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Desperate published on 137 Comments on Desperate

New page folks, and sorry for the delay!

So as you can see, this puppy girl is called Sunny and is looking for a job at LL just like many other people. She seems very eager but maybe a bit too eager?

It seems many people seems to like her already, and I’m glad. Her design actually has been around for some time, as it was Avencri, from TEoR that made her first design. I just took her from there but I got my job cut out already, so I didn’t change much, hehe.

Check her out HERE

  • Albert Belle

    Wow. Eager much doggy? She is so cute. Arf she says. On the bright side though she seems to have gotten Taffy’s attention.That could be a plus

  • RandomRedneck

    I can say from experience, practicing your pitch before the interview just means you’ll more likely flub it. Also…she said arf. That’s funny.

    • Jason

      Yeah, it was pretty funny. I don’t care how much you’ve seen in the world, you’ve probably never seen a girl go ARF! when she’s nervous.

      • ReyJJJ

        Must still be in tune with her animal instincts.
        How adorable!

    • Tearahk

      I know what you mean. I’ve gone to several interviews in the past months and the first two times, after rehearsing and making a speech I ended up flubbing a bit. ^^;
      On the third one, though, I decided to wing it and I felt pretty good about it afterwards. Haven’t heard back from them yet though. Been about a month since I went in….
      On a whole other note, the “ARF!” thing was pretty hilarious. And sorta cute. XD

  • radio

    I like the name

  • not gonna lie, I have a feeling I’m going to get pretty bored of this new character. she definitely seems sweet and cute enough, but judging by her bland design and demeanor so far, she seems pretty typical. I can’t say much yet because she’s only had 2 pages of appearance so far, but that’s just the vibe I’m getting from this character. other than that, Taffy looks absolutely beautiful/adorable in that dress and sun hat. <3

    • Albert Belle

      You got that she was typical from two pages? You must not read many books do you.Usully it takes several hundred pages before you have any feeling that a characters is going to be typical and bland and you are having it from two pages?

      • Anon

        The design is bland and so far her personality is pretty bland as well. And that says alot comparing her to the other character’s in this webcomic.

        • CazzT

          Mora is bland in the first two pages. Randall is bland in his first
          two pages. You can argue that pretty much all the characters are bland
          with such minimal exposure when they’re first introduced.

          I see is a character that is going to be very important to the story.
          She’s already adorable because she doesn’t wanna screw it up before she
          gets the job. Taffy spooks her and she gets embarrassed and nervous
          because of her reaction. Not sure where anyone is getting that she’s bland, though.

          • Silvermain

            Amen to that CazzT I think she’ll fir in quite well with the rest of the cast.

      • I’m just sharing my opinion, no need to start throwing insults. I haven’t said she IS a boring and typical character yet, that’s just my first impression of this character.

        • Guy Who Hates NK

          He did not insult you…and your being pretty quick to judge after reading two pages on this one so might wanna wait until you have a better picture of her…or you can continue to overeact.

        • Paco

          You better grow a thicker skin if you are gonna post here, Albert didn’t insult you at all what he said was mild.

        • both of you are blowing this out of proportion, I haven’t done or said anything that suggests I’m upset over what he said. how is defending my opinion an overreaction? I guess the way you read my comments can make it seem like I’m being a brat or something, but I’m honestly just trying to leave feedback. I think claiming that I don’t read books or anything was a random and childish remark seeing as how he doesn’t know anything about me. like Link said, this new character just seems like a very typical shoujou anime girl and I just have a feeling I won’t care for her too much. big deal. (burn the witch, she has a thought about a character!)

          • Velen

            I think pretty much any character you first meet starts out seeming typical in one way or another. So I agree with these guys: I think you’re jumping the gun on this.

            As for “bland design”. While I agree her design doesn’t seem all too inspired, there expectations for what a farm girl is supposed to look like, and she definitely fits the bill. So her design is excusable. It might change in some way later on. I mean, look how much Mora’s hair-style has changed, for instance. It’s not a complete overhaul, mind you, but it’s a valid example of what may happen over the course of this arc.

          • GuyWhoHatesNK

            ……yeahhh you kinda just proved my point on the overeacting thing…and on the brat thing, you said it not me >:)

          • Coolio :P

            errr… first of all i think it is possible to see her as bland. riiight, she’s been with us for two pages, she could potentially be a psycho. And i actually read your comment and you actually said that “I can’t say much yet because she’s only had 2 pages of appearance”, so you are taking it into account. i think most people are just reading all the other comments and adding to it. i think most of the overreacting is everybody going on and on about it, though it wasn’t really fair to accuse somebody of ‘throwing insults’ because he didn’t really read your comment and so see this: “I can’t say much yet because she’s only had 2 pages of appearance”, which is something you have, in fact, failed to bring up when calling people out for getting upset with an opposing opinion. personally I don’t think she is bland nor will turn out bland judging by a very atypical reaction to an offer of lemonade. So, basically, to sum it all up and try to keep people from threatening me with pitchforks, everybody who took part in this argument – or rather, exchange of opinions if you don’t mind a monty python reference (as that is what this is, a random exchange of opposing opinions without many supporting facts) – was wrong on some points and right on some points but there was a better way to go about it. There are also plenty of people who agree with you if you look at how many upvotes your comment got. Forgive my rant but it needed to be said.

          • Zarylo

            my gosh … leave the girl alone, she just posted her opinion, you may agree or disagree but cut out being so … judgemental.

        • Chazz

          They are overreacting, I guess I’d say give her a chance, since there are so many confident bold characters, I think he may just want to incorporate someone more shy. We will see πŸ™‚

          • GuyWhoHatesNK

            Bud I did not overreact… she went off about fake insults and called a character that just primered bland after less than 3 pages with her, and decided to rant when people called her on it…So butt out.

          • Thatonenerd

            She commented, sharing her first-glance opinion of a character and admitted it was such. Then, an assumption was made on her reading habits -without- a qualifying remark concerning a lack of knowledge about her. This made it seem like a definitive judgement, which can easily be taken as an insult. But the only overreaction I see is from Guy, who goes off about “rants” and attempts to invalidate the opinions of those who don’t agree with him by telling them to butt out.

            All that said, I’ll reserve judgement on the new character for now.

          • Chazz

            If you pay attention, she does realize it is too early to actually say for sure her opinion is right. I’d say her comment is A-ok.

        • guywhofarted

          Just to say, there were no insults, just rhetorical questions. Its just that your opinion was simply just you jumping to conclusions.

      • ReyJJJ

        Well, to be fair, this is a comic, so unlike with books where the art is in the letter, there is a visual aide and that’s 2000 words already.

    • MrAMP

      Hm…I do see your point about this character’s development thus far, but that, in my opinion, makes her unique and quite interesting. It should be interesting to see how her interviews go.

    • Gourd

      Please, once Chalo gets her in a bikini and lubed up like all the other girls have been at some point in this “story”, you’ll find her just as “interesting” as alllllll the other “characters”.

    • Rishi_chan I have to go with you on that for the most part but I am willing to giver her a shot since we have only seen to panels with her so far. Besides I felt the same way when some other characters where first brought in.

    • Krocialblack

      How on earth 31 people rated this comment up is beyond me. Well. There’s one in every bucket. I guess counting you and the others. There’s 32 of you geniuses. Don’t be so quick to judge. And read the comic.

      Why does people have to be so opinionated around here?

  • Clockwerk

    You are the weakest Cooper i’ve ever encountered!

  • Foxtail33


  • Cameron Harrison

    Wow she’s eager! Reminds me of my aunt and uncles 6 month old pup when ever he see’s us come to visit. He jumps on everyone! XD and the fact that Sunny said arf was totally cute! I got a good feeling she’s got the job!

  • Kobra

    Eager nothing, this girls a wreak!

    And who needs a degree for a farm?

    • Gazen

      If you look back at the page you’ll see that the degree was for the office position.

  • Downfall

    man… only 2 pages and people are already critizing the girl without giving her the chance to go through any character development. just give her a chance! a critic watches the whole movie, watches the first 5 minutes.

    • Mage

      No kidding. I for one am excited to see someone new on the farm, someone with potential. We still barely know her, so I’m still rather curious. It’s not right to sink a ship before it’s even sailed, doods…

    • Downfall

      does not watch the first 5 minutes* im so frustrated i forgot how to write.

    • Mark Temple

      after 2 strips for each, i remember thinking most of the existing cast was rather bland.. now if she hasn’t picked up some interesting elements after 20 strips then you might have some minor cause for complaints. and even then, it’s better to wait for 200 strips just to be sure. πŸ™‚

  • redneck

    Oh jeez, I’m so sorry that Sunny’s not just a big ole pair of tits with legs walking around. Heaven forbid she have a bra size lower than a G!

    • Mage

      Niiiiiice. XD

    • RandomRedneck

      Well put. Nice name by the way.

    • Gourd

      As a man who loves huge tits, that really is ALL this comic is for so I agree in that the only reason anyone would call her a shallow character is because of her shallow bra. But there’s hope! As soon as Sarah turned 18 she was given huge tits, a skank outfit, ogled by Miles, and shown “playfully” stripping down in multiple side pieces. I bet this girl here will be given the same treatment and then people will make these fraudulent overviews of her “character” praising her. I GARENtee it.

  • Ratz

    I like the New Character, She has a unique look to her, I think you guys just need to give this Character sometime to grow.

  • Link

    I’m a little hesitant to give my opinion, given the “It’s only been two pages, jeeeeez!!” white knight army that’s guarding the comment section, but Sunny does seem to act like the stereotypical shoujou girl. Late for first day of school/work interview, running down the road and then making an embarrassing mistake in front of an important individual? Go back a page and tell me you can’t see the fat, wobbly slice of toast hanging from her mouth.
    That said, glad to see the hopeful addition to the farm.

    • Mage

      I can’t see the fat, wobbly slice of toast hanging from her mouth…I can see a waffle though.

      • celtcath74

        mmmm. Waffles.

        • Jason

          I prefer French Toast myself…anyway, even though she IS sort of typical, that’s pretty much how everyone else started out too.

    • well put! glad to see that I’m not the only one who feels this way about her.

      • nitsua llig

        i agree with rishi chan on this character, even though it has only been two pages, sunny has yet to be shown with any backround story or relevent purpose to the story`s major plot, as of now Sunny seems like just an average joe.

    • RandomRedneck

      Just because people disagree with you, doesn’t mean they’re “White Knighting”. Frankly, that term gets tossed around too much around here.

      • BlackWind

        UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! Some people think they’re Literary geniuses and have a PHD to lay down what’s right, the indomitable FOOLS!!

        • Zero





          The girl’s only been around a short time, we know little about her, her personality,and how she affects the story thus far, so all of you stop with the arguing over her. She’s worked up due to nerves about getting the job, EVERYONE DOES THAT ITS NORMAL! She acts odd in front of an important character, ITS OKAY, pretty sure someone’s done that in real life too just because they are nervous. She wants the job, so does a lot of other people. This is actually perfectly common in our society due to the fact that its hard as heck to get a job and maintain it.

          So everyone who’s arguing that Sunny is bland and unoriginal, please, kindly look back on the fact that she is showing very much common attributes of a person looking for a job in today’s modern society.

          • Coolio :P

            that was lame.

            sorry, it was.

            i have no other words to say.

      • John Gahris

        It’s a common defensive method in the troll community to call people “White Knights”. They literally insult people for having a moral code. They’re just that fudged up in their heads….

        • INVALID_USER

          You couldn’t be more wrong.

          • John Gahris

            That’s twice you’ve spouted off to me over nothing. Knock it off.

            Btw, there’s only so much you can do on here before the admins step in, and I get the feeling I’ve dealt with you elsewhere.

    • crimsonndraycko

      As an English speaker, what is “shoujou”?

      • Pickled Olives

        “shoujo” means “little girl/woman” and is a genre that is aimed towards girls that like romance, magic girl , etc… A classic example would be Sailor Moon, where I believe she woke up late for school and ran out with a piece of toast in her mouth, a common sign that the anime/manga is of the shoujo genre.

        • crimsonndraycko

          Thanks. So shoujo refers to an immature female, if I understand correctly?

  • Zero_Hanakaze

    Ok posting comments on iphone dont work so well xD.

    I am liking the new girl. Wish i could actually work there.

  • Gokudomatic

    Taffy must think “THIS is the moe girl we were missing in our group”.

  • KanjiTM

    I spy a Lintu!

    Other then that , geez guys… it’s only being two strips. Give her a break.

    • crimsonndraycko

      A what now?

  • All Yourba Seare

    Then you may now kiss the bride

  • GreyMaria

    Hey. Guys? Enough with the FUCKING bitching about the new characters and stick around for the fucking storyline. Respect the goddamn authors’ decisions for once.

    I’m much a fan of new blood because it means that old characters have a chance to develop in new ways.

    • dcreeperfarm0

      This is why i dont make long comments

      • Coolio :P



        that made no sense.

    • Coolio :P

      *shakes hand*

      thank you.

  • Lumaria

    The character seems okay, will have to see more to make a judgement. But I will say I hope we get another male character or two as well. it doesn’t have to be a person for each girl or vice versa but with Idward off screen and Randal imo more a plot device then anything it seems off balance.

  • Carbuncles

    My opinion of her is actually better than it was on the last page XD said arf mid sentence

  • Puffball

    Poor baby, she’s so nervous! I feel ya, Sunny. I like how this is going with her so far. Not enough to peg her true personality just yet, but my own first impressions are pretty good. I want to see what this pup is capable of.

  • nynaeve

    Oh dear gawd she’s ADORABLE.

  • dcreeperfarm0

    Das jus cute. Shes so nervous

  • BlackWind

    If you guys haven’t figured it out she is a shoe in for joining the crew cast (unless Chalo decides to add someone else too as for now the focus is on HER)

  • colozuz grave

    what was old, is new again.

  • BigNate

    lol, so everyone is talking about the new char and all i can think about is motorboating in taffy’s fluff……

    • Albert Belle

      Oh you were thinking about that too? Awesome.It must be so soft and warm in there

  • xenofurr

    I just like to see how new characters develop over time. A golden retriever is a nice choice.

  • ac2

    you know…for a world where humans and primes live together…im not seeing a lot of humans…

    • Grabarc

      There were some working on some of the other farms earlier. Plus, I seem to recall references to the “prime continent” a while back…which would kinda indicate the primary inhabitats would be primes.

  • Aruswrath

    Something is telling me that Sunny and Sarah will be an awesome troublemaker duo x3 either as rivals or best pals XD

  • bobby

    you people are so touchy.

  • CinnamonSalve

    Adorability… Check.
    Awkward moments… Check.
    Not as “ironing board” as Rach… Check.

    I predict a lot of people will love her after about 10 pages of exposure. Well, unless she turns out to be a total b–Well, you get it.

    • crimsonndraycko

      I see what you did there.

  • Mavraszun

    I don’t care what other people think give this girl some knight in very shiny armor because shes a wreck right now.

  • Rane

    I for one like the design. Everyone else has a very specific build or design. This girl is middle of the road which, given the Las Lindas cast is unique in and of itself. Not everyone has to have mountain sized knockers or abs of steel or be a geek, emo martial artist, computer spirit thing of Al Pachino, Trix Rabbit descendent, or Rescue Rangers possible background character.

    • Jason

      Of course not! Those position are already filled, and repetition is not desirable.

  • MrAMP

    Wait a minute…is the ARF a reference to how the ARF tv show?

    • Gourry Gabrief

      she’s a dog, a D.O.G.! For Pete’s sake!!!
      If Sarah said meow, would you also bring a reference about a tv show with the same abbreviation?

  • spiritwolf15x

    I like the bew girl, she’s very cute. Taffy is gorgeous as usual.

  • Wolfikins

    I hope she gets it.

  • TheNekoStar

    Hm…. Idunno Chalo, I don’t see Lintu as a farm hand. XD

    I guess i’ll throw in my two cents on Sunny… yes, her intro has been a bit ‘stereotypical,’ but that doesn’t mean her overall character/performance will be… and even if she WAS, is that such a bad thing? In a series where everyone has their perks, and are a bit unique, I think having a shy, wreck of a girl may be unique in its own way! Her addition may start some fights (Randal/Taffy/Sunny love triangle anyone?) as well as settle some (Her naïveté may make some characters want to take her ‘under their wing.’) Just think about how a character like this could interact with the present cast. Miles (Despite whatever is happening with Rachel right now) may even hit on her. While she won’t admit it, Rachel may feel a pang of jealousy. I know it’s been said before, but give it time! :3 Let’s see how it goes, yeah?

  • Anja

    Immediately, I love Sunny. Her nervousness reminds me exactly of how I get for so many things… like job interviews!

  • Sarri

    How many new characters will we end up meeting?

  • Steven

    I think Sunny and Sarah will get along very well for some reason. ^^

  • Drakara

    Sunny is just too cute, but she really needs to calm down. If she keeps this up she’ll work herself into a fit!
    …I can’t help but notice though that Sunny’s hair design is somewhat similar to one of the characters in Generation 17.

  • It’s okay, pup. NO ONE likes interviews.

  • Agent_Void

    I say keep going with the new character, or the old ones I saw in the line before.

  • JesseClark9

    Judgy comments are judgy.

    Real people do act like this on a daily basis.

  • william

    her nerves seem frayed, picturing everyone ahead of her in line in the buff may help her, or not. i’m not sure how that’ll work out in her sitch.

  • Sun

    Love her name! Sunny! That’s my nickname! πŸ˜€ and she seems shy too, just like me, we have so much in common!
    Except for the fact that she’s blonde and blue eyes and, you know, a dog…
    Still, loving her already!

  • Stresstothemax

    Thank You Very Much! you put this at such a great time for me, my day was absolutely terrible, and it really puts a smile on my face to see a new page, again thank you for what you do

  • Titanius


    • Zero_Hanakaze

      Get in line xD

  • tych

    hmm I wonder if I could get a job at las lindas they are hiring hmm naw their are only a few people I would be willing to work with

  • Adam Carranco

    sunny is the absolute definition of cute!!!

  • random

    Well that escalated quickly

  • Tearahk

    She seems pretty adorable so far. Can’t wait to see more of her, cus I want to see how she develops. πŸ˜€

  • John Gahris

    Oh My GODS It’s a new character! Lets not judge her at all! Lets judge our fellow commentators, instead! How about I judge both! Sunny? Cute, but a bit stereotypical appearance. Obviously younger than the others. Wont be major eyecandy….. Let’s see how this rolls out! The other posters? SHUT UP. This place is meant for discussing the story, not discussing why the other poster is stupid. Quit picking at each other, and add something constructive! Let others have their early opinions, and quit making jabs at the literary expertise of the next guy. You’re making a good comic hard to read….

    • John Gahris

      Besides? how many shojos bark during said interview?

  • Kale Ryson

    I spots a Lintu cameo!~

  • garyfischer68

    Lovin’ her expressiveness in these panels. Her strength seems to come from the way she bounces off the other cast members, and that’s something we’ve sorta been missing since early Digit. Aaaand… yeah. I’m still seein’ Applejack here.

  • ranonadg

    Some people are jumping on new characters. Other people are bitching about people jumping on new characters. The first people are bitching about being bitched about. I’m just enjoying the pretty pictures.

    You should all do the same. πŸ˜€

  • Runic

    Holy crap the comment sections are hilarious on this one. Couple people saying the character is bland with but 2 pages to examine them, the other half jumping down their throat, calling them short sighted and a few crazy ones assuming “she seems bland” is about her not being fan-service-y enough. This is far funnier then the strip in question itself by far.

    But people’s reactions aside, there can be arguments about her being bland. As others have said, she is acting very much like someone in need of a job today, and in a very slice of life way at that. So in following many similar tropes of being late, being nervous, being cute but sort of incompetent, she is thus far nothing more then that bland sort of character so far. Any unique traits fail to shine through and til then, she is her fresh off the farm in search of work persona. I can understand people calling her bland because, lets face it, that story pattern is worn out. But knowing the comic, even if she does follow that same ideal, she will probably develop enough and be interesting enough in how she interacts with the others that people wont mind once the plot starts rolling.

    But yeah, people need to calm down some. The rapid rabid rage responses are just too much.

  • steve

    I’m going to assume the possibility that there might be a troubled past on her farm as well as Moras did, something mysterious and troublesome that could “bend her mental state” as par say for our new character. She’ll needs to be familiar with her environment first, then she’ll tell us her story.

  • Razgriz Blaze

    There’s only one question this character is giving me. “Why?” Why is she so obsessive here? What is her driving motivation? I have general speculative theories but…still…why?

  • SkullFox

    Incredibly Cute character

  • Moocowtheabsent

    Still hoping for a human character that isn’t a background character or a dick. (like in the first few strips). Be nice to get more story and scenery of how humans interact with Primes.

  • S Wolf95.

    I think everyone is getting too serious about this. they should just sit back and enjoy the comic. if they don’t then they can stop reading

    • S Wolf95.

      p.s. im still exited to see where the new character will go from here

  • BrennerWolves

    Hmm, sounds like this girl hasn’t experience it yet….

  • latias43

    πŸ˜€ i like the new char. she looks like she is gonna turn out hilerious X3 D: but as of now.. she looks like she will attempt to take a certain mr doggy :3

  • Foxguy

    XD I see Lintu there! Nice one Chalo.

  • nice comic ill wait for the next chap.

  • Jessy

    Sunny is adorable :3
    I’ve been reading this comic for a while, but I;m always shocked when I scroll down and see everyone arguing in the comments. Every single page! I don’t really get why everyone comes here to yell at eachother about petty things… It’s bizarre.

  • Silvermain

    I’m already liking this Sunny…I get the feeling she’s gonna fit in quite well with the bunch of wackos already working at LL

  • CheifJustisXInfinity

    I think this character is gonna be a good addition she seems like she might become close to sarah too

  • Brodude

    aww she’s cute…now i wait for the internet to make its move…..

  • Drako

    In the third panel, is that Tanka from Galleon?

  • Lord Proteus

    I remember the bonus comics.


    I, to speak for myself am happy to see her. I honestly have worn tired of Mora’s overkill of “sexualizing” herself, and Rachael’s constant abuse towards any act of concern and kindness (I do like Racheal) I’d like to see more new fresh and kind hearted people being put in the light.

  • Kitsune

    Sunny’s cute enough, she’ll certainly work.

  • Victor

    When Sunny said her last name was “Cooper”, was I the only one who was immediately thinking of “Sly Cooper” afterwards?

  • Halosoulfire

    I can’t wait to see what she brings to the story.

  • KingofDudes

    I agree, I’m not really digging the new design or the character. Taffy already fills the role of the sweet, shy girl, and she does it with better tits and a not-cliche hairstyle (I know it’s pink, shut up.), as does Digit.

    If Sunny turns out to be a psycho, that will be fun, as I have a fetish for crazy women. Other than that, why is everyone in that line attractive? Aren’t there any poorly dressed fat slobs or old people anywhere?

  • MaveriKat

    Sunny is a lovely one. :3

  • Guy With The Thing In A Place