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Ask the High Prime!
  • Well well, someone surely is feeling confident to face their master on a battle…
    Ember remembers me of Red from the pokemon games on this one xD

  • MrAMP

    OH! I did not see that one coming. I had no idea Ember and Pyro were even related. Curse anthro genetics and what not.

    As for this manifestation of powers, I wonder if she means actually creating or casting fire on their martial art moves.

    • Joshua Stewart

      To be fair, they look nothing alike, even when it comes to type of cat, She looks far more like a Cougar than a Lion.

  • Joshua Stewart

    aaaah yeah, Lets get a fight going!

  • Cory Tenorio

    Master vs. Apprentice!

  • Shadowkey392


  • LostGryphon

    Really dig Ember’s design.

    Can’t wait to see her face.