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  • astersa

    hey chalosan… que quieres decir con "final de este arco"? 0_0

    • tonyg

      Quiere decir como el fin de este capitulo en la historia de Las Lindas.

    • GUEST

      Hablo un poco de espanol… en ingles, decimos un "arc" es una seccion de un comico. Es una palabra informal… voy a buscar como se dice "slang" en espanol… Chalo habla en argot de los artistes de comicos en el internet.
      Es verdad? Lo siento para mi espanol mal. :/

      • GUEST

        Ah, al parecer "para" no es necessario.
        Puede ser que este mejor si digo que "Chalo esta hablando" tambien.
        No se.

      • No te preocupes tu español suena bien, lo que tratamos de decir es que este capitulo termino
        Y se va ha empezar un nuevo capitulo con la propuesta que Alejandra le va hacer a Mora de hacer
        Un trato de compartir el nuevo negocio de su empresa con ella entendiste?

      • GUEST

        Gracias, busco algas palabras para escribirlo pero no mucho.
        Busco una traduccion de su comentario pero entiendo el mas de las palabras.
        iMe encanta estar practicando espanol! πŸ˜›

      • GUEST

        *diccionaria de las traducciones para su
        Ah, lo siento, no he trabajado bien en mi comentario segundo… X(
        Tambien… use un letra i como mi signo de exclamacion. πŸ˜›

      • GUEST

        Como o para? Ha pasado un ano desde que tocaba mis clases de espanol…
        Hablo… como se dice… *busca* demasiado.
        Busco demasiado tambien. >.<

      • Hoj_poj

        No habla espanol. El puerto es facto de queso.

      • Zarylo

        Aaah! weird language weird language HELP! xD

  • Tarkad

    Yay for forgiveness and making up. Though oddly did not think it would be Alej in the car, thought it would be a new twist type thing. Hehehe, I love Tootsie in the last panel.

  • OneManCOMICS

    Let me guess… A business partnership?

    • ShadowWolf

      that would be cool but who would be the enemy alej was that the bad now she turnin good then WHAT!

      • Conspiracy Threorist

        obviously if Mora and Alej team up then that Vincent guy would become the main 'bad guy'.

      • Mr. Al

        yes obviously those board people who keeps trying to take our alej's buissness

      • kes

        I'm sure Bain would be happy to "invest" in this merger.

        I could definitely see a takeover from the inside.

      • noname

        What about at the end of the festival when footage of Sarah was being taken?

      • Well, what if Alej was protending to be good? So she can take the home herself by crushing Mora's feelings with another traitoris move, hmmm? I dunno, suggestions here.

  • K

    Partnership by the looks of it. Also, that's the most adorable mousy face Toots has ever produced!

    • ShadowWolf


    • Zarylo

      can't argue with you.

  • RandomRedneck

    Woo, forgiveness and partnership and all that good stuff.

  • Comichero

    oh damn it im getting all choked up here

  • Ferel

    Friendship, forgiveness, and tasty beverages… What could be better?

    • Openminded

      All of it happening over again in 'Breasts are the Best'

  • Generalian



    which sucks…


  • Epicsauce


  • Roi

    She cut her hair

    • Chrissylacat

      Yeah I liked the long hair. I think too many people complained so he made it short again.

    • Mira

      Oh. I didn't see your comment and made a similar one. It was the first thing I noticed. I already miss the cuteness of her having long, wavy hair.

  • Shadow Storm

    Panel #1 = DEM HIPS. God Alej is gorgeous.

    • TheCultist

      Right on, mate, right on.

  • ShadowWolf

    lovin it and the pervy one too hehe

  • wolfzero001

    … Okay, this one was pretty heart warming. :3 … Though I wouldn't mind getting a hug from those two. BD

  • Albert

    *tears in eyes* I'm not crying. I'm just sweating through my eyes that's all.Can I join in this hug too? *holds out arms*

  • Nothing like talking about the future over a cold six pack.. but wait, that isn't beer. What kind of sick trick is patches pulling now? lol.. Just kidding.

  • Aww… :3

  • Mira

    Alej cut her hair. No one notices.

  • Chocothunda

    Business partnership, eh?

    I like where this could potentially be going here XD

  • Evil Emperor Proteus

    Dat ass. Hrumph!

  • Gailen

    I'm glad there is some closure and mending going on here. A lot of times, there is a running stunt that just goes on and on and on, and you wonder when it's ever going to get around to meeting an end. Must say that when it finally does, it feels pretty relieving, especially when you've been holding your breath long enough about it.
    This presents new opportunities, as well as challenges for Las Lindas to face. Just as they're celebrating, so will I. To the future! May it be a hellva lot better than the past! XD

  • Victor

    They-Are-Fa-mi-ly… again after so dang long ^^
    seriously, though, I'm glad those two have FINALLY worked things out πŸ™‚
    And I'd say that or Las Lindas, the future looks… Grrrrrrrr8 (sorry, couldn't resist XD)
    anyway, Chalo, you must be proud of yourself at this point.

  • jarf6

    Dammit Chalo, you almost made me cry this time! :')
    Seriously, I'm so happy that Mora and Alejandra are friends again.

  • what a touching moment well worth the wait

  • ArtemisVulpes

    Aww.. she cut her hair. *pout*

  • Gargravarr

    D'awww… I just hope it lasts.

  • TheCultist

    Alej is back in her buisiness get up. The world's order is restored.

  • That's right, Toots! To the future! Now get to working on flying cars and self-fastening sneakers! You're a genius! Make it happen!

  • savageshark

    *sniff sniff* I love happy reunions ;3;

    I love how Tootsie just breaks out the bottle of Gr8 XD.

  • lonlonman

    Finally….Now the healing can begin.

  • Kitsune

    I've wanted to see those two hug for years. πŸ˜‰

  • Alej sorta reminds me of Amber in the 7th panel πŸ˜›

  • LunasTunas


    No seriously, this is a pretty good direction, not to cliche, maybe a little rushed. But none-the-less, good idea. Hope this goes to my expectations(quality wise)

  • Leo

    awwwwwww im glad they are friends again :>

  • antcow

    Alej is such a beautiful woman.
    It's a shame she isnt real, I would have loved to get to know her.

  • At least she forgives her πŸ˜€

  • RandyDarkshade

    Has anyone else noticed that Patche's seems to have had a haircut? Not that I am complaining, I personally think she looks better with short hair.

  • unthinkably swag

    Never thought id say this here, but we got that purple drank.
    About those other two bottles i aint sure of, but thats purple drank in that leftmost bottle.
    So we have that frayser boi reference.

    Also that panel one has a noice gnarkill reference cause i got erection.

    If yall can dig it, say heeell yyea- nah im just pullin yo chain, i know yall can dig it.

  • Obsidian

    Excellent Chalo. Reconciling Alej and Mora. ;D
    This story gets interesting. πŸ˜€

  • Kajex

    Toots should totally be the postergirl for their GR8 juice. :3 Her face will sell them millions!

  • GespenstKAF

    Much happiness is had by me.

  • Finally! The War is over between the two (I hope). Let there be peace!!!

  • Finally!

  • Izeya

    It seems that they decided to kiss and make up….too bad that it was in less than half a day for Alej to completely forgive Mora for everything. I'm pretty sure, if not positive that there has to be signs that Alej still hates Mora for all that she's done because years worth of hate doesn't disappear all that quickly. Another thing is I really don't see why she should be forgiven I must have missed something in which she did really earned it so unless someone points out something to me to show that everything can be forgiven let me know.

    • Old Daddy

      Alej never hated Mora but was deeply hurt when just left. Mora most likely blamed herself for her dads leaving. Emotions without facts to balance choices lead to cascading bad decisions especially with teens and young adults whoses decisions are based on feelings rather than logic.

  • Anthony

    Ah, this looks good. Maybe we can get a good Mora.

  • Lime

    Am I the only one who isn't happy about this? =/

    • Neku

      You must have missed Nia's rant up above.

  • Ryumori

    OH NOOO!!!!! This could only mean to things if Alej is really becoming friends with more: either you needed the series or a even more dangerous villian is appearing. Considering that Alej has tried to kill Mora before I don't want to see what the new guy/gal would do.

  • william

    alejandra is back, just went to get something to drink. and what better way to wash down that heaping helping of forgiveness than the drink of the future, as toots proclaims

  • Kor3986

    Dammit… tootsie is so cute XD

  • Foxtrack

    I admit, I teared up a little. Then I giggled.

  • Anonymous

    @Nia, come on man, you totally saw this coming. How could you not foresee that things would work out better for everyone at the end of the arc? THEY ALWAYS DO! And yes, it's ridiculous, it's unrealistic, it shouldn't happen this quick this well, but hey, NOBODY CARES! THEY'RE GLAD TO SEE THINGS COMING BACK TOGETHER! And do you know why? This web comic is meant to be a feel good comic; despite the cliches. But you probably knew that already since you've been here awhile, so let me tell you something you don't know.

    This whole arc, you and your feeling that this is all going downhill, is just that. The comic is only going downhill for you and ALMOST nobody else, because ALMOST nobody else is feeling the exact same way as you. Assuming everyone thinks exactly like you and assuming people can read your mind when you say that this comic is going downhill after the father reveal (which was only one fucking panel, seriously get over it already) is narcissistic and moronic.

    And besides, you're only nitpicking about the PREVIOUS FUCKING PAGES! PAGES YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT! What's past has been passed already, they're's no point in nitpicking about it BECAUSE YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT! Yes, we get that Mora is Marry Sue-ish(maybe even without the -ish), yes we get that things aren't always positive in the real world, YES HER FATHER REVEAL WAS KINDA STUPID! YES THIS ARC FELT A LITTLE RUSHED! In fact, I agree with 99.9% of what you said, but hey, I'm still looking forward to this next page, I'm still looking forward to the continuation of the story, and I still, LIKE THE COMIC DESPITE ITS FLAWS AND AM NOT TOO QUICK TO JUDGE WHETHER OR NOT ITS GOING DOWNHILL OR NOT! Because really, it will take another arc before defining proof is conceived to dictate whether this comic remains good or not, since pages take a little over a week to do.

    And even when I do find something wrong with it, it's usually already pointed out in the comments by the time I get there, so I don't have to whine and complain my point once I get into the "post-your-comment" section of the comments.

    Like I said, I agree with almost everything you say, hell I'd say that we think exactly alike. But stories are stories and they go in whatever direction they like. Everyone is allowed their opinion, they're allowed to whine and bitch or praise and ass kiss all they like, but that fact is that nobody can change what's going to happen next, it can only change how long it will go on, and due to that amount of positive comments I see so far, it's still got a ways to go, for them anyway.

    For them, and for me.

    • Derterifii

      A good story doesn't rush the plot for the sake of rushing the plot.
      this WAS a good story. and it has the potential to BE a good story.
      but things are being rushed, and the story is suffering for it.

  • Wolfe

    Business partnership definitely seems likely, though it might be slightly less straight forward then most appear to be thinking. There's more then one way to work around a board, and that land does just happen to surround Mora's farm.

  • Elder

    Best page thus far imo, words cannot describe how long I wanted these two make amends… and Alej has her short hair again! Now that Mora and Alej have repaired their friendship it will be great to see how this will impact the rest of the cast and the story as a whole.


  • So it was Alej in the car after all. I really like to see that Alej and Mora now made up their differences. The future looks Gr8!

  • none of your business

    heh eveybody had all theese crazy ideas anybody who read the comic from the begining knew it was alej's car jeez lol so much dumb dramma.

  • Leandro

    Now we need an ecchi scene of cowly drunkness!

  • Mystic Monkey

    What does GR8 taste like? Is it a cola or a soda with fruit juice?

    • Austin

      If GR8 tastes anything like what I'm picturing… Holy shyte do not drink!

  • Derterifii

    these last few pages were all handled poorly. first the disappointing twist, then the unrealistic reaction to said twist from characters(you don't just drop something that big. I'm sorry.) the scene with Mora and Minos was kind of cute, but how did he know about said twist? we can ASSUME grapevine effect, but that's not something that you just leave open like that.
    now there's this. Alej dropping things as quickly as she did. I'm sorry, but even after that explanation, you'd imagine she'd still be a little sore, especially since Mora leaving was Alej's primary reason for hating her. that's not something you just let go. ever. it's going to take more than half an hour to think about that.
    things are moving waaaay too fast, and it's kind of irritating.
    Honestly, I feel that this is just a piss-poor attempt in introducing a new antagonist. I hope the next arc will be better, as this one… leaves something to be desired.

  • SeraphOfDawwww

    That is a FANTASTIC rear end.

  • Kobra

    How sickeningly sweet. So disappointing we wont have Al, as a enemy to Mora.

    • Katzy

      I'm sure there's a new enemy in the midst~ somewhere.

  • fasd

    My bet was that Aley tells the prime that shes a spawn of evil, and the prime regardless how much she loves errr the main character (cant remember name), but as a prime she have to do what shes a prime for and get rid off all seeds of evil primes so theire genetic code gets exterminated and may never ever come up to bring evil with them. Even if the main character not evil she holds the possibility to breed a child that gets affinity. The prime cant risk that and cause an epic drama.

  • Katzy

    Guuurl, that better be alcoholic~ πŸ˜›

  • MadLarry

    And the comment wars are still in full swing even when there's not a whole lot to bitch about.

    God, I love this comic's follower base. =D

    • mewr13

      -holds out popcorn bag- Care for some popcorn?

  • James

    This is the best furry comic ive ever read. I love who ever did this work.

  • Simply Put

    Pacing is still fucking shit in this comic, but this is probably one of the rare "okay" pages.

  • Trollpaxton

    Where is Alej's left horn when they are hugging? It kind of looks like it is piercing poor Mora's brain. πŸ˜‰

    Still, love the comic. πŸ™‚

  • When are the going to come out with more it is pissing me off!!!

  • I love Toot's, she works so hard!, always supporting Alej, she deserves something good to happen to her, just for kharma's sake

  • Makutrix

    I can feel something bad about to happen.

  • Wallet Inspector

    Calling it now. Setup for a future betrayal.

  • Jolene

    Finally! I am so happy to see them being friends and family again. And as for Mora she did a lot to be forgiven, as did Alej, she tried to intervene and help Alej though she could have just let her spiral into a depression which she would have never come out of. Alej hit the bottom and Mora was there to lift her back up, that's what friends do! And Mora told the truth, for those of you that haven't dealt with some sort of truth like that, you don't know how hard it is to finally tell people about a secret you've held for years especially one that you know they'll judge you for. But Alej and everyone else are good souls and they forgive her for everything because they understand how hard it was for Mora. I see a lot of myself in Mora and the fact that people judge her in these comments the way they do is exactly why we put up a front and act bitchy, because we want to avoid being judged for what we have really done and would rather make ourselves look worse because we think we deserve to be judged, but are too scared of revealing the real reason why we think that. Mora punished herself with the way she acted, she wanted to be hated because she thought that's what she deserved and now she realizes she can still be a good person, regardless of her 'race' I suppose you could call it. So yeah, don't judge people so harshly if you don't know what they've been through.

    • Derterifii

      See, I disagree.
      and it all goes back to my argument that, even if you get an explanation of WHY something happened, if it's your sole purpose of hating someone, that hatred doesn't go away.
      I want you all to perform a little experiment. get a plank of wood. better yet, two.
      one for Mora, one for Alej. now get a pack of nails.
      for everything that Mora did to Alej to damage their friendship, I want you to put a nail in the Alej board, one in the Mora board every time Alej hurt Mora.
      now, once that's done, I want you to pull the nails out for every act that was forgiven, or brushed aside.
      do those holes magically disappear when you pull out the nails? no.
      do the scars on their friendship magically go away? no.
      I'm not saying it's impossible to patch up those scars, just like it's not impossible to cover up those holes. but it's going to take one thing that neither party really displayed all through these last few pages:
      Effort. Mora shared her story. yeah. great. wonderful. but that's just the equivalent of putting masking tape over the hole in the plank. it's still there, you still covered it up, but the solution used is flimsy, and can easily tear right off.

      • Izeya

        That's actually a pretty good way in describing how hate isn't something that can really be fixed up that easily. And as you stated before this was obviously rushed because they want to bring in a new antagonist though who it is I doubt anyone would really know.

  • jonwii

    I hope there will be mora lindas pregnancy arc in the webcomic call Las Lindas.
    Can you do it for us?

    • beodude

      say wha?>]

  • Godfreid

    Omfg, guys really, when first thing I think while scrolling down the comments to leave one is "oh god, here we go again" it is horrible…

    On a separate note, glad to see alej coming around, and believe that means we will be getting a new antagonist soon then, right?

    Back to first line for a second, I don't exactly know if that happened or not (I generally don't read most of them, just towards the bottom nowadays, mainly because of the flame wars, mainly started by one mora hater *cough*nia*cough*) but I bet it did happen, and is still going on as well (this is one of the times I didn't read any comments)…

    • Anonymous

      "This is one of the times I didn't read any comments." Then what gives you the right to assume Nia started it (if he even started anything)?

  • Brodude

    Just gonna say that the other's that Alej works with, the business board(?) will oust her and take the company over with the wolf guy as the head, and Alej will have to "join" Mora to bring a stop to them.

  • SheLutra

    Aw you cut Alej's beautiful hair D: /sad face

  • Nice Alej is going to ditch those stuffy dick-heads that would throw her away as soon as her usefulness has run out and turn her attention in creating a new empire.

  • ShadowKitsune

    This thread nearly killed my phone. Alej got a haircut!?! She looked better with long hair. Ò‒¯ï¹Ò‒° I wonder what will happen now?

  • NiaNegator

    Oh my gosh, this whole page is just stunning. As a fan and a long time reader this very page has been so anticipated that to have it out there doesn't seem real.

    More and more I am in love with Mora's ongoing character development. Pardon my referance, but I'm always reminded of Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy. The similarities are lovely.

    In the beginning, Grey is an incredibly selfish, messed up, full of crap, and is so consumed by her white people problems that everything just seems to make her incapable of being anything else but alone and damaged. However, over the course of the show, she started to drow despite her own self. Now, in the series, she is a mother and wife and has been able to put most of her nasty habits behind her, to where she is dependable and matured.

    Mora's need to find her father was so great that she hurt her mother very badly. She went through life as carelessly as could be, not caring who she hurt or about making ties to anyone. It almost cost her Minos, it almost cost her her life, and it almost cost her the farm when Alej showed up. Not to mention that this decision to find her father ended up costing her her dear mother. She suffered. And then when she refused to grow up it almost cost her Minos again, and then Digit. Mora has gotten her ass kicked since Las Lindas has been repairing. But she did it all herself. Because she refused to grow up.

    But Digit, Minos, and her family on the farm have forced her to be a better person despite herself. And now, when Alej, who had tormented her for this whole time, needed her, Mora stepped up. I have a feeling the old Mora would have punched Alej out or not cared about her friend. This new Mora revealed painful things instead of refusing and drinking, and stopped Alejandra from beating herself to oblivion.

    Alej has had a great fall and now redemption. I love the symbolism with the crazy unkept long hair from earlier to this crisp professional haircut. The past was eating Alejandra alive and now that the poor girl realizes that Mora has not been taking everything away from her. Now the two can move on with this new understanding about how hard it has been for each of them. Beautiful. <3

    I love it Chalo. Though I hope that Mora's father doesn't appear soon (it will be critical to have good timing on that appearance if it comes). And I hope that the cowgirls can hopefully stop Vincent from stealing land that–now–could help both Mora AND Alej. <3


  • James would be a good theme for this if this was a cartoon to watch.

  • Marq FJA

    Dem hips on Alej in first panel. XD

  • Marq FJA

    Dem hips on Alej in first panel. XD

  • Random Person

    Dem Hips!

  • Random Person

    Dem Hips!

  • Treb


  • Treb


  • Beatdown

    Finally Alex and Mora are friends again

  • Beatdown

    Finally Alex and Mora are friends again

  • There nothing better to give to a renew friend than gr8 product.

  • Simon Larsson

    aww i got teary, blasted sweet moments