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  • RandomRedneck

    Minos, dropping the wisdom.

    • RandomRedneck

      Holy crap, I actually got first comment…

      • Feels nice don't it

      • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! oh well.

    • Victor

      I heard that, brother.

    • Albert

      Yeah Minos is right. When you look back Mora has helped a lot of them out even though a few of them are ungrateful bastards. She gave Sarah and Rachael jobs and food and a place to stay and clothes to wear and all Sarah did was almost destroy the farm and Rachael tried to steal Minos. And she STILL let them stay despite all that.

      • Helcat

        While you're bashing on the twins, you should consider that their help attributed to the farms renewal. Their hard work helped the food that everyone ate grow, and truth be told, they earned the money to pay for the clothes she gave them. Whatever Mora gave them in the beginning has been repaid in full by now. As for Sarah nearly destroying everything, you can't fault her for that bullshit, she wasn't doing it intentionally.

        And as for Rachel trying to "steal" Minos, I find it funny that she got so defensive over that, considering she slept with Miles to get back at Minos for something he didn't even do.

    • Comichero

      every one is first at some point in you life but it get loenly at the top fast

    • Steve

      Oh Mighty Sage Minos!!! Tell us more bout your Wisdom Teachings!!!! Amen!!! 😀

  • pandorax

    Surely sometimes i think that minos should be a therapist but then i realize he is in a barn in neo erth in Las Lindas but his wisdom is incredible I need to admit it

  • Lizzy

    good lord, those tits are unreal. okay, as far as anatomy goes, everything looks pretty okay until that last panel. either Mora's tits got larger all of a sudden or they got smaller in the second panel. (I personally think the way her body looks is relatively accurate.) but in that last panel they look more like a ball sac than breasts. just the shape they create and how narrow her shoulders are and her overall frame make everything about her chest look unnatural. buuuut other than that, I do really like her facial expression and the third panel where she's holding Diana's dress up to her torso. I always enjoy the story much more when there's a more in depth conversation going on.

    • Kizzness

      I like that there's a little more "depth" in the character conversations 🙂

      I'm going to have to agree with Lizzy though: That last panel… Mora's body proportions are kinda sloppy. Those boobs are a bit of a stretch, even for this comic series. They look a little too low and too full for her posturing. Other than that, this page is as any other 🙂

      • Took of her bra maybe

      • Tankheadned

        I think the idea was she was putting weight on her hands while reclining back. which would push the shoulders up higher than usual. It is just stylized for the comic.

      • Kizzness

        Ah yes, stylized… the lazy excuse for saying something doesn't work 😛 Really though, anatomically, her breasts are too low, stylized or not. I know the pose he was going for, but her breasts wouldn't come out from the top of her rib cage all of a sudden just because she's reclining. Her breasts are too low.

    • Lizzy you have to view Mora's Breasts in perspective from back view front view and side view to determine their size as they did not grow n shrink like you think.
      aside that she is definitely opening up to Minos and trying to not keep a secret between them which is a sign of trust

      • Lizzy

        Blackwind, I think you don't understand female anatomy. look at panel 2, then look at that last panel. she's basically drawn at the exact same 3-quarter angle and there is a significant variation in size of her breasts in the last panel. I seriously don't care that her tits are so ginormous, I get it, there are chicks out there who have unbelievably big hooters and their chests will look different than those who have smaller/normal chests. I'm just saying from an female and an artist's standpoint, her breasts look too narrow at the top and far too round at the bottom. like I said earlier, they look more like a ball sac instead of two separate breasts. if her shoulders were a little more broad to fit her frame, then her breasts wouldn't look so unnatural in that last panel. think about it, in the real world women who have larger frames tend to have larger breasts than women with smaller frames. those with smaller frames and have huge tits look unnatural.

      • Simply Put

        The way she's positioned and the lack of shoulder muscle is completely illogical in anatomy. The way she is right there makes her rib cage look like a square.

        Breasts are fatty deposits that come right off of the pectoral muscles. The way that looks, her breasts are attached to the side of her brick-ribs.

    • Eric Oxner

      Mora has a set of huge breast.But look at her mother breast.I think its safe to say where mora gets her breast from.

  • maybe minos was raised by monks.

  • "To DEFY your father's legacy, you became a POSITIVE force in people's lives."

    How does HE know what Mora's father's legacy was?

    If Mora has been keeping her father's identity and nature a secret from everybody around her, then how could Minos know? While I'm sure Minos is the single person Mora would trust with just about anything, I doubt this is information she'd share even with him for fear of potentially losing him. And even so, she hasn't brought up that he was a Narakhan in speaking with him at all.

    This leads me to believe that Minos knew who Mora's father was before he met her. Which also means that the building he's being kept in belongs to the High Primes. While still uncertain about whether he's held against his will, or whether he's a willing volunteer, remains to be seen, and based on Chalo's Tumblr and intel, the purpose of his confinement is to discover a way to remove the "taint" from primes that are Narakhan. Time will tell if I'm right or not, but this is where I'm thinking it will go.

    Now will Mora realize that Minos just revealed that he knows about her father?

    Mora: "Hey… wait a minute… what do you mean by "defy my father's legacy" anyway? How do you know what his legacy is? I never talked about him with you or anyone!"

    • Jaffah

      Oooooor Minos could have assumed when Mora said she "lost both parents" after admitting to finding her father and "having nothing" that things were too bad to dredge up again and compared it to the way things are now.

      • Ters

        Or how bout one of the people on the farm or Mora just told him off panel who her father was and made the comment as an obvious statement that everyone knew what being what he was, meant? It's really not that complicated.
        "You're father was one of the badguys. What an awful legacy" "*gasp* how could you know? Were you his brother?" *backhand*

    • Chrissylacat

      Or maybe Minos knows who her father is since he's a freakin Crest guys!! Don't you think he could find out who her father was, after all he got Ambar to come to her farm and save it. Come on people stop nikpicking

    • only if her "Raging hormones" stop for a second for her to even realize that statement will make a very important conversation piece

    • Or you know, she pretty much outlined that her father isn't exactly the best of guys, what with "… even though everyone said it was a bad idea", and Minos just assumed he was a criminal or something.

  • nerp

    Nah, she's still kind of a terrible person.

    Now, if he had said that she returned -in order to- become a positive force in people's lives, I might buy that. Good intentions are one thing of which she is capable.

  • Foxstar30

    If you all have read this comic from the begining many would understand that Mora has begun to mature. Yes we all know that now and then she will backslide and act like she did. But facing your own past, especially when it is a painful one will either bring wisdom and the start of some closesure or continuing in a downward spiral. As for Minos I belive that he is one of the crest knights of the high primes for Chalo had him in the bazzar art labeled crests.

    • nerp

      That's nice and all, but just because someone begins a trend of self-improvement doesn't mean they shouldn't be called out for wrongdoing. In fact, it's even more important for him/her to face up to criticism now.

      So – painful history or not – I'd say Mora can ask for all the compliments she wants as soon as she starts earning them.

  • nerp

    Oh. Wow. Deleted? That was uncalled-for.

    OK, let's try this.

    I still think Mora doesn't entirely deserve the credit that Minos seems so willing to give her for being a "positive force", here. It's true that it was her influence that gathered people to the farm, and that most of them are pretty happy at the moment. But we can't attribute everything that results down the road to a single agent – unless her continual agency really did contribute to those results (and meant to), which I would argue isn't true.

    It would be like criticizing someone for turning off a light switch if someone later happened to trip and hurt themselves in the dark room. Moral (dis)approbation should be harder to win than that. Either Minos really is just flattering her, or his judgment is becoming questionable.

    • nerp

      dahaha, never mind, I just didn't see the previous comment on the page anymore

      MY BAD

    • Jet Black Jr.

      Okay, when exactly has Mora been a "positive force"?

      • nerp

        Not often, if ever. That's my point. Minos calls her one in panel 4.

    • MadLarry

      Honestly? The day we see Mora make some actual improvement, and not just have everyone else around her (as well as her rabid fans) insist she is even when she actually hasn't… well, I'm fully prepared to eat my fedora.

  • Twilight

    I think Minos is very "sagely". He might even get some action in bed if he is lucky.

  • Minos is too smart, I was thinking something else too!

  • Otto

    So Mom had a spirit gem as a necklace… Guessing that it is still alive and Mora gets to talk to it one day, it answers all her questions, and she gets to come to terms with her Mom. And Minos covertly discloses that he has mad powers, not that she picks up on this.

    • Otto

      Forgot, now she has three so she has her own spirit army…

    • Fluttercait

      actually… that's not a necklace, look closer. The gem is a part of the dress she's holding.

  • Flyboy1945

    I forgot that Minos has that sage-like power.

  • someone

    Really, just go back to fanservice.

  • astersa


  • Roi

    Them some saggie ass tittys
    but I like them

    • Nasqueron

      Unfortunately too many people have an unrealistic image of large breasts which I think is pretty much led by porn, movie cgi and photoshop.

      Large breasts, without operations, will always start to sag and hang lower over time. You don't grow older without larger breasts sitting lower on the body than when you are younger. It's part of the human body, they don't have anything to support them so there are no exercises (or nonsense magic creams etc) that you can do to keep them perky.

      Mora's breasts in the 2nd panel look like she has a bra on supporting them, the last panel it looks like she has taken the bra off so they are hanging naturally.

      • Hoj_poj

        Yes, but when would she have taken the bra off and put her shirt back on in 3 panels? Also, why is everybody talking about mora's boobs?

  • Leandro

    This page owns, nuff said

  • Kuoru

    is it wrong to find Mora so cute, with her mind set as it is, she is one of my favorite chars if not my favorite.

  • Neku

    I think that's the most Minos has ever actually said in a single panel. Also, the similarity between the amulet on Diana's dress and Mora's bracelet is shocking.
    In before intermission to more of the cats' antics as a tension breaker.

  • Do love that profile view of Mora in that second panel, and that "sagely" look on Minos' face x3
    Though I am not certain how Minos seems to know about Mora's father, unless he is making assumptions from the few things Mora mentions in the second panel.

    Great page!

  • jarf6

    Mora looks incredibly adorable on the third panel :3

  • kawaiiChii

    Her breast are waaaaayyy too low on her chest in the last panel. Nonetheless, this was a rather cute page, Mora made me smile 🙂

  • Elder

    This is a very nice page. I am glad to see Mora and Minos have a connection that goes deeper than just the physical level. ;]

  • Bb

    Minos left eye is missing

    • Neku

      Right* eye, bro. Left to our view but his right.

      • BB

        Thanks bro c:
        btw im a girl

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting for lulz and rage arguments people, that's what made the last few pages great but you're really losing it guys.

    "I'm calling a tactical L-O-L strike on these coordinates [][][]"

    I'm serious, if there is no lulz on this page by the time the next one comes out, I'll be dropping in the Nuclear Bomb of all troll flame rage LOL-JUTSU on your collective arses.

  • william

    nice how mora gets all that negativity off her chest, and minos is so accepting about it. really gives this comic the touching moments it needs.

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    • Hoj_poj


  • TheDoctor

    Great Artwork, Great Storyline.

  • Aero

    Ah the quiet chat scenes, always a breath of fresh air…..before the real action begins hehe.

  • Kobra

    So what Mora'a philosophy is "always lie because the truth is way worse?" They were still her friends and had a right to know.

    • Kobra

      And for that matter so did she.

  • Inari

    Ok first off. If you're going to talk about the proportions of Mora's chest. You really should take into account her sitting position. Because in the second panel she's hunched forward and her arm is in the way, which gives the illusion of her being smaller up top. In the forth panel she's leaning back which accentuates the chest far more. It's like when a woman stands up straight and tall with her shoulders back. Her chest will always look bigger then if she's slouched. Same with guys' chests.

    And yes it's normal in the animal kingdom as well, the puffing of chests. Even if she's not puffing. Her sitting hunched is a sign of withdrawl or introversion. And when she's leaning back, she's in a relaxed position and has opened up more to Minos. Mentally and emotionally.

    As for the proportions of her shoulders in the last panel, it comes down to angel of her body's position. I recommend sitting in front of the mirror and mimicing the position and angel and see how your shoulders look. Because to me, they look relitively the same. Just thought I'd put my 2 cents in.

    BTW KUDOS on the art work. I'm a fan, have been since I found the site. Keep up the awesome work. Glad you brought Minos back from hiding, he's a great balance for Mora. Looking forward to more. The suspense is killing me.

    • Jess

      Yeah, but look at where all the weight is. Her breasts are obviously in a bra, as the weight isn't following her ribcage downward. I have larger breasts myself, and I can personally tell you that in that position, the boobs don't *lower* as they seem to have done in the last panel. The shoulders are so exaggerated that it makes it look like her boobs just shifted downward on her ribcage for no reason without changing shape. The contrast is way too much, it makes it look like her breasts aren't attached to her pectorals like they're supposed to be.

  • Helcat

    Right. Mora became a positive force in people's lives. *looks back on how she slept with miles to get back at Minos* are you fucktarded, Minos? All of this ass-kissing is getting pretty damn annoying.

    I get that this story is primarily based around Mora, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the story has to be written in her favor. Mora has a lot of flaws but you wouldn't think that with how she is written. She's bratty, ill-tempered, selfish and quite manipulative. Everything she has now was given to her, there's nothing to indicate that she worked for any of it or even earned it. And to top it off, she's got the primes in her favor.

    And despite this, its Alejandra that gets painted up as the bad guy in the comic, when she's the only one that I've seen that even remotely comes close to being an admirable person. She worked for her empire. She built it from the ground up. She's business savvy, hardworking, dedicated and smart, but because she's part of a corporation, she's automatically the bad guy.

    I won't lie, I don't like Mora, but I don't hate her. She's a flawed person and there's nothing wrong with that. What irks me is how her mistakes both past and present are ignored in favor of saving face and how her personal achievements are overly inflated and little to no credit is given to the individuals who put her IN that position to begin with.

    It really wouldn't hurt the writers to go back every couple of years and refresh themselves on the history of the comic.

    • Nasqueron

      @Helcat – I don't understand your post, you write "but that doesn't necessarily mean that the story has to be written in her favor" – why not? Chalo writes the comic, if he chose for Mora to have small disadvantages and big advantages it's his choice, not yours. There is nothing to stop you proposing a storyline (with suitable back story to make it tie in) or even writing your own comic.

      The way a cartoon goes is down to the artist and writer and they should stick to what they want, not twist the story to try and keep all the people happy (which frankly would lead to a stupid story that makes no sense).

      Reminds me of the Poochy episode of Simpsons when the kids are in the TV studio – "So you want a realistic down-to-earth show that's completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots"

  • Max

    Why do have all these feels when Mora opened up about her father? Oh right because this Emotional as hell. I know a lot of people don't like Mora, but to me she seems the most relatable. I like where the story is currently going and seeing as how this ark seems to be over I can't wait for the next one.

  • Albert

    @ Helcat. So that makes it okay? I let you into my house and give you everything and that makes it okay for you to do whatever you want to me? I has nothing to do with payback. It has to do with gratitude. Let's not forget that Sarah and Rachael are still thieves, so their moral high ground is very rocky. No matter what Mora has done it doesn't excuse anything they have done.Mora always seems to be the one that has to learn her lesson while no one else seems to ever pay for what they have done. Rachael still has to get some payback for taking Sarah away from a potential happy home because she selfishly didn't want to be separated from her.

    • Helcat

      @ Nasqueron: Let me clarify what I meant by "writing the story in her favor." What I mean
      by this is that, despite Mora being the main character, every situation in which the writer
      has put her in, she always comes through on top even when she shouldn't. Or, despite her
      flaws, no one seems to call her out on them to help her overcome them. It seems like no
      matter how badly Mora treats people, there's never any consequence for it because
      despite this, everyone in her world (and from what I'm seeing, most who read the comic)
      see her doing no wrong.

      Another prime example is of Mora's farm defeating Alejandra's back at the festival. I enjoy
      a good underdog story as much as the next person, but I'm sorry, there should have been
      no way that a small farm manned by a few inexperienced but well meaning people should
      have beaten out a multi-billion dollar, corporate ran chain of farms that is staffed by any
      number of experts and has infinite resources. But Mora was always going to win, the
      writer couldn't afford for her to lose because it would break the illusion they have of Mora.

      You'll never really see Mora grow as long as she's babied in the story. Character growth is
      a tricky thing to pull off, even for the best of writers. We have to see the characters as they
      are, we have to see them get knocked down and at their lowest, or at their worst. It's only
      then that we can see them grow as individuals through the hardships that they overcome.

  • Actually

    Just calling in to say that I love "textwall" pages every now and then.

    Most of the one-shot and comic series I love are fairly text-heavy. I can't really get into comics that have the conventional "a few words per page" structure.

  • Ok we get it Mora's flawed watever this topic has been played to death the last couple pages i'd like to see some opinions on other characters besides just her and Alje for once or atleast something else besides bitching about the writing

  • Helcat

    @ Albert: So, you're going to tell me that it matters fully that Sarah and Rachel had to steal food for their own survival, but that it doesn't matter what Mora has done in the past and present, simply because she brought them onto her farm and exploited their situation instead of just shipping them to jail? Sorry, but you can't just point your finger and say "You can't do that because I said so!", that isn't how this is going to work. You either play by the same rules or you don't play at all.

    First of all what Mora did wasn't out of kindness when you break down the situation and look at it. If Mora had sent the kids back to the orphanage, she wouldn't have gotten any compensation back from what the kittens had taken, she would have take a big hit to her own expenses and would have had to work even harder to compensate for the loss. Instead she threatened the kittens and exploited their situation for more labor. She could easily make back what she had loss and then some just off the work that the kittens put in in the long run.

    You have to keep in mind, at the beginning of the comic, Mora wasn't making that much money, certainly not enough to properly pay people for their hard work. So she put on the sluttiest thing she could find, trounced down to the local pub and seduced a couple of drunken, horny idiots to work for her for 3 meals a day and a bed. There was no promise of a proper salary, only that they may get to sleep with her if they worked.

    The only time that we get any feeling that Las Lindas was making any money was after their farm had won the festival and by then, anything money the kittens may have caused Mora to lose had been made back several times over.

    But according to you, it isn't about what was lost or given, or whatever, its about the gratitude. Alright, lets talk about gratitude. Where was Mora's gratitude when she was threatening to throw the kittens to the curb after they helped save the farm that she had let fall into ruins because of her own selfish desires? She said herself she had given up everything to learn the truth about her father. Where was the gratitude for Miles for all his work? He's a pervert, sure, but that shouldn't make him less worthy of gratitude. Oh, but I guess he's exempt because Mora fucked him, right? Fucked him to get back at Minos at that. I guess that's the sort of gratitude Mora shows to the people who has helped her.

    In fact, the only one she hasn't really wronged in any real way has been Ran and Taffy. Its nice to be grateful to someone, but owing gratitude doesn't instantly give you the right to treat people like garbage.

    As for Rachel kidnapping Sarah? Yea, that was selfish of her. But I guess you've never wanted to keep someone you love dearly, like a sister or brother, close to you. That evil bitch.

  • Wolve95

    You people talk to much

    • Victor

      I know, right? And they're just talking about stupid sh#% that nobody else really gives a sh#% about XP

  • matthew

    does anyone notice the the purple gem on the dress?

  • Jolene

    Her proportions are all messed up in that last panel. Her body used to be physically possible, now it's just a bit ridiculous.

  • Anon

    Jesus fuck Mora, the hell is wrong with your body? Nothing about it follows basic anatomy.

  • RandomRedneck

    Just for once, I wish Nia and them wouldn't turn this comment section into a freaking warzone…

    • NiaNegator

      *nods* I couldn't agree more. I honestly must feel bad for Chalo. He works so hard and regardless of the status his comic takes, this page is filled with rude moronic haters and those who continue to fall into their abyss. </3

      • Helcat

        Not sure if that was addressed towards me or not, but if I may interject? I don't hate the comic. I wouldn't have followed it for as long as I have if I did. All I'm doing is pointing out some obvious flaws that should be considered while judging Mora's character before praise is heaped upon her.

        Granted, I may have been a bit abrasive when addressing Chalo, be it directly or indirectly, and for being rude I apologize if any feelings were hurt, but I won't apologize for what was said, it was the truth.

    • Gaddez

      I'm beginning to wonder if someone is forceing them at gun point to read the comic, since thats the only reason I can figure they would continue to come to this site other then to shit all over the community.

      • MadLarry

        Well, some people hold out hope that it's going to improve. Others tend to look at it like a dozen 747s colliding in midair; it's awful, but at the same time, it's just so absurd you can't look away.

      • MadLarry

        Pretty much same deal; between Nia's mudslinging and Albert's white-knighting, the comment wars are really the only reason I'm still here. It's kind of like watching a presidential debate, except somehow even more inane and pathetic.

      • Izeya

        @MadLarry the only thing missing is the popcorn for the sane people to see the flame war between Nia and Albert going on.

  • burge23

    Umm…just a thought, her shoulders are slouched upwards, therefore meaning her boobs will stay/sag lower than they're supposed to. they're in the right place, it's just that her shoulders are in a different position. anyone with boobs would know that….that's why i'm saying this.

  • …………. judging by the way shes looking at him posing her breasts like that….. the bed is gonna fall though the floor from the fucking that's about to happen

  • sunwalker

    how can so many ppl coment on one single page of comic?

  • unthinkably swag

    So you know, been watching el topo, been playing re4, killed del lago, listening to lifeboy and then i was like " hey, i thing i could read the new LL page"

    and i get practically a fillerpage.

    Thank god i read other comics.

    But god never listens to what i say….

    • nerp

      Maybe He's offended that you didn't do the whole, you know, deity-capitalization thing. He's very sensitive.

  • Thor

    I really wish that certain people would respond to a poster in the thread the poster started, rather starting their own thread and assuming that everyone else should hunt through the forum just to figure out what they are talking about. It's just basic forum courtesy.

  • Kurai

    I wish Chalo would learn to draw boobs. I seriously cringe every single time I see them drawn :/

  • Crazyeddy

    Ddaaauuummmm……….to……many ………..comments ……………can't …….read ………it……..alll……. *faints*

  • Tyrasa

    ohh dear sweet mother of the gods nnnnoooooooooooo i've finally caught up to the most recent one now i'll have to wait curse me and my inability to stop reading

  • LoLGuy

    Minos, you´ve got the path to dat woman covered , I reckon. Yes, those "sagely" words are working steadily in dem ears… *Positively, a nice lay comes*

    P.D worst anatomic fail I´ve ever seen on this comic, Chalo. I get what were you trying to do (the posture) but it isn´t right. 4th panel. Mora. do cringe me.

    • Simply Put

      Praise be, good sir.

  • Jack

    And slut Mora returns to the scene.

    • RandomRedneck

      Yes, because showing affection to your boyfriend makes you a slut…

      • kawaiiChii

        If it's PDA then yes it does. Just sayin'.

  • i sense a sex filled hot dirty update in our futture

  • i dunno if most people listen but i do it's a really boring topic to be honest no use really trying to convince anybody of anything we all know twilight saga sucks the chrome of door knobs but people defends it like crazy

    • Izeya

      I think if there's one thing that people, such as myself, are trying to do or at least I hope they're trying to do is show the flaws within the comic and how bad the writing and characters are. In essence I myself am trying to show that it's slowly becoming like the Twilight saga and that it should stay away from that path. And even if people call it "hating" or "trolling" it won't really matter because I'm still going to say that this part is slightly off and that it doesn't really fit into the story or they don't really deserve something.

  • eh thats fine with me i'd read it reguardless that was mostly going to the pointless trolling not the people with a point

    • Izeya

      And that's the problem right there whenever someone does bring up a point everyone usually just go "Oh you're just a hater you don't know how hard he worked on it" or say how I should just make a better one. Personally it's kind of annoying to see that type of thing typed out when it can be used for practically anything.

  • Crazyeddy

    Shall I say Drama is in the air!!
    BTW: who likes my kitty pic

  • revilnemesis3

    Albert and Nia, can both of you please shut up. The comic can't go two pages with a flame war starting and from my observations you two are the main cause of the flame wars.

    • MadLarry

      Hey, now, don't deprive those of us who enjoy watching the comment wars of our fun.

  • Kor3986

    i would hazard to guess that he has mastered the skill of speechcraft

  • Roi

    There going to do sex next