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So Mora has to start making big girl decisions if she wants to keep the farm and find the money to even fund the Marriage. And the comment about the Mother is very interesting. On how no matter the stipulation there is always an influx of money that the Mother ( or mom ) had access to. That even remains elusive to Alejandra. So the question is, how did she run the farm all by herself while taking care of Mora and Randal? And will we get a satisfing answer to said question.

My hypothesis is that A. the mother is a former guardian prime whatsamacallit those fancy guys with the flames n’stuff. B. She has an in with the bad people with the cool looking tattoos. Or C. She is just an independent woman who is really good with the stock market and constantly hitting 10,000,000$ jackpots(+tax)

I have a feeling I am just reading to into this.

Ok, so we went from really serious to light hearten dumbassery now to a mix between the 2. Why? I’m ok to light hearten moments in serious situations, but only if they are done right, unlike here. Here, it’s Mora being a dumb ass ON PURPOSE so her ‘bother’ can have a good wedding (look back either 1, 2 or 3 pages back to see the better ways to execute this that I suggested) and they saying that her mom would have done the same…now I know why she’s a dumb ass! She takes it after her mom! Congrats Mora’s mom (forgot her name), you won the award for stupidest parent ever by teaching your children that money grows on trees (or Ex-Machinas) and that they should always blame things on other people! Thank you for these wonderful children. Also, that’s their excuse for why Alej didn’t shut Mora down and why Mora is justified to allow this?! That is some of the most lazy bullshit plot point reasons ever! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…fuck this chapter.

I will admit, the break in the action with the cheese and wine thing was a better option for the transition to the next day/part.

“Diana sacrified a lot for someone she loved and Mora hated her for
it, culminating in her leaving the farm… It’s history repeating itself
in some way?”

Wait wait wait… didn’t Mora run away from home because she wanted to know who her father is?

I don’t think the artist and writers even know any more.

This is why you have story boards, outlines and notes people.

Hello, and welcome back to “Shit I’ve learned from las Puntas and ask the whore prime!

This page we found out that Mora is indeed a total sack of stupid shit, and does not understand that….. just because you WANT to spend money on something, does not mean you CAN.

Mora’s shirt is tired of holding her zeplin size tits and is letting them sag like the Hindenburg before it finally finished burning to the ground.

Mora left the farm because she hated her mom and NOT because she wanted to know who evil Super Saiyan Bunny daddy was? ..uuh.. ok.. read your own fucking comic writers.

Patches literally had NO FUCKING REASON NOT TO SHUT DOWN MORA, But now shes just SO SUPER HAPPY about taking Gadget ..I mean Tootsie ..out on a date that the BUSINESS FAILING and her friend being a DUMBASS just has all the emotional weight of someone dropping a still wrapped hot pocket on the ground.. nothing.

Mora’s head is shrinking! LOOK AT IT! ITS SO SMALL NOW! She looks like the fucking Goomba from the Super Mario movie! Look at her picture on the banner and then look at this page! XD!!

*looks at the high prime*
AAAAHHAHAHAHA! Mora’s head IS SHRINKING! OH MY GOD! AHAHAHAHAH! Oh man..Chalo.. what did you have to do to be drawing so often and yet get SO BAD at anatomy?

That’s what happens when 50% of your character in a panel is represented by her boobs, Chalo has only so much space to fit the rest of said character, plus their dialogue, so yes, this explains ALL those panels when characters are talking, and a side-boob is the only source of dialogue, perhaps Chalo’s next comic will feature only breasts or breast-shaped beings like those that Captain Hero gace rise when he recreated the universe on Drawn Together.

I kinda feel like the next few pages are trying to fix what damage the previous page did by making Mora more sympathetic… and not really getting to the heart of the problem, which is that there aren’t enough pages of Mora doing actual farming and business management. Yeah, it’s not good for Alej to spend money now, but it doesn’t absolve Mora for doing the same.

And seriously, Mora is comparing buying the most expensive ring in the store to going to a wine and cheese tasting… and you want us to tiptoe through the tulips with this comic?

“Tiptoe through the tulips”. Now I feel kinda bad. I didn’t think you were going to take something I said in a previous comment section to heart. Alright, let’s agree to disagree and focus on the comic before things get out of hand. Truce?

You just got your panties in a twist because I took seriously one comment you said, am I supposed to take this one seriously or not? Because it’s way easier for me to discard your comments as petty damage control than something serious.

I know you’re just trying to take this seriously in your own way and I’m trying to do the same to you, but it’s really clear that we’re not going to budge on this topic and it’s better to just end it. It should’ve ended back there, not over here, but that’s on me for not realizing I resurrected a week-old topic without checking the dates.

You have your way to criticize the comic, I have mine. That’s pretty much where I’m going to leave it.

Insulting you directly? Dude, put your tampon in already, nobody is calling you names nor talking smack about your mother nor anything, geez, do yourself a favor and never play CoD online because you’re gonna get torn to pieces with that level of sensitivity to internet talk.

I can’t help but feel that the whole wine and cheese tasting might be some type of innuendo…and the title of the comic kind of further stipulates that.

And now that the comic brought it up, I am kind of curious as to how her mother managed the farm financially. Was there some type of welfare or secret payments as a result of her father being a Nark?

Alej gets to spend money because she has her own saved up, Mora. That comes with a decade of owning her own company. In all seriousness, I think Alej deserves to be a little more herself, but I’m also glad she’s the voice of reason.

Yeah, now if only she could be more ..HERSELF instead of “Moe moe moomoo sidekick” and actually of been able to interrupt mora and cut her off from spending MORE money than she already was.

I think personally she’s still working on her inter-personal relationships. She used to always push those aside, that and with Mora being so quick to react, it’s like trying to stop a moving train. I’m personally just waiting to see what happens next. I do hope Alej acts as the advisor again like she did when Mora went off about Geeku.

Mora should of given Geeku a could several dozen broken bones as well. That’s another inconsistency that pisses me off.

In all honesty, I doubt she could. Minos, Geeku, and Ambar aren’t as old as they are just because they’ve been keeping their identities secret.
I also think Geeku just doesn’t care, she lives by how she lives. No it’s no excuse, but she also hates modern civilization because she’s the nature crest. Raw nature.

Still would of been satisfying to see either Mora get her ass handed to her or the dumb lizard whore.

Not like its to unfair a fight, one survived having a fucking shotgun snapped in two over her head, and the other is an ‘unkillable’ fuck puppet.

No, the word fits. This is not someone who is forced into sex trafficing, this is not someone who strips or actas as a lap treat to pay for college, This is a hundreds year old creature that has “The mentality of a child” wolverine style healing powers, and will according to the guy who made the damn character, has a massive sex drive that leads them to even capturing random guys and screwing them for days. She’s exactly what I called her. You’re not suppose to like the word, It’s an insult, and I wont do the character the service of being nice to it when they have literally shown themselves to be nothing but some twisted sex fantasy, a destroyer of property and the “mother” of evil imps, that tried to trick a dumbass runaway cat into killing digit “because she could see them”

“hates modern civilization” yet the only thing she faced while traveling in A FUCKING SPACESHIP was mere boredom, it’s a huge wonder she didn’t slit her wrists, but who am I kidding? We’re talking about a universe where sex is the problem AND solution to ALL life’s problems, amirite? It’s also baffling how Geecku couldn’t even learn to speak properly all this time nor how to behave indoors, I mean, you can even teach dogs where to pee in less than a month, yet Geecku learned nothing living who knows how long inside a FUCKING SPACESHIP.

Umm… just how mean can you be? Your opinions, while based on facts, are not facts themselves. What you say are untested claims. Anyway, quit trying to impose your opinions on us. Why don’t you go to the Bad Webcomics WIki (which I don’t think should exist)? I think you’ll fit in just fine there.

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