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Ask the High Prime!


Does anyone care what happens next? Personally,
I do not know anything about stupid world, its people, etcetera so my
interest in this comic is the same as “The LIndas”. In other words, nothing.

Yeah, The fact that they suddenly separating Primes and …this other race? from each other, like Primes get all this variants, but now there is this random “Sith” race, and then using Chaos as if it is its own force like Warhammer? .. It makes no bloody sense any more.

Personally, I do not know the information that is in the forum so I do not know that about “Chaos” or whatever that is. Could you explain, please? You seem to know more about this than I do, apparently.

I don’t know man, they hide all the important information in the forums which is terrible and a horrible way to go about it, I can’t even google search the damn “Narakhan” race with Las Lindas on GOOGLE and get a search result, and any bringing up of Chaos with Las Lindas brings up nothing as well.

They suck at all fronts on telling any story what so ever. It would be like if Starwars had ..incredibly shitty lore AND hid it in one library you had to go to check it out and no one was spreading the info, it just makes it all worse.

Okay. So how come you can not find relevant information about “Chaos”, Narakhan, et cetera? I mean, I know the narakhan are the bad guys, or so it seems. But the problem is, I do not care what happens to these characters because,
in the way they are written, there is nothing, nothing that gives me a legitimate reason that I should care what happens to them, at all. So, again, why should I care? What do we know about Joy, the main character? Nothing. What do we know about your family? Not much, either. What do we know about Ambar, the person who came to his house to take her to start her journey for no particular reason? He’s an important character, I suppose. What do we know about the enemies of this story? Well,
one of them can emit aura and give it the shape that you want (I think) and thus attack your opponents spanning more space becoming bigger… Mhm Ok. How advanced is the technology of the world in which they live? It is not very clear. Why do some characters wear robes while others have normal clothes? I do not know. What are the different types of lycan that inhabit that world? Mammals and … birds, I suppose. Are there sapiens (normal humans)? I do not know. What is the name of the country where the story unfolds? I do not know. Somebody tell me, damn it, what’s going on in this fucking story!

you have access basically to three and a half sources of knowledge :

– the comics story itself, as it is told by the authors. They give – or don’t – hints at their own pace. But don’t expect to have *all* the questions answered in a five panels page of drawing. Considere also some other bonus or side comics.

– the authors themselves, if you ask them. They answer – or did answer – or don’t answer – if the question is relevant, pertinent, and is not a spoiler.

– the fanbase ; but that last source can only compile given hints and forge guesses, not dictate fact.

To answer to some of your so anxious questions in a funnyer way :
– What is the name of the country where the story unfolds ?
Joy’s world seems called “Neo-Earth”
– What do we know about Ambar ?
“I am the Crest of Wisdom….”

Did I say “and a half” ? O yes I did
Well, you can also ask your questions to the Three Hatefull Trolls. But don’t expect any other response than “the story is sooooo bad because the authors are soooooo bad”
It is up to you to keep an open mind… or get a closed one.

And yet there are plenty of things that are just badly done or never explained or time rushed because people don’t actually want to write a good story.

You should NOT have to sweep every inch of the las lindas websites for information to gather bits and chunks. The AMA is more focused on showing tits and how every challenge is just not present (like child birth) instead of actually giving back story. Hell, serious questions we DO get are met with a tit joke about Mora when she is explaining her necklace, and then a badly drawn bathtub shot instead of showing what the High Prime actually DOES. Oh my goodness, it’s like the “hateful trolls” actually have a point, and are pointing out things glaringly wrong with the damn series.

There is no ready explanation for anything he has given, and while the website IS still being put back together, you have to go to Chalo’s DA to find out who the crests are without wading through a NON CANNON PORN BLOG and what ever hint of actual detail you can find among the stupid soft core porn sloshed in the DA page.

First: Okay. I admit that you do not pay enough attention to the information provided on that page. But the problem is that the character is not interesting at all. And I guess that’s the reason I did not realize that detail. All I knew was that Las Lindas and Knighthood were on Neo-Earth. And as far as I know, Earth flew to pieces because there was a war with a very powerful invading force, I suppose. The gods, who are apparently dragons (???), used their power to restore the Earth to its original form … I suppose with some changes, I think. And the new Earth was called Neo-Earth. And lycan from outer space, the people who fought these forces are lycan (furrys). Personally, I would call BULLSHIT to all that. Ok, where I have to start with this stupid thing:
– There is a planet full of humanoid aliens that, by extraordinary coinsidence, each (individually) usually have the appearance of some animal of a certain species on Earth, ON THE EARTH? What ?!
-Did humans on Earth accept the help of these furry aliens without some kind of problem or something? The United Nations on Earth agreed to restrain them with open arms in the first place? What were the circumstances under which the United Nations accepted them? Believe me, I could go on, but it’s best to continue with other inconsistencies, do you think?
-What happened to the humans of the Earth (the sapiens)? Are they alive? If they are alive, where are they now? Are they in Neo-Earth? If they are in Neo-Earth, how many of them are left?
– If there are gods with the appearance of dragons arrived to where the Earth is, how is it possible that humanity on earth (the sapiens) never, I repeat, NEVER have been able to make contact with them in the first place? If the magic exists in this universe, did the humans on Earth know about their existence?
– If the dragon gods have the power to rebuild the Earth if necessary, does that mean that those gods shared their knowledge with humans (sapiens) to fight against that threat with the extraterrestrial humans (lycans)? If so, why do not we see humans (sapiens) in Neo-Earth with the ability to use magic either through spells or some kind of skill related to it? If not, are Lycan only allowed to use magic? Do humans (sapiens) agree with that?

SECOND: If Ambar is the fucking Crest of Wisdom, why the fuck is in Ask The High Prime doing all those stupid things ?! Tell me!!

@Joshua Stewart
Ha ha 🙂 just like I said 😉
OMG BTW did you just tell us that you truly are one of the Three ?

whow ! you really want me to answer all of that ? That will make a very long post, won’t it ?

Don’t ask [i]me[/i]. I did not refere to me as one of a knowledge source.

I did not pay attention ? huuuuu ?

You don’t care the characters or their fate. Okay. I will not [i]FORCE[/i] you to like them, nor call you names because you don’t. But you seem worry to many details that are simply not into the story’s range. Humans for an example : if they likely never interfere in that story, how [i]vital[/i] is it to know if they are numerous or few, it they wellcomed or disregarded the “furries”, etc?
What is the range of the story ? Well of course I don’t know for sure, I am not the artist. But I can presume that KNIGHTHOOD is first a bonus comic with two purposes : a) to show some funny characters and their epic adventures. b) precisely to give the readers, bit by bit clues about the whole universe where all the other stories unfold.
More generally, what is (one of) the purpose of any comic ? to entertain the readers. At least, some of the readers. That can be done many, many ways : art ; epic ; drama ; hard science ; unexpected turn of events ; nudity ; violence ; romance ; porn ; gore ; cuteness… A way is also to make the reader wonder. WHAT is that f*ng mixed pot of future technology and medieval gear? WHY the f* did she say that? Don’t ask me. Just stay tuned (or not).

If your guts are to the background, and the story tell mainly about characters, blame the Goddess of All Illmatching.

Humans and “furries” coexist on Neo-Earth but don’t likely merge. High Primes may act as ambassadors.

Dragons are not Gods.

She did ? 🙂 no, you seriously want I tell you ?

Are the wise ones condemned to have a no-fun boring life ?

The “Ask the High Prime” is (IMHO) an entertaining tool to get back humorous erotic jokes on frivolous pseudo-questions.

Look. I’m tired of arguing with the stupid fanboy about this stupid piece of shit. So new, what do we know of the main character (Joy) that we are relevanete in history? She wants to be a Knight and help the Crests protect the world, okay, why? Why
would someone like her risk her life in helping the Crests in the first place? What is their motivation? What do we know about Joy’s family as compared to what was shown in the comic book? Not much, except that her mother is worried about what might happen to her daughter. How is the relationship between joy and his mother? Not much. How is the relationship between Joy and his father? We do not know. How could it be that Joy did not know who his father really was? Did not
his mother ever tell him who he really was? Did not his friends, or anyone close to her, tell him who his father was? Believe me, I could go on if I wanted to.

You want to know what is the main problem of this comic, as well as the original comic (Las Lindas), most of the answers are here:

Yeah, if only Ambar wasn’t shown to do jack and shit for her job and her daughter follow in the same. Yeah, Leaders can have fun, but right now, it looks like that, and messing with peoples lives is ALL they do, they haven’t shown what the High Prime actually does other than camera perv on people, break the rules, make a stupid porn blog that is suppose to be non canon but has canon information on it, somehow gets a kid super early and shits em out with so much the trouble of someone taking a dump (fricken really? child birth is like greasy shit? ok then) and all variety of dumb bullshit.

What, are you proud to be one of the morons who likes this comic and doesn’t know what good taste is?

Then why are you even on here? Why, exactly, do you keep posting comments on Chalo’s comic website if you hate his work soooooooo much? Just stop reading his stuff and move on. Unless you’re purposely looking for something to piss and moan about, that is.

Why are YOU on here? Why don’t you have any means of which to defend the terrible story telling? You can’t just ask “Why are you here, pointing out all the flaws in a work that has many of them that can easily be brought to light?” And not be able to defend the shit-cicle you keep licking on.

Acting like a complete cunt =/= pointing out flaws and “bringing them to light”
There’s a such thing as constructive criticism, you know. Yeah, the comic has its flaws, but insulting and harassing the artist isn’t going to help him improve his work in the slightest. What you SHOULD do is politely point out the flaws and errors in his comics and suggest what he can do right. Instead, you keep trolling the comments section like an edgy 9-year-old on Xbox Live, and if you have even the slightest expectation that Chalo is taking what you say in stride, you’re hopeless beyond belief.

Please, He HAS had plenty of constructive critique over many of his pages, by plenty of others and me who have firmly told him what is off and even out and out distasteful. I don’t expect him to “take this in stride” or listen to any of us,

“The comic has flaws” is like saying a car that is on fire “shouldn’t be driven right now” Yeah.. there’s a hell of a lot more wrong with this than just some flaws, and it has been shown that they have no regard for even their own characters in how they handle comics.

You want a constructive critique? How about what I said up above about not being able to find shit for shit information wise about any of this crap and how the Forums are a terrible way to spread info? You can’t even google any backstory about this, so forget anyone else being able to know what the hell is going on here.

So you know what? No I’m not gonna be nice about it. He doesn’t deserve to be nice to when he keeps shitting on his own work like George Lucas and the prequels, and he’s not gonna get anything but waste of space comments from such idiots on his patreon who say stuff like “might as well go out with a bang” when Mora one again pushes the Bankruptcy of the farm a season CLOSER with her dumbassery.

There’s only so much “constructive criticism” you can give someone that they don’t take to the point where you and everyone else just don’t give a shit anymore. Chalo’s basically become like that guy who makes the Legacy Control comics; it’s sad, cause he’s a better artist than that guy (Myopicprophet, I think he goes by?).

Right? There was one guy that came to me back in my hay day of drawing, and asked me how to be good like him. ..I was alright at drawing, And I went through and I told him how he could fix all the issues I saw, never did, and it was simple issues too. like he’d draw characters with rifles whos barrels where obviously bending like this ( and never once did he use a ruler or the straightening tool in photoshop to make it work. He still kept asking, and I kept repeating myself till I finally said “You’re not listening, screw you.”
Chalo? Doesn’t even know how to draw boobs even remotely well any more in any position other than “in a shirt”

Just look at the picture of the new bitch prime in her bathtub, Boobs DON’T WORK THAT WAY.

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