I Care

Sarah is more mature that you may think. She knew her sister Rach was not taking the recent changes well, so she did something nice for her.

Rachael was never one that worried too much about her own birthday, so she probably never had a birthday cake before.

Katbox.net Convention Schedule

Here’s the remaining conventions we’ll be hitting up for 2015. Check below to see who will be in attendance. You also can pick up some Chalo prints there if you’d like to support our convention trips and Las Lindas itself. Thanks so much!

Where: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
When: May 8-10
Attending: Kuurion
Website: http://fureh.ca/

Hot off the heels of his successful appearance at the Calgary Expo, Kuurion will be making another appearance in his hometown of Edmonton to meet anyone who couldn’t make it to Calgary.

Where: Tampa, Florida, Tables B07-B08
When: June 11-14
Attending: Nekonny, Skidd
Website: http://www.metroconventions.com/

Our second table appearance at Metrocon, this time with Uber-Quest artist Skidd representing the whole team! Lovely venue, lots of people, and plenty of helpful evangelists outside.

Anime Weekend Atlanta
Where: Atlanta, Georgia
When: September 24-27
Attending: (Sage, Nekonny, Godai. Final roster TBA)
Website: http://awa-con.com/registration/

Midwest Furfest
Where: Rosemont, Illinois
When: December 4-6
Attending: (Id, other TBA)
Website: http://www.furfest.org/