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  • Chalo

    What do you know? I got to dra another full pannel for this comic. I just like to do that, as I mentioned it before. I think Mora looked really nice with the other dress but here I tried to make her look better. I hope I achieved it!

    Still some works to do this week. Sorry if I didnt do anything for the past monday but I really needed that time to work on other things. The next bonus arc that will start will be the Lost Kittens one, so be on the lookout!

    Im sure some of you dont like to wait this long for the other arcs to updated. we are doing our best to try to make them in a reasonable manner and its possible that we got full of them because the system just started.
    Well see what can we do to speed things up in the upcomming weeks so everyone can enjoy all the stories.

    And once again, thanks alot for your support! 😀

  • 3dark7


  • Crazyeddy

    Digits awesome new ability [Enchantment] ^-^

  • looks like Digit is underway to becoming a fairy godmother it&apost