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Ask the High Prime!
  • S Wolf95.

    “the robot got me!!!” HILARIOUS!!!!

  • Jan Valentine

    frankenminos XD

  • Spike

    did anyone else imagine her saying good morning like Ichigo’s dad did in episode 2?

  • Gaboris

    Oh boy Alex is comming. I hope she won’t freak Jill out too much… Oh who am I kidding I hope she’ll drive her crazy the moment they meet. Can’t wait to see all her wacky shenanigans again. :3

    BTW Lisa has some weird reactions at times. I like her, but still. 😀

  • LoveStone LifeSythe

    You know, in the prolog. I said to my self “the girl can’t get any cuter.” Now look at her!

  • Gravedigger

    she doesn’t sound to happy, does she???

  • pride-and-parliament


  • LoveStone LifeSythe

    That, um, skunk (? Dog? Can’t tell!) is way to excited about things.

    • Lisa’s a skunk. You’ll get a better look at her later on.

      • LoveStone LifeSythe

        yeah a skunk! skunks are cool.

  • Regulos14

    Finally found Yuki’s soft spot. (So to speak) 😛

  • Dominik Grudel

    she does have nice curves

  • cbale2000

    Am I the only one here who noticed that “Dad” changed outfits AND species in panels 3 &4?

    • Dakota Miyamoto

      Um, those are two different characters entirely

      • cbale2000

        I know, I was joking. =P

        That said, I did find it odd that a totally different character would appear within what appears to be no gap in time between panel 2 and 3. I also thought it was interesting that both characters seemed to be wearing identical glasses, and stood it very similar poses.

  • MrAMP

    Yuki’s got the best curves! XD
    Also, I had a feeling Tina’s dad owned a restaurant.

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    Figures, pay a woman a compliment and she bites your head off

    • BlackWind

      Maybe not purposely but maybe Next time she may take the compliment on a better time go figure