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  • Joshua Stewart

    Now if only Ember didn’t look so odd with her character design..

    • Al

      And if only they’d stop the hamfisted will-they-won’t-they garbage with Joy and Drake and just have them screw already cause we know they’re going to anyway.

      • Topsy Cryt

        Does that really have anything to do with this page?

        • Al

          Kinda, yeah. Look at the expression Joy’s shooting him for finding Ember hot.

          • Topsy Cryt

            You’re acting like having some proper build-up and character/relationship building is a bad thing. Do you actually want a repeat of what just happened with Miles and Rachael here?

          • Al

            Except even this isn’t proper buildup. Ever since he was partnered with her, it’s been stock, lazy, InuYasha-esque BS.

          • Joshua Stewart

            After they had a perfect chance to do that and then purposely destroyed the characters for Soul Kats bidding? I don’t trust them to actually do anything any more.

          • James-Polymer

            You know the comment section has gone to excrement when the frigging *Joker* is the one talking sense… 9_9

          • Shadowkey392

            Actually that’s the “I can’t believe you just made that bad pun” look.

          • Irvin James

            the only person here who got it right…
            a shame

  • Shadowkey392

    If that was a pun, Drake, the door is over there. Show yourself out.

  • Zorro_Dorado

    Wow, just wow. The person who recommended me this webcomic, did not joke when he said he was worse than Fairy Tail.

  • Lol Joy’s like “That was bad and you should feel bad.” XD