favorite character. She has her sweet, loving side and then she has the burning passion, business side. If something get in her way, she gets in a bulldozer and plows on through.

  • OtakuMan
  • ArjayCreyo

    Personally I’m just glad to see all the “She’s going to work at LL” predictions didn’t come true. I’d say ‘I hope that puts an end to the flamewars for now,’ But I’m an optimist, not an idiot. *sigh*

  • wolfero001

    Got to admit, she knows how to put them in their place, avoid pulling a poltragest, pull off a game referance, and show everyone how “big” she is though any outfit she has on. Nice one Patches! xD

  • Sissi

    lol who needs a mora when you can have a Alej by your side?

  • Rumblepurr

    Nice… Everyone has a line that one does not cross, and this page shows it spot on… Kudos on Panel 4 for a fiery  Ms. Alejandra. Thanks again Chalo. THIS is the Alejandra we all love and hate…

  • Ok this is awesome.  I was hoping should would nut up and tell the board who put them on the map.  Way to go!

  • volpethrope

    And this, ladies and gentleman, is how Alejandra should be portrayed. She isn’t a villain because her business is in competition with Mora. For once she’s actually being allowed to develop as a character instead of being punished for not letting Mora get whatever she wants.

  • lewajet


  • XeonSpy

    This is one woman you don’t want on your badside

    • lewajet

      umm? on her badside or on yours

  • mojo96


  • supercrazy xx

    “playing the Pursuit ~ Cornered theme from ace attorney OST on the background for added suspense” niiiiiiicccceeeee

  • jeremycanine

    holey crap…… shes scarey

  • Albert

    Wow! She really told them off. Alej doesn’t give in easily. She has them trembling in a corner

  • Otterpoet

    There’s my girl!!! 😀 (It’s sad, but yes… I’m totally in love with Patches)  And DAMN Chalo!  Those are some seriously amazing angles you drew.  I’m in awe 🙂

  • Otterpoet

    That’s my girl!!! (It’s sad, true… but I’m totally in love with Patches).And DAMN Chalo!  Those angles are amazing!!!  I’m in awe.

  • Loke

    Hah, at least you was right and a sttrong stab in the right place is the pass to victory…wise momevent Alejandra

  • Obfus

    And folks, here it is. Alej finally makes a reference concerning the company’s contribution to the well being of the community. I hope this hints that her goals are realigning more towards what’s best for her company and Alexandria, with her desire for hard-line revenge being edged out by fierce competitiveness. What I mean is I hope that Alejandra’s drive shifts more towards maintaining her company’s dominance while moving away from the often doomed attempts to outright crush the Lindas farm.

  • Guest

    If those big coats continue with their construction on the land, then don’t blame Patches for ghosts and evil spirits to be haunting on the new building now…  >_>

  • Worenx

    *“Caught” plays*Haha. I knew they couldn’t keep Alej down. xD And this is why she’s my favorite character, one hell of a woman.

  • Worenx

    Haha, I knew they couldn’t keep Alej down!

  • Worenx

    Haha, knew they couldn’t keep Alej down! That’s why she’s my favorite around these parts.

  • Worenx

    Jesus, why don’t these comments EVER work consistently? It works, then it doesn’t, then it lets me through, then it decides not to, then… GAH!At least I was right; Alej just would not be held down. Go for it, Patches!

  • KaoriNami

    Alej RAGE!!!!

  • Rain

    I believe the phrase “pwnd” comes into play here.  ^_^

  • This is the best page in a LONG time.  Well done!

  • Knex

    Ah, nice save there.

  • Lasty91

    HELL YEAH!! She chose JUST the right words for this. I’m also glad that she mentioned Diana’s grave; she didn’t have to make up some other excuse for halting construction. This page was much better than I thought it was going to be. I’m so sorry for doubting you guys.

  • JoeFury88

    Alej! That’s what I’m talking about!!!! XDD

  • Antrxx

    hehe bow-tie hog

  • wolf/husky boy lost his earring. huh. 

  • Travis

    It seems Alejandra has no intention of going gently into that good night. More like she has every intention of taking a big stick and beating the f*@# out of that good night. 

  • Rumblepurr

    I am not sure why the edit and reply functions do not work and why my first comment disappeared…I love the 4th panel where Alejandra tells off the board. Good page, Chalo. Isn’t this the truth that where you are doing great, hardly anyone notices, but screw up in any way, and the vultures are right there…Go figure…

  • cornpirde35

    rofl someone just got owned

  • Icalasari

    *Clap clap clap* And stuff like this is why I like this comic

  • Kizziesama

    I do have to wonder where this board mess is coming from in the first place. As far as this story has led me to believe thus far, Alej kinda ran shit all her own. Suddenly, a board comes into play for all of two pages?However, I do like her reaction, as it brings a little more to my point of mentioning that this “board” was a bit of a wash considering they served no merit in any of her planning in the first place.

  • Aazia

    About damn time she got back to her old self!

  • Furry Jedath

    Im soooo in love with Alejandra right now, such a powerful sexy lady she is… X3

  • Katlamos

    I like both Mora and Patches. I don’t think she’ll build over the grave, but she probably will arund it.  Or god knows. I’ll read it regardless.

  • Valcazar

    hmm i’m seeing two objection references, and The Matrix reloaded reference of Merovingian the program that barks at Neo’s victory over his minions b4 running away cowardly. LUCKY. But she pretty much pwned them enough to shut em up :3

  • RobVanDam (The Whole F’n Show)

    Wow, Alejandra is pretty damn serious about this.  Don’t think I’ve ever seen her get a bit angry.

  • Jess

    Good show, Alej, very good show! 😀

  • BlackWind

    why won’t comments come out when posted

    • I think there’s now a length cap on comments to prevent flame wars.

      • Knex

        That would explain why my comment didn’t post…

        • Worenx

          Can’t be length. Some comments I make are shorter than this and don’t show up at all. =/

      • ArjayCreyo

        Well, I’d like to believe that it will work, but sadly, I’m an optimist, not an idiot. All it really does is leave less space for intelligent reasoning and open the floodgates for “LAWL MORA/RACHAEL/ALEJ IS A BICTH!!111!!!oneone!” (mispelling inteintional)

      • ArjayCreyo

        That would explain a few things… sadly I can only see it decreasing the intelligence of the flames rather than stopping them.

  • I love the look on there face when she tells them why she did what she did. Plus pheonix write nice i know it wasn’t intentional but nice job.

  • Banter-O-Rilley

    Now THAT’s more like it! Though Alejandra isn’t my favorite character, I admire very much her Determination and the fact that in spite of getting carried away sometimes in her line of work she knows where her loyalties lie.  Also, second and fourth panels look awesome: one’s a Cool Threat, the other is a Vibrant Declaration. Good page overall! 

  • Lola

    I been reading for the longest although i dont comment often. I wish people would stop arguing about “whats wrong with the story” and “why Mora sucks” and “boohoo poor Patches”.. I’d change a few things myself but this is  the authors work, we all could use some improvement in our lives.. That aside im sure all this  comments are making Chalo jump around in joy-or so  id hope -since theres so much traffic through the site :)Anyhow,characters might be flaw’d but then again, we all are.. For all I know its a free comic -please keep it that way!- that we all enjoy reading otherwise wtf are you doing here!?Looking forwards to what else is there to come.-And yes, Mora and Minos are my favorites, but not for that Im bashing other characters..- 

  • Lola

    I been reading for the longest although i dont comment often. I wish people would stop arguing about “whats wrong with the story” and “why Mora sucks” and “boohoo poor Patches”..

  • Nexus

    My guess is she’ll build around it and maybe make it a memorial as well. Something to properly honor Diana’s memory.

  • Darkguyver2020

    Oh ho! Looks like the Board will be eating beef tonight!

  • Caz

    More Alej like this, please!  I’d rather see her anger directed toward the people that deserve it instead of her childhood friend.

  • SP5

    So the two men are a wolf and a boar, but what’s the woman?  Some kind of pink sheep?

    • Logan Knight

      A Ram with a die job.

  • SP5

    But rams are male…OMG it’s a tranny.

  • SP5

    Funny, I thought only male sheep had horns…OMG it’s a tranny.

  • Lxylia

    I snickered at the Phoenix Wright references

  • Tridonious

    YES COWER CEO’S COWER BEFORE ALEJ’S GIANT RACK OF DOOM! *points at pic where she slams her hand down* All I see is that chest there lol

  • Sasha

    Ooh, nice turn around.

  • Ya know, I’m not an Alej fanboy or anything (although I think she’s a fascinating character), but I honestly have to say this is one of the best strips in this comic’s history. She not only told off those who were questioning her in a powerful fashion, but did it with just the right amount of words. WALL OF TEXT has it’s place, just not in an angry rebuttal, and kudos for not falling into that trap with this.I also like how in the 3rd panel the board members are cowering; not just because of Alej’s anger, but well, building on someone’s grave would be horrible PR and they damn well know it.

  • Timni

    That was cool! i guess yall know who was wrong!!!I am still on #teammora but i want to see Alej succeed in whatever she does!!! 😀

  • Luis

    Wow! The explosive boss, like a boss! Wonderful work getting her out of this mess, the Alejandra way. And more important, she was not only confident, but also sincere about her reasons for stopping the operation. Thumbs up for the LL team, and for Alejandra.

  • Justin

    Never doubt the ferocity of someone with blues and a background from the country side. You go Alejandra!!

  • Bojack727

    Sigh…Well, it’s interesting that even when you’re on the verge of bankrupting your own company, all you have to do is make a big melodramatic speech and your totally off the hook for everything…I’ve been reading this comic for about five years now, I’ve begun to realizing something recently… BOTH Mora and Alejandra are totally dependent on deus-ex machinas to get them out of ALL their problems. And they’re both also very self-centered women who don’t feel accountable to anyone for anything they do.But what ruins Alejandra for me is pretty much everything she’s done in the present time is, deep down, about prove how much better she is then Mora… Seriously, all she seems to care about is one-upping Mora…And it’s gotten to the point where she’s now on the verge of bankrupting her own company to do it.

  • Bojack727

    Well, it’s interesting that when you’re on the verge of
    bankrupting your company, all you have to do is make a big
    melodramatic speech and your totally off the hook for everything…

    I’ve been reading this comic for while, I’ve begun to
    realizing something … BOTH Mora & Alejandra are totally
    dependent on deus-ex machinas to get them out of ALL their problems. They’re both also very self-centered women who don’t feel accountable
    to anyone for anything they do.

    But what ruins Alejandra is that everything she’s done in
    the present time is, deep down, is about proving how much better she is then
    Mora… Seriously, all she seems to care about is one-upping Mora…

    It’s gotten to the point where she’s now on the verge of bankrupting her own company to do it.

  • Worenx

    Can’t keep a good cow down.

  • Jackanarchy

    Being cornered by wolves is one thing but having the balls actually bite back is what I call BAD ASS!I don’t know bout you, but Alej has earned her place, which is more than I can say for Mora.

  • Katzy

    😀 Ha! Go Patches~! >3< <33

  • Marcus Trinnias

    I am so very happy for Patches and Toots.

  • phoenix16

    DAYUM, y’all just got told off! So the saying officially goes: “Hell hath no fury like a cowgirl with her udders twisted in a knot.” (I’m sorry for everyone whose mind’s have been scarred for just reading this comment, but in all honesty when it comes to Mora and Alej you all know it’s true.)

  • Reimu

    So Patches finally gets back to her old–hot–self. Freak yeah. It was getting a bit crazy there for a second but now it’s back on track. I don’t even like Patches and I think she was downright awesome in this’n. Shut ’em down like a boss.

  • reddeadandhappy

    THERE’S the Alejandra we all know and love!

  • Eric Oxner

    Wow!!Is she a woman or a atomic bomb.Man at least she tolded them about the grave.I bet that alone maded them think.And i thought mora had a temper.Next time some body may whind up at thre hospital.Great comic.

  • Warriorking4ver

    HELL YEAH!  You tell those greedy creeps who’s Boss Alej! You rule! 😀

  • Am i the only one who thinks Alej looks like Integra Hellsing in this?

  • qwertyasdjkl

    second panel somehow seems like the attitude of fooly cooly meets the seriousnes of that guy from the Matrix, the protagonist or the antagonist, either one.

  • Joya

    There is so much more to this, I can feel it. At first I considered her competitive and that she had some petty jealousy in her. But she just seems to strong a willful for that. Whatever her deal is with Mora…..its deeper than this.

  • Xcutioner

    *Alej finger point* OBJECTION! XD

  • Xcutioner

    *Alej finger point* OBJECTION! XD

  • DAMN! well it offcial Alej is on my ten most likiable characters list at #5