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‘Da Boss

‘Da Boss published on 93 Comments on ‘Da Boss

Thanks for the wait this week, folks. A combination of things made me delay this page, but I think the extra time I spent on it was worth it as I really like how it turned out.

I loved to show both cowgirls again, specially Alejandra, who we haven’t seen in a while. But oooh boy. I dunno who’s Mora going to kill at the end, but some heads will roll. I wonder who’s…

Also, Sunny is just overexcited, the girl just got her dreamjob so I really cant blame her for be so carried away. XD

  • Aerque

    Like a boss!

  • Mage

    Great first impression, Sunny.

  • TheSexyMenhir

    Isn’t there something wrong with the puppy calling someone a bitch?

    • LanceOmikron

      …Y’know, after thinking about it for a minute I’m suddenly really curious about that. I mean, “bitch” is the actual technical term for a female dog, so… theoretically a female dog prime referring to another female dog prime as a “bitch” wouldn’t be an insult. If we assume that this is true, then what Sunny said would sorta be equivalent to “Nailed it, girlfriends!”, if she said it to other female dog primes.

      Though I’m guessing that “bitch” is still just as much of an insult to non-canine primes as it is to humans. Methinks Sunny has tons of female dog prime friends, and her accidental insult to Mora and Alej was a slip of the tongue.

      • Avic

        Remember though, that Primes aren’t actually the same as Earth animals. For example, Mora had to (exasperatingly) explain to Sarah that, while she is a bovine Prime, she isn’t a cow.

        Similarly, I would guess that, while Sunny is a canine Prime, she wouldn’t consider herself a dog.

        • LanceOmikron

          Hmm, you’re right, I remember that. Ah well, I suppose that’s just how it goes with quick on-the-spot theories and justifications. Easy to make, easy to break. ^_^

        • Jason

          Too bad Sunny isn’t good enough under pressure to plead ignorance to this fact, insisting that she considered herself a dog.

          • Aaron Goodrick

            She did wag her tail when she got hired. Some of the old animal stigmas may apply.

          • Akira

            not to mention she’s always saying “woof”

  • Keela

    “How To Get Hired And Fired In Less Than One Minute” by Sunny

    • Edwin

      How long until it becomes a #1 seller ?

      • Lance

        Give it a week or so.

        • Resulli

          She may have missed her calling.

    • Halosoulfire

      Followed up by the stunning sequel, “Hiring for Dummies” By Miles.

      • Velen

        Followed by “How I broke up with Mora.” by Minos.

        • Shoji Tabauchi

          Go on Alej. Go Old Yeller on her ass!

        • Jason

          Complimented by “It Was Actually Miles’ Fault”, by Minos

          • ComicGuy

            Followed by ” hey, I got it done in a fraction of the time, and look at them, I mean come on can I pick’em or what.” by Miles

          • Jason

            Countered by “How To Write Workable Titles”, by Alejandra

          • Slasheredge

            Then comes the best seller “You haven’t changed at all have” by Rachael.

  • Cameron Harrison

    I’m pretty sure the only head that’s gonna role is gonna be Miles. After Mora rips it from his shoulders. XD Minos wont have that problem, since he’s a walking iron golem.

    And first impressions with Sunny went better than expected. …sort of. Can’t get any worse right?

    • Slasheredge

      Actually judging but the expressions on both Mora, and Alej’s face I’d say it can great worse for sunny, and everyone else miles has hired.

  • Ratz

    And like that you are fired!

  • Keegan fang

    This one is so funny. I almost fell over when she pointed on her bosses saying nailed in bitches.. Then she relized how they are. Someone is so going to die don’t think it’s Minos ether.

  • Suom

    And that’s just your new Manager, Mora. Wait ’till you see the rest.

    Minos might get an earful, but Miles better start running.

    • Zero

      You kidding? At this rate Miles better run for Tootsie’s Cat Cannon and be shot back into the desert (seriously, he must be a Tom cat to be THAT immune to normal physics of death)

  • Albert Belle

    Okay three things.One, that was hilarious.I usually think Las Lindas is funny but this made me laugh out loud.’Nailed it bitches’. That is priceless. Secondly Mora would have given Minos an earful for hiring strange people but when she finds out it is Miles I hope he can run fast enough to get away from Mora..And Thirdly I like that playful face Mora is giving Alej in the third panel.Glad to see that the sisterly love is flowing

    • Agro

      Cats don’t take fall damage.

      • Agro

        Hmm, that was supposed to be to Zero above. >=/

  • Leito298

    I cant just wai to alej take her shotgunnand BOOM headshot to miles and the puppy

  • Carbuncles21

    well either she gets fired or she has alot of explaining to do as to why she called both of her bosses bitches

  • LostGryphon

    …I actually really, really like this Sunny character.

  • Slasheredge

    So who think miles is gonna…

    A. Be broken in half by Mora
    B. Get torn a new one, both literally, and figuratively
    C. Have have his limbs torn off
    D. All of the above.
    E. Insert Miles’ will here.

    Second note what do you guys think is gonna happen to Everyone he hired?

    • dizkaimo

      I hope she’d be angry at Minos for agreeing to do this for her, then bailing without a word and leaving it to Miles in the first place. That was really shitty of him to do when she trusted him with such an important task. He’s making her look bad.

      • Slasheredge

        Well he wasn’t very good at doing, and agreed because he did not want to let her down. Plus he was extremely nervous.

        • dizkaimo

          He’s an adult. If he says he’ll do something, he should keep his word. If he’s too anxious to do it, he should man up and decline. He did neither of these things, and instead betrayed his girlfriend and manager’s trust. The very least he could have done was gone to her and told her he felt he was doing a bad job at it and wanted to put someone else in charge.

          • Slasheredge

            Wow being a little hard on the guy aren’t you? Plus isn’t kinda of obvious that Minos is more a field work type of guy?

          • dizkaimo

            I don’t think expecting someone to do as they say is particularly hard.

          • Slasheredge

            I can’t argue with you there, but you have to admit it was taking Mino out of his element.

          • Top Secret

            Being hard on Minos(not hard for, mind you) is the sort of thing this comic could use to freshen things up. The guy up until recently had no flaws and went through no hardships.

            It got as far as completely objectifying him back when Rachel wanted to get in his pants, so it’s nice that he’s finally going to have a bit more to do than being the guy Mora sleeps with.

          • Slasheredge

            Hmm well ya do have a point there, but Miles will end up getting most of the blame for this either way.

    • Mr. E

      Every answer available! LOL!

      I dunno.

      • Slasheredge

        Ah a perfect answer Mr. E my dimension jumping friend.

        • Mr. E

          Thanks man! 🙂

          • Slasheredge

            Your welcome.

  • SkullFox

    I see a new cat furr stole in the near future. And for some reason I see Mora wearing it

  • Parchment Scroll

    Nice meeting you, Sunny. It was fun while it lasted.

  • bluewulv

    I don’t see how her calling her bosses bitches is Miles’ fault. He just did his part of giving her a shot at the job. She brought this on herself to be honest. He didn’t know she’d do that.

    • Hyle

      I’m putting odds on that they don’t know that Minos tagged in Miles and that ultimately both gentlemen are in for a whoopin.

      • FlashXX

        “That” and I think Miles at the very least…would’ve professionally debriefed the hired of their new “Boss/es”.

  • antcow

    Oh look, more beautiful women I cant have XP

  • Agen

    Figures Mihari would have a cameo as usual.., i have to wondering whichb KB comic she hasn’t appeared in yet.

  • colozuz grave

    haaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I love the last panel. xD

  • Chaos

    Sunny makes great impressions. I love her! She is awesome! And Miles and Minos are dead men. I wonder if they will sell him as steak.

    • JayPattyson

      I have a feeling that would be tough steak

  • xenofurr

    I’d be willing to bet that everything will turn out just great and those folks Miles hired will prove to be great picks.

  • Savageshark

    It’s nice to see ALej and Mora getting along after so long <3. Though I think that pup is a little over her head now.

  • Gourry Gabrief

    Looks like we got a female Miles.

  • thestarwarrior

    What to do first. Fire blond chick, beat crap out of boy friend, or find out just how many ways we can skin a cat.

    • Agen

      You mean Minos?, I bought she would go that far.

      • Agen

        Meant to say doubt.

  • GaryFischer68

    Oh now /this/ is some fine work here. The Sunny-h8ers have officially lost their ammo now, and I’m really curious where this is headed.

  • ShadowKitsune


  • Chocothunda


  • CinnamonSalve

    This is why Minos should have probably… Aw, hell, who cares? About time SOMEONE in-comic actually insulted them for no reason.

  • william

    this is a good example of too much pride. and now we get to see minos getting his hide chewed out for miles’ mistake, and then we get to see minos skinning miles alive for getting him into that situation. yay.

  • RandomRedneck

    Way to make a first impression, kid…

  • MrAMP

    That…was truly an epic fail of the highest caliber!

  • Adam Carranco

    im going to say this alot…. Sunny is so damn CUTE!!!!

  • Gourd


  • The Name is Quack

    I see Mihari didn’t get the job. It was kinda hinted back when Minos was struggling with his “other-than-the-fields” job.

  • Aerona

    ….First Impression on the boss. Nailed it.

  • RC

    Sunny confirmed for being the new AJ Clemente.

  • S Wolf95.

    i think sunny will stick around, but she’s got much to learn. also, it’s good seeing mora and alej getting along

  • splicer407

    Is… is that an upside down etch-a-sketch?

  • Chrom

    Well she didn’t last long…

  • R-Mac

    Minos isn’t a deadman… well he kinda is, cause he let Miles take over.

  • Wolf Knight

    Sunny is awesome! I do miss Alej’s long hair, though….

  • Gargravarr

    Yep, still liking this more friendly Mora & Alej.

  • ShadowMan

    dem cow hips :P~

  • goblinat

    I see the next comic her being head down on her knees begging Mora for forgiveness while her tail is tucked in between her legs.
    I wonder how much her tail would wag or droop if Mora either forgives her or gives her the boot?

  • Brit

    Minos made a biiiig mistake leaving Miles in charge, but the pup seems so spunky!

  • keith

    considering these situations are most often miles’ fault… the hell does he still have a job?

  • Mookie

    No comic this week?

  • MIKE

    Thats greath for my new book “How to suck in bussiness without really trying”

  • swedish_kitsune


  • antcow

    God I just want to suck on those milk muffins so much….. :3

  • Mr. Al

    And that is why I am polite in everything I do…

  • Kittehmuffin

    If Sunny’s a girl why’d they call her a guy?

    • ShadowKitsune

      Mora is referring to Minos thinking it was him that hired Sunnny

  • AaarbydeeTul108

    I like Sunny’s spunk! She is just what two tightly bound pantied type-A bosses need! I hate type A’s… always so stuck on keeping their agendas a secret and treating employment as slavery. If Sunny gets fired for that comment alone, they’ve got more problems than the stick up their behind! I like Sunny!

  • antcow

    I actually feel bad for that cow-gal who miles passed up, she seemed to be a sweetheart and motherly :3

  • kaore32

    aye that boss is scrumpy